Written by Pao

7 Jun 2006

Another sexcapade with Michelle (you must be familiar with her antics right now). This one happened in a service shuttle van. This van can accomodate 10 persons 2 in front 4 in the middle and 4 in the back. One time, Michelle and I went home together. We sitted in the back with two other people. Around 10 to 15 kms., the two passenger at the back ride off so me and Michelle were left. As we travel, I mash her breast (like a stress ball) and we kiss torridly. The people in the middle does not notice notice what we're doing because it's a little dark outise and the van is tinted. I'm starting to get arouse, so put I my hand inside her skirt and start playing with her pussy. After a while, she's getting really wet, so slide my head a bit, pull out my toune and start leeking her honey pussy. As usual, it was sweet and delicious. Michelle is holding her breath because the other passengers might see us. As for me, I just continue eating her pussy. When she gave a signal, I inserted my two fingers on her cunt and and slide it back and forth and after 30 seconds she come. Oh boy, Michelle is really sweet. She took a little rest (about 5 minutes) and then she turn on me. She open my zipper and pull out my dick. She suck it like a hungry baby (as she usually do to me). The same with her, I cannot react because I don't want the others to notice us so I just waited until my juice comes out. Michelle it and she's really a fantastic blow jobber. When we reach our destination, it seems that nothing hapenned, hahahaha. More to come...