Written by Gloria F

12 Sep 2007

firstly I never intended to go swinging in Spain - but the thought of having a ten inch white cock was too much to miss, I had booked a holiday in Fuengirola, for two weeks - with my BF Gary joining me as soon as he could get a flight after he had finished a construction job, I was in the Hotel bar having quite a few drinks with a few girls I had met - when in came Brian, quite a chunk of a guy , looked very fit and tanned, well these girls obviously knew him as they all got up and kissed him, they asked if he was alone tonight and he said he was as both Pat and Janet had headed back to the UK for someones funeral, one girl was right brazen and openly asked if he would give her a good shagging as she had no sex for over three weeks, it must have been the drink but I piped up and asked if he was the local stud - one of the girls said he has ten frigging inches and plenty of stamina - bollocks I said -I do not believe it - I tell you what said Brian, I will get it out and you can measure it when its hard and if its 10 inches from the stem I get to have you any way I like and in front of these girls up in your room - and if its not ten inches your on champagne all night, is it a bet- I said yes without thinking.

We went up to my room and Brian stripped off, bloody hell when I saw his cock it was massive, come here Shirley he said to one of the girls work your hands round this- and she came and started to wank him, one of the other girls called Katy, came forward and took the tip of that big cock between her lips and had her tongue out- it did not take long for Brian to be calling me over and saying measure this then - I did not have to it was massive the biggest cock I have ever seen, it was about ten inches but thick with it as well, clothes off he said - well I hesitated but the girls thought different and took my clothes off in seconds - I stood there naked and excited, I could feel my tummy rumbling with anticipation, kneel down he said and I did as I was told, do you want the honour Shirley he said and Shirley held my head and put that cock towards my mouth - open she said and I did as I was told - his cock tasted salty as I took it in , I was amazed that my mouth was big enough to take such a size, I have sucked my BF a few times and tried to do the same with Brian but he was so big, Shirley then put her hands behind my head and pulled me onto that big cock - I was choking as it went to the back of my throat, and was pleased when he pulled it out a bit, so I could breath - get your tongue around the head said Brian, and I was pleased that his cock was free from my throat, I licked and sucked the tip for all I was worth, I could feel the juice in my fanny starting to run away a bit, I think she is ready said one of the girls after she had felt my wet fanny, I lay on the bed showing everyone my now very wet fanny, Brian lent down and put his tongue deep inside my fanny and worked me up till I was desperate for some cock - fuck me I cried, Brian put his cock gently in just a little bit and then played with my tits working his hands around my nipples - I was on fire and tried to push down on his cock - I wanted all he had - I was on heat, then he stopped playing and took that cock right up to the hilt - I nearly passed out with the passion I was in, Brian started to pump that giant member right up and down my now greedy cunt, one of the girls had a tit and was playing with it, whilst another girl had taken my hand and held my fingers up her cunt and was working herself off with them, I do not know how many times I had come - I was having a climax's one after the other - I wanted to feel Brian come inside me - despite the fact no precautions had been taken, I was feeling faint with everything happening and I knew I would never be the same woman again, Brian pulled out and asked if anyone wanted his load, well most of the girls wanted his sperm - but Shirley asked can you give it to me up my arse Brian and then let me suck you dry, so Brian mounted Shirley - with no shyness she offered her willing arse to the master, Brian took some of my come which was running down my leg and greased Shirleys arse with it and his cock and that greasy pole was up Shirley half way then he gave her his length, she lay there stunned before letting out a mouthful of fucking hells, Brian was pumping that monster right up her tight hole and she was in a different planet, I stood there amazed when he gave her his seed, it came squirting out with Shirleys juices from her fanny joining it, he pumped away till he must have been empty and lay there feeling Shirleys flapping breasts, he pulled out and I was suprised how big his cock was still, Shirley had a bit of difficulty getting her balance before kneeling before Brian and very slowly licked and sucked that cock end dry of his juices.

Now I thought that was it and was really amazed that Brian called one of the girls over and laid on the bed with her, putting her hand on his cock he then called me over and I knelt over him while he started to lick my cunt of my juices, I never knew that I could recover again for more sex - normally its a one off fuck and go to sleep with my BF, here I was now after the fucking of a lifetime getting worked up again, Shirley took my place and Brian licked her cunt and then in turn all the girls offered Brian their fanny, Brian then called one of the girls called Dawn and she was treated to a large portion of Brians cock, I could nor help but watch and work my fingers up my cunt, as most of the other girls was doing, some of the girls could not keep their hands and bodies away from Brian , rubbing up against him and feeling his body , I had the feeling I wanted to feel that big cock in my hand and slide my fingers under Brian and felt that cock going in and out of Dawns pussy, I do know I was covered in sweat and sperm from Brian and my own fanny and from the other girls, I joined in willingly to licking and playing with the other girls cunts, and when I could I felt Brians body, it was an orgy of pure no holds barred sex and I did not care - I was on cloud nine - the break of the morning light came through the curtains and I aroused myself from Dawns body, I said I think we had better get some sleep girls, good idea said Brian what time your guy due in, tommorrow at the earliest I said - right said Brian off you go girls - I will sleep here for a few hours, despite all the energy I had used and the tiredness, I could not help but wait till Brian had nodded off, then I put my hands around him to feel that big cock in my hands again, I eventually fell asleep with my hands still holding Brians member, Brian woke early and must have felt my grip around his cock so gentlty put his fingers up my fanny - I was awake at his touch but made out I was still asleep - but I could not hide that I was getting wetter with each touch - Brian climbed aboard me and I took all that cock again - will you come inside me this time I said - he said I cannot afford any pregnancies - I said I had the tablets so no problem - after a lovely shagging he came and then I knew when they say you feel the spunk hit your insides, - at the end of the day I knew I was only a passing fuck for Brian as he had two women who lived with him, but I know if ever I get the chance of more sex with Brian then I will be up for it - I have arranged to meet the other girls next year for a girls only holiday - and just hope we can persuade Brian to give us a good servicing while we are there.