Written by BelindaF

3 Apr 2006

That evening we joined the two boys at the night club. The whole place was just a heaving mass of naked people enjoying themselves. Erotic dancers and singers performed and beautiful girls entertained those who were not already occupied by sensually stripping or pole dancing. The music was loud and the atmosphere electric! I danced with dozens of different men and women and must have been fucked by most of them as the evening went on. Coming back to our table I found Chris, one of the boys, and I enjoyed talking to him for a while. Jilly was nowhere to be seen, and Tony had disappeared as well. I felt quite tired and it was nice to just sit and talk and watch all that was going on while trying some delicious oysters and sipping ice cold champagne. While we sat relaxing together, Chris's hand moved up my leg stroking it gently and as it reached my upper thigh I felt him tremble as his fingers caressed my labia. I opened my legs wider to allow his fingertips free range of my excited and now twitching pussy. He probed unhurriedly entering my soft wetness as his other hand moved over my shaven mons making me fully aroused and wanting more. I climbed onto a small table beside us and he fucked me there in front of everybody, really enjoying my already soaking cunt.I had no idea what time we got to bed. Jilly did not return that night and Chris shared my bed; it was so nice to find him there in the morning.

After breakfast I went for a long leisurely swim in one of the pools. The weather was now really beautiful and I spent an hour or so topping up my all over tan. Then lazily I remembered the invitation that I had been given the day before, and smiling to myself thought that it might be a bit of a laugh. Returning to my cabin I excitedly pulled on my leathers that looked and felt fantastic and I felt my pussy dribbling at the thought of meeting Madame Desire again.

Taking the lift I followed her instructions and went down into the depth of the ship to "The Dungeons". Finally the lift shuddered to a stop and the doors opened slowly and as I peered into complete darkness all I could hear were screams of pain and sobs and moans of pleasure. As my eyes grew accustomed to the blackness I saw or felt a movement close by, and a hand clasped mine pulling me out of the lift. "At last!" Madame Desire's voice screamed out. "You need to be punished for your disobedience Belinda" she continued. I mumbled nervously that I was sorry as we walked along a darkly lit corridor as she pulled me by the hand. Still talking she hissed "Did you feel used by all those men when they fucked you last night?" I answered quickly "Yes of course. Surely you know that I loved it?" She did not seem to be listening and said that I had not convinced her. "I am always going to be in control Belinda. Are you questioning my authority?" I was quite frightened by now and wished that I really knew how to control the situation. Looking down at the corridor floor I did not want to meet her constant stare. Afraid of her reading my thoughts I heard myself say "Yes, you are always in control and you have the whip hand over me Madame Desire!"

"You are my fantasy Belinda, and you are now under my spell" I looked up at her half closed eyes and shivered somewhere deep inside. "Our time together today will end the minute you have paid the price. Do I make myself clearly understood?" she screamed. I quickly answered "Yes" as she pulled me into a room close by where she pushed me over a chair. I heard her gasp as she looked at my bare arse in the soft light and within seconds felt the first stinging blow on my soft bum cheeks with the flat of her hand. I watched her in a full length mirror beside me and as I cried out she continued to spank me again and again on my rapidly reddening flesh. Then the pain began to turn into excitement and a pleasure that I had only experienced once before. My head became light and as if in a trance I heard long deep moans leave my open mouth, as exquisite feelings rolled through me and I wriggled with pure pleasure as the slaps got harder and harder, and a huge bursting orgasm sent thrills through my excited body. Crying out several times, I gripped the edge of the chair panting as another shattering orgasm tore through me. It completely drained me and I imagine satisfied her at the same time as I easily recognised her desires and needs.

The room remained silent as I lay there recovering. I closed my eyes for a few moments then I heard her scream out and turning saw that she was watching me. She did not move but her huge dark eyes widened and she broke the silence. "You fucking little whore!" she yelled as she spluttered into a mind blowing orgasm. Rolling her eyes she cried out and her body shook from head to toe.

"I will always be in control darling" she said as she filed her long painted nails, and spread her beautiful legs open wide so that I could see the very thick pubic hair that covered her fanny. Smiling at me she pushed one of her fingers inside the glistening lips, exposing the angry folds of her cunt. Her clitoris was huge and protruding and as she seductively moved her hips, I watched her put another finger, then another until all her fingers slipped inside her gaping hole. I watched enjoying the display quite mesmerized. Suddenly Madame Desire got up and came towards me, and before I had chance to move she grabbed my hair and painfully pulled me towards her body pushing my face between her legs. "Suck my cunt Belinda now!!!!" I could hardly breathe as she pulled my hair even tighter and I quivered with fear. She groaned and shuddered as I pushed my tongue between the lips of her labia and started to suck her cunt. "You are my special little girl, you are my fantasy" she moaned as my fingers slipped inside her. My tongue sent shivers through her body but I pulled away saying "Your pussy tastes delicious" as I looked up into her eyes for the first time. Again she grabbed my head and pushed it back pulling my hair painfully. I licked inside her hole and around the folds as her cunt filled my mouth with excited juices. Finally she released my hair slightly, and I leaned back on my heels and opened her lips just looking at her for a few seconds, and then licked more gently at the glistening pinkness and very erect clitoris. My figers moved around the slit to her arse hole, where I pushed my finger inside her bum and felt her body quickly slide into another loud climax.

There was a few minutes silence between us when finally she thrust me aside. I felt a little pang of disappointment as I was burning to come again but Madame Desire seemed to have lost all interest in my pleasure. Roughly shoving me towards the door I was certainly not prepared for what came next. From nowhere it seemed she had found a riding crop. With a huge swing she slashed it over my bum as she pushed me out of the door. The pain was unbearable and any feelings of excitement quickly left me. This was no longer any fun and way beyond anything that I wanted. I could still hear her laughter and the obscenities that she screamed after me.

I somehow found my way back to the lift that slowly took me back up to the other decks. I was still shaking as I left the lift, and as the doors closed behind me I stood trying to collect myself, when suddenly I felt a warm embrace and was being held close by Jilly. She and the two boys had appeared at just the right moment, and had apparently been looking for me. Jilly suggested that we all went back to our cabin. I could see that she was concerned as she looked deeply into my eyes. "Tell me all about it when we get there" she said, holding me tightly. Chris got a bottle of wine from the fridge and I showed them the cruel welt across my body. For a moment the others were speechless, and then together, after I had told them the whole story, we hatched a clever plot to get our revenge......