Written by Pao

30 Jun 2006

Michelle and I are now regular fucking partners. Everytime we want, we'll do it anywhere. One time, during lunch hour, I invited her to gou out. Since we're both not hungry yet we opted to watch a movie. We selected a not-so-good movie to ensure that there will be less people inside. Michelle is wearing a skirt and a sleeve less blouse. She looks really hot. When we sit down, I started kissing her on the neck and the back of her ears. Michelle removed her bra and I mashed her breast. Oh boy, we're getting arouse. Moments later I asked her to remove her panty. I slid down my head and start eating her pussy. As usual, it is sweet and saucy. It's a bit difficult to fuck her inside because others might notice us. So, instead of fucking her, I used my fingers. Can you imagine, I was able to insert my five fingers on her cunt? But she loves it. After Michelle was finished, she started to play with my dick and balls. Then, she suck it. Oh boy, she's really a fantastic blow jobber, my eyes is swirling everytime she sucks me. When I was about to come, Michelle pulled out my dick on her mouth and she let it flow on her face and spread it all over. She really love to eat my juice. After a few minutes we went out of the movie as if nothing happens. More adventure to come.......