Written by Belinda F

16 Feb 2005

Playing with myself in the back of the taxi, I felt very aroused at the thought of returning to Italy where I had previously had so many naughty adventures. Italian men were so sexy and I just could not say no to them! Travelling through the dark streets towards the airport I sleepliy imagined the weeks in front and what they would hold for me. Sun, sea and lots of sex!! Days and nights of pure lust and excitement! Squeezing my hard erect nipples I visualised the blue skies, the warm sea and my new life there and all that fabulous sex to come. Biting my lip I remembered Bayley asleep in our bed completely unaware that I had gone. We had such fun and I would always remember our sex together, and hoped that maybe sometime I would see him again. After finding my scribbled note in the morning would he ever forgive me?

Pulling up at the airport I quickly paid the taxi driver and dragged my cases across the road. I was bang on time to meet Sarah and Richard and as I looked acoss the busy airport it was just coming up to 6am as I followed the signs and listened to the aircraft thundering in the distance. Suddenly I heard someone calling "Belinda Belinda!" and turned to see Sarah waving frantically from a long queue. "Oh darling you've made it" she said, giving me a lovely kiss. "Isn't this wonderful?" she continued, almost bubbling over with excitement. "Richard's just gone off for a pee" she laughed. The flight was on time being the first of the day and the journey was just two hours. We tried to sleep but it was hard to settle. Richard gave me a lovely fuck in the toilet, and somehow I lost my panties in there. Who cares I thought as I settled back in my seat feeling his warm sticky spunk between my legs as I fidgeted on the chair. Sarah was missing from her seat and didn't come back for quite a while. I was dozing when she pushed past me to sit with her husband. She looked quite flushed and not the least bit sleepy. "What have you been up to?" I whispered, as she lay back in the chair closing her eyes. "I have just had the most gorgeous sex with one of the crew in the other toilet darling" she said. "It was a bit of a squash but worth every second, and he was such a big boy too!!"

Dawn had broken when we were told that we would soon be landing in Naples and could we fasten our seat belts. It was going to be a warm sunny day and the temperature in the high 70's. This was music to my ears. We were soon through customs and a car was waiting for us. The sky was a beautiful blue and I relaxed with Sarah in the back of the car listening to some dreamy Italian singing love songs on the car radio. Gazing at the landscape I watched Naples disappear and recognized all the familiar road signs like Pompeii and the Sorrentimo peninsula etc. I knew we were now almost there as Richard and Sarah excitedly told me that the villa lay perched on the slopes surrounded by orange and lemon groves overlooking Sorrento and the Bay of Naples. Driving through Sorrento brought back lots of memories and as we turned into the Piazza Tasso I looked up at the Hotel Excelsior where I had stayed with Philip-but that's another story! The square was buzzing with activity and I couldn't wait to go there later.

The car started to crawl up the hills outside Sorrento, through olive groves and orange and lemon trees in blossom. Looking out of the car window I could see the Isle of Capri and lots of boats on the blue sea. Sarah was so excited she was fidgeting beside me and commenting on just about everything we passed! The car turned left and we drove through big iron gates and continued up a drive with beautiful trees either side until eventually I saw a big white villa with terraces in front of us. "Oh Sarah, its beautiful!" I said as the three of us got out of the car and left the driver to unload our cases. The view was panoramic as we looked over the scene of the sea and sky. Richard came up behind me and pushed his fingers into my bare bum through the fabric of my dress. What an exciting adventure! In just a week or so the villa would be alive with couples wanting to swap and have fun and I was helping Sarah and Richard getting it all off the ground.

In fact we only had a couple of days to get ready before our first "swinging" guests were due to arrive and those days were spent getting the rooms sorted etc. The new furniture had been delivered and the pool was cleaned and full. The villa had eight bedrooms and there were massive sitting rooms and terraces overlooking the Bay. The land around was beautifully maintained and would provide privacy for our guests. After lunch I decided to take one of the cars and go out on my own thinking how busy the next few days were going to be. I planned to drive into Sorrento and look up a few old friends. Driving down the hilly slopes I got glimpses of the sea and beautiful views. I was driving an open top sports car-could life get any better?

Pulling up just outside the main square I parked the car and I felt really excited as I pushed my legs out of the doors to lots of admiring eyes! "Bella Bella" I heard someone say. How I adored lustful Italian men! I had dressed very sexily and my tits were only just held into my tight little top, and my shorts were almost a suggestion covering my little bum. Walking in a provocative way I almost strutted down the road looking at my delicious reflection in the shop windows. Going into one of the shoe shops I tried on lots of fantastically designed high heeled sandals, flaunting myself walking up and down in front of the mirror. As I sat down the sales assistants, all men, kept looking up my shorts at the wisps of pubic hair creeping out of my panties. Eventually I chose a pair of sandals and left the shop wearing them.

It was now quite hot and I had covered quite a lot of ground when I found myself outside a hotel where an old friend worked. Running my tongue over my lips I thought to myself if I could find Gaetano I could be in for a bit of sexy fun. We went back a long way! The hotel was beautifully cool and elegant as I walked up to the reception area. A lovely girl looked up from the marble desk that spanned the length of one wall, and asked if she could help me, her soft Italian accent sounding like music to my ears. I asked her if Gaetano was around and she nodded and said that she would go and find him. Wow, my cunt was wet and itching in anticipation! I waited for maybe five minutes, then a door opened at the far end of the hall and he appeared. God did I fancy him!! He looked so good in his smart suit and his tanned olive skin. With a gorgeous sexy smile he said "Belinda this is wonderful!" Looking back at the girl he asked her to get us some drinks. After a few minutes of small talk Gaetano stood up and said "What are we doing here? Let me take you somewhere nice!" He was the one who had taken my virginity when I was just sixteen, in a small cave on a beach here in Sorrento. I remembered it as if it had been yesterday-the moment after a long french kiss I felt his fingers gently removing my bikini top and then the bottoms. Lying on the soft sand and feeling his beautiful hard cock entering my excited body for the first time! I was getting quite carried away as the delicious memories flooded through my mind and my fanny was soaking wet and suddenly aching for him again.

I followed him back out of the hotel and through the extensive grounds to where his car was parked. "You really are something else Belinda. You drive me completely mad and are the sexiest woman I have ever fucked! You constantly haunt my dreams and now you are here again!" he said, as he bent me over the bonnet of his car. I felt his gorgeous fingers caress my bum sliding in between the fabric of my shorts as he came up close behind and thrust his throbbing cock hard against my flesh. "Come on, lets go somewhere that I can get my hands on you" he gasped as he licked and sucked my ear lobe.

We drove for about twenty minutes, then started to climb down the hills until in front of the car was a deserted beach. Wow! It was quite small with the usual grey volcanic sand and turquoise sea lapping gently in. Taking my hand he pulled me down the grassy slope onto the sand. Tearing our clothes off as we moved, we ran naked across the beach into the sea, we played in the water rolling over and over and kissing each other until we were both quite breathless. Gaetano then stood up and walked me back up the sand. My heart was thumping in anticipation and I felt a fluttering sensation all over me as he held me close and I realised that I had had lost none of the rampant desire for him over the years. His kiss was both familiar and exciting and holding my shaking body his hands ran down over my hips and onto my bum, massaging the cheeks in a slow exciting caress as his throbbing prick thrust hotly against my hairy mound. Imitating the way he was massaging me I ran my fingers down his lean body, rubbing sensuously and stroking his back, pushing my body into his. I moaned gently at the pleasure that he was giving me and opening my legs raised myself on tiptoe as his prick slipped inside my very wet and willing cunt. Squeezing my bum as he thrust in and out I almost convulsed with ecstacy as his warm spunk burst into my aching pussy and we shuddered, screaming out, giving way to a mind blowing orgasm together. How I had missed his sex! Holding my breasts tightly Gaetano fondled and rubbed them passionately, squeezing my nipples rhythmically as I felt the waves of orgasm die away.I parted my legs and he knelt on the sand as my fingers moved through his thick dark hair. My cunt was soon itching for him again as he licked the pink flesh which his fingertips had gently pulled open. I writhed to and fro as his tongue sucked beautifully and delicately around my excited clit giving me the most wonderful feelings possible. I felt the tremors growing, rushing inside me like a tidal wave as he lowered me onto the sand. I moved my legs round his neck, my ankles locking keeping hhis mouth tightly on my pussy as I exploded into another orgasm. Gaetano moved his pulsating prick just outside my gaping open cunt, his fingertips brushed the slippery lips while his free hand circled my tits. I was screaming out with desire as his cock once again so hard, thrust into me.God how he fucked my soaking fanny!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Moving slightly I gently held his balls rubbing the scrotum as his cock pulsated and throbbed. My muscles started to contract and tighten around him as he gave way to his climax with ecstatic abandon. His orgasm was so drawn out as he filled me with spurt after spurt-was he trying to break some record?! Collapsing side by side we lay there quite breathless. I ran my fingertips down my tummy and betwen my legs and tasted my own love juices mixed with droplets of Gaetano's spunk. We lay in silence together watching gulls swooping noiselessly overhead and across the sky and I wished that we could stay here all day. Mumbling something in Italian Gaetano got up and started to get dressed and said that he needed to get back to the hotel; his mind had moved on from that this beautiful moment. Following him across the grey sand we made our way back to the car. "I want to see lots more of you this time Belinda" he said. "We have a lot of unfinished business!" Gaetano laughed. Smiling, I thought yes I had a LOT of unfinished business here!!

Once back at the villa I tried to get my head round all that needed doing. Apparently we had five couples arriving on Friday booked in for two weeks of swapping. Sarah said she needed lots of ideas, as I had had so much experience-fourteen days of naughty activities was my very first project. Leading me down one of the long corridors she showed me into a room at the end, and pulling open a huge wall of cupboards she showed me on hangers lots of dressing up clothes. They ranged from school uniforms to the inevitable nurses outfits, vicars and tarts right down to leather and all thats needed there-whips, boots and so on. We moved on to a couple of massage rooms and games rooms. In between luxurious sitting areas there was a small cinema for blue films and another room with equipment for actually making movies! There was a fabulous dining room and dance floor with bars and terraces. Sarah's father must have been loaded. I wondered what he would have thought of what Sarah and Richard had done to this place! Thinking about it I think he would have approved as he had always given the impression of being a randy old bastard!

The next few days went by quickly and the villa had taken its sexy shape all ready for our first visitors the following morning. I was to meet them at Naples airport in our own mini bus and it was my job to get the ball rolling............

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did I'd love to hear from you.