Written by pauljohn92@hotmail.com

21 Sep 2005

i last wrote about how swinging heaven really works, well its worked again. my mate has a profile on here and he is a huge guy, he emailed and said he had meet someone off of swinging heaven but she wanted 2 guys and would only meet with 2.

i was up for it, i went to his house and we chatted to the girl on msn a few times, he has a cam and before i knew it she had persuaded us to wank off in front of the camera for her. i had never wanked off in front of another guy before but she persuaded us by using a dildo on herself on cam.

a week later we meet at a B and B in chatham. we sat and chatted in the room and i put the tv on to cover the noise we were going to make . we had a couple of drinks and i started rubbing her legs , i pulled her skirt up and she lay down on the bed, with no knickers on i soon had my tongue between her lips while my mate was kissing her.

i could hardly believe my luck , i put a condom on and entered her now very wet pussy. my mate was kneeling by her head and she was sucking on his cock.

not only were we swinging but this was heaven. we swoped positions again and again , we had loads of fun and after an hour i shot my load all over her tits,my mate carried on and a few minutes later he shot all over her tits as well.

my mate had paid for the room so i left him with the girl as arranged but she said she loved having 2 cocks to play with and could we all meet up again soon.

from that i presume she enjoyed herself and i have wanked in front of my mates cam for her a couple of times since she next wants to meet next month.

as you can see swinging heaven works even for guys on there own or as a tag team.