Written by daviebell

21 Sep 2005

well if you read parts1/2/3 and enjoyed them heres the final part it blew my mind and opened a door for me which i never thought i would go through!! at some time through the night / early morning i uasaly stop for a smoke in the lounge get a drink wind down this is where i met tony& susan a young couple he is a very succecful business man she works for him . they were still dressed at this point anyway we got talking & having a laugh swoping stories about clubs we had been to etc this was about 2am they then went to get changed but before they went susan told me she loved big men i told iam not big fat yes she got a little anoyed at this and insited that i wasnt as big as i thought your a fine size ok who am i to dissigree she gave me a wink and then left to find tony!! it was about 3.45 when i next say them they were sitting with a group of other people and a few coulered men they didnt look comfy they saw me and shouted over come & sit with us davie ok thank god your hear we were surounded we arent keen on couloured guys!!! so we all sat and talked lets go into the juquze said susan you as well davie ok so we went in what a body susan had !!!we sat there her & tony were talking and touching each other then i felt her hand on my cock, she then slid between my legs and asked if i would fuck her but can tony watch no prob i said so we got out went back upstairs found a room and went in she lay down her pert little tits and shaven pussy ready for taking tony got between her legs licking her out while i fed her my cock!! go and lick her pussy davie she loves to be licked out okdoky so i started to lick her clit and suck her pussy as best i could [ i give gooood head ] go on davie fuck her now i reached for a condom no do her bareback she loves spunk up inside her ok i slide straight in and fuck her like mad a good 10 mins pass iam still pumping away give me your cum crys susan [ its been a long night for me ] but i manage to cum inside of her not a lot but a still came i got of of her and tony started to lick her out ok so i took my soft cock and fed it into her mouth i might manage again!! if she gets me hard tony then climbs between her legs to fuck her and while susan is sucking my cock she stops for a minute and asks me would you mind if tony sucked your cock i had never had a guy do that to me before i had just fucked his g/friend ok go on he took my semi in his mouth within a few minutes i was rock hard it suprised me they both continued to suck me off till i shot my load in both there mouths!! which they shared , after we tidy ourselfs up and were ordering taxis to go home i said to susan that was fantastic she looked at tony he smiled and nodded she then turned to me and said its not over yet your cumming home with us!!! i have to stop there will continue later ok