Written by Lynda and Steve

5 Oct 2006

last week Lynda and I visit spain, stopping at my ex army mates Brian place, we was both reading what my mate Brian had put on SH, under Cuckolds revenge, so Lynda was rather keen to get some action from Brian for herself, as I told her Brian was in the 10 inch league, well we was made really welcome by Pat and her sister Janet who is Brians partner, we also met the brother Tom (cuckold) anyway I told Brian my Lynda was looking for some action with him would Janet swop, Brian said leave it to me, well we had a great meal and the drink flowed, Lynda was on a high as Brian kept touching her up whenever he could, Tom came in and cleared everything away and went into the kitchen, Brian said come here Lynda and meet the crew, well Janet, Pat and Brian stripped Lynda in seconds, the settee was folded down into a double bed and Lynda was laid down with Pat working her tongue and fingers at her pussy, whilst Janet snogged Lynda and played with her nipples, Brian took over from Janet who came to me and took my rock hard cock out and into her mouth, my Lynda was struggling to take Brians weapon into her mouth, but she did then get the head in and was sucking away, working her fingers around that fat stump, lynda was reaching a big climax and came spirting all over Pats face and hands, Pat just licked up a mouthful and moved Brian over so Lynda could get a taste of the juices, by this time I could not hold on any longer and spurted down Janets throat, she just swallowed and carried on sucking, I have never ever known that before, and was bring my flacid cock on again, Brian said are you ready Lynda, she said Im dying for it and he entered her doggy fashion, she took that big cock like she had it every day, it was only when all the 10 inches were in was she going fucking hell, fucking hell, fuck me really hard Brian, oh fuck me this is lovely, Brian said take the top hole mate, and I stuck my cock in Lynda's waiting mouth, but she was so engrossed with Brians cock she could not concentrate on me, so I pulled out, Pat said here I am ready for your cock, and was on the floor with her legs open, I was straight at her, pumping my cock into her, Janet had moved to play with Lynda's breasts by putting her hands underneath, she then moved her pussy so Lynda could give her some tongue whilst she continued playing with her nipples, lynda was having a multiple orgasm squirting her juices all over Brians front, she was breathing heavy and said I need a rest Brian, no problem for Brian he was on Janet in seconds and fucked away like a train, I had shot my load into Pat and she was cumming regular on the juices alone.

Lynda recovered and asked Brian to start again, Brian said lets try a DP on you. ok said Lynda never I tried it before, Brian laid on his back and Janet and Pat helped Lynda onto Brians greased pole, straight up her arse, lucky she has often had me there or she would have been split in two, she took all that length in one go, with a few fucking hells etc, well Brian rocked her up and down to get him and her going, I then went in and planted my cock in her cunt, we started to get a rythm going and was plunging into her together, well Lynda was in heaven, she had never had a DP before and was enjoying the sensation, she did not take long to start her next orgasm and was pumping away, with two cocks in her she was tight and she started squirting in between strokes, Brian said are you ready for me, yes she said and Brian gave her arse a filling like never before, she entered into a non stop climax, and I mixed it with my juices as I shot my lot into her cunt about the same time, she lay there while we gave her every last drop, and Brian and I got off her, the door opened and Tom came in with some Coffee and Biscuits, saying I thought you might like some refreshments, I am quite full up Tom, Lynda said laughing as the juices were running out of her holes, can I taste it said Tom, of cause you can said Lynda and Tom buried his face in Lynda's pussy, after we had our coffee we went back to a good fucking session with all three women well satisfied, Tom came back to clear all the cups and coffeepot away, here Tom said Lynda, get your shorts off and give me some of that cock of yours, we can not let you have none can we, well Tom was over the moon, and Lynda was helping him, as much as she could, trying to grip his little cock with her cunt muscles, and encouraging him, thats lovely Tom keep going she said, well eventually he came, but I don't think Lynda felt it, she said afterwards I felt sorry for the poor little sod, well we sat around for another half hour before going to bed, I drew Pat in the straws and Brian took Lynda and Janet back to their place next door, we all sort of found each other around lunch time, Lynda came and thanked me for all I had done and allowed Brian to do, I said no problems for me love, ( I had been fucking Pat several times during the night and the morning) Brian had given my Lynda a very large portion for breakfast and she said she was struggling to walk as her legs were aching, so we went into the Hot tub to ease our joints, and just sat and talked, Brian said that Toms ex Debbie had been writing to Tom begging for him to take her back, we all said NO Tom, and he never replied, I said I had heard that Debbie had started to do 12 hour shift work cleaning and had been dumped by her Black Boyfriends for younger women, anyway we had a great time, and look forward to another holiday with our swinging friends, this time we will make it two weeks instead of a few days, anybody who knows Brian and is into swinging go for it,

Lynda and I had the best sex ever and the nice thing is we were never jelouse or felt unwanted, and we have talked about it every time we have sex, I know Lynda is thinking about what happened at she gets turned on by talking about it, I have said what about swinging in the UK, she said no Brian , Janet and Pat and me are enough for her.