Written by Carole

10 Dec 2003

Yesterday I popped onto swinging heaven only to find myself exceptionally horny after having read a couple of the stories. I looked at the ads and wrote to one guy. He replied immediately saying he'd book the lodge and he'd text me the room number. He had included a face picture which was attractive but I didn't even know his name, where he came from or his age. I was going to be fucked by a total stranger!

I had a shower and put on my sexy basque and stockings and normal clothes over the top, did my makeup and set off. On the way I received the message "142 + u WILL do as u r told". I shook with excitement and my pussy was soaking but I was also very frightened. Being a very big girl, size 26, confidence is not my best point.

I got to 142 and found the door slightly ajar. I pushed it open whilst quietly calling his name. "Shut the door". The room was almost in darkness. I shut the door and stood shaking whilst my eyes adjusted to the lack of light. There he was. Over 6ft tall, short dark hair flicked back, stark naked! One of his hands was slowly moving up and down his large and very very hard cock. "Get undressed". I put my bag down and took my coat off and did as instructed. "Stop" he said when I had got to just my basque and stockings. "Spread your legs and feel yourself. Tell me how wet you are." I did as I was told. "Dripping. Absolutely dripping" I replied. "Come here". I approached him. He kissed me gently at first then, became more demanding as his tongue flicked around my mouth. He grabbed my hair from behind and I arched away from his face. His cock was prodding between my legs. "You want my cock?" He asked. "Yes" I repied. "Lie down on your back and spread your legs. Show me your pussy" he said as he walked over to the bedside and switched on a dim reading light. I did as told. He walked to the bottom of the bed and stood rubbing his large cock which seemed so solid that I found myself saying "please fuck me?" He smiled and continued rubbing himself. "Put your hands between your legs and masterbate yourself" He watched as I turned myself on even more. I could feel my juices running over my fingers.

After about five minutes he told me to stop and lick my fingers. I was on the edge of cumming. I was so horny it had become almost painful. "Close your eyes and wait" he said. I did so. It seemed like an age before I felt his weight begin to climb up the bed. He opened my legs even wider and I felt his cock nudging my pussy. I moaned in anticipation. It was torturous heaven. He kept gently gently letting his cock twitch against my pussy. I kept moaning. It seemed to go on forever. I was so close to cumming but so needed that cock to just push me over the edge.

"Take this you gorgeous slut" he suddenly said as I felt his cock fully enter me in one very swift movement. It stopped as I felt my first orgasm wash over me. It was heaven. His cock was deep in me and very very still. I screeched and then moaned in ecstacy. Only as I came down from my first orgasm did he begin to slowly fuck me. Very deep and very slow. In and out. He seemed to go on forever. Absolute silence other than the squelching of my pussy as his cock went right into me deeply and then right out of me with just the tip still at the entrance.

He pulled out totally. I was about to open my eyes when he told me not to. He pulled away from me. "You are fucking gorgeous. I love fat and beautiful women. You are a classy, fucking slut with plenty to go round. You are fucking gorgeous. You are going to be worshipped. I love fucking you." He went quiet and still. Then after a minute I felt his head move between my legs. He began licking me. He gently spread my pussy lips and took my clit onto his tonge. He lapped at it occasionally sticking his tonge deep into me. Again I couldn't help but cry out as I enjoyed my second most amazing orgasm.

I lay breathless and deeply relaxed. He gave me a few minutes then told me to sit up. He positioned himself in front of me allowing me easy access by mouth to his magnificent cock and balls. "Worship my cock" he said offering it to me. I took it in one hand and guided my mouth over it. It tasted sweet and was the hardest cock I'd ever ever experienced. It was big, not massive but so hard! I worshipped his cock for about ten minutes, wanking it with my hand as my lips went up and down it and my tongue played with the end. He began to groan.

"I'm going to fuck you like the fucking slut you are. Turn onto your hands and knees". I did as I was told. He positioned himself behind me and rammed his cock into me. There was no gentle fucking now. He was on a mission. He wanted his balls emptied into me and he was fucking me like a man possessed. I felt his balls slap against my arse. I felt his cock deep inside me twitching but not softening. I'd never had such a hard cock before.

"Jeeesssssuss" he moaned as I felt him shoot his spunk deep into me. He rammed hard and then did small jerks into me as he shot his load. It was at that point that I needed to cum again. I put my hand between my legs and found my clit and furiously rubbed it. I orgasmed instantly as I felt the last of his spunk shoot into me and his cock relax.

We both fell flat onto the bed, laughing gently moaning ... with his cock still inside me we relaxed ......

After half an hour of relaxing and him telling me that I was fucking gorgeous and a perfect slut he told me to show him my pussy. I did so. "It's gorgous. It's dripping with my spunk. Now go home." I stood up, got dressed and left the room. I never did get to know his name but as a married woman with unfulfilled fantasies this is one that I'd love to make real!