Written by pauljohn92@hotmail.com

5 Sep 2005

my advert had been on swinging heaven for months, because there are so many guys on here i thought nothing would ever happen.

out of the blue i had an email from a couple asking me to send a face pic. they must have liked it as i got a request to phone them.

we arranged to meet in tesco car park. i thought they wouldnt show but there they were a nice looking couple in their car i followed them back to their house.

we went in and the guy explained he wanted to see his wife fucked real hard. They told me to take a shower and i came back dressed in just a white towel.

i sat next to her and she started rubbing her hand across my already hard cock. she seemed pleased and she started to suck me with long deep strokes. The husband got a camcorder out and asked if i minded and i said no i didnt.

He seemed to want to direct a film , he told his wife to get on the floor and for me to make her wet with my tongue. The camera was everywhere he walked round and round zooming in and adding lights.

He said now fuck her hard, i put a condom on and began to fuck the first woman i had been with since my marriage.

the camera was pointing at my cock and the husband was getting sucked by his wife as he filmed my cock slamming into her. we changed positions several times and the husband just kept on filming.

I shot my load deep and hard in his wife and he said thanks .

when it was me who wanted to thank them.

thanks swinging heaven

i look forward to their next email and many more.