Written by Belinda F

22 Feb 2005

Lying by the pool naked and enjoying the late afternoon sun Sarah and I jumped when we saw this tall black man coming towards us. He had a lovely wide grin and seemed totally at ease with our naked bodies! "Hi there" he said, "My name's Tony and I am supposed to arrive tomorrow with my girlfriend". Sarah and I looked at each other and realised that he was half of the Maria and Tony couple who had booked in for tomorrow. Apparently she had been delayed and as he couldn't wait he had got an earlier plane. Not quite as we had planned but everything was ready and I showed him to his room and offered him something to eat suggesting he found us by the pool when he was ready.

"My God Belinda!" Sarah laughed, "What a specimen of a man! I bet he is enormous!!" He must have been about 6'5" tall and very broad and muscular. We didn't have to wait long to find out as he was with us within five minutes, totally naked and grinning from ear to ear. "Wow!" we both thought, his cock was the biggest and thickest that I had ever seen and hung half erect by his enormous balls. "Mind if I have a swim?" he grinned. We watched him swim strongly up and down both itching to get our hands on him. Suzy our french maid brought a tray out for him, dressed in a very short black uniform and white apron and high heels. Hie eyes nearly popped out of his head as she turned exposing her pert naked bum. "Oooh would I like to get my hands on that" he said as he spooned pasta into his mouth at great speed. "That can be arranged" I said as Sarah left us to finish a few more things for tomorrow. "Be good" she said laughing as she moved towards the villa.

"I will show you round if you like" I said, "My name is Belinda" Obediently Tony followed and I could not take my eyes off his prick. He could use my body in any way that he wanted I thought feeling a wetness spreading inside me and my body started to ache for him. I was feeling like a firebomb just waiting to explode. Sucking my teeth into my lower lip I turned and put my arms around his thick waist just reaching his upper body. I felt his breath on my face as he slipped his tongue deep into my mouth, and I found myself in an excited state and not caring where we went from here!

My body was covered in goose bumps with rising excitement as this big sexy man took me in his arms. His absolutely massive black cock started to rise as he clutched my shoulders and dropped to his knees pushing his index finger into my soaking open groove and onto my clit. Writhing and moaning my trembling thighs opened and closed around his big fingers that he kept moving and driving me wild. His thumb now played in my bushy triangle and his massive sticky wet cock stabbed against me leaking lots of pre cum. Gripping my tits he squashed them together and sucked my nipples before moving his head down my body and into my cunt. My body was going mad with desire as his tongue started to lap my oozing pussy. Moving my legs round his neck my body writhed in a frenzy as his long pink tongue moved slowly in and out of my already pulsating pussy. Urging him to suck harder and deeper with his skillful tongue I threw my head back and let out a loud scream as I felt the peak of orgasm moving quickly in me. Finally raising his head, his face and lips were shining and coated with my love juice.

He then wiped his wet face on my tummy sending little butterflies of excitement through my body. God did this big man know how to make love! He moved my legs raising my bum higher so that he could thrust his huge hard black cock into my slippery hole. Pushing in the whole length he rammed it inside me with his huge balls slapping against my arse where he kept relentlessly fucking, thrusting his enormous buttocks and driving his prick so deep inside it hurt. He continued to jab with renewed vigour, then suddenly stopped, pulling it out still hard and throbbing, rubbing the tip all over my wriggling body sending little thrills all over me and trails of pre cum. Turning me over Tony parted my thighs with his big powerful hands and stuffed the whole length back into my soaking cunt, shoving it straight in. I do not think I have ever experienced a size like it and screamed and yelled that I couldn't take anymore but he continued driving it in deeper! Suddenly he pulled his prick out and pushed it between my lips and down my throat. The moment he reached the back he moaned and trembling and shaking jetted masses of hot spunk to the very back of my throat almost suffocating me! As he finally pulled away I licked my lips and felt him tweak my excited nipples before he moved down my body and his lips rested on my hairy mound that must have been dripping wet. Arching my back, my legs parted as he swiftly penetrated me again, sliding his cock that felt thick and endless into my well lubricated hole. How he had found such hardness again was beyond me. My legs wrapped themselves around his waist pulling him deeper inside where he rose and fell in a steady rhythm. Riding and filling me to capacity with his giant member I was now quite comfortable with it's size and my hips rising and falling encourageing him to ram his prick all the way in as his huge balls banged against my bum.

"Wow Honey, you are really enjoying this now" he said "You have the body of a temptress and the cunt of a whore!" he laughed. "What a delicious combination! Now bend over" he said. "Good woman, what an arse, just made for screwing" he screamed as he pushed me into a kneeling position. He continued to move quickly parting my bum cheeks and placing his again throbbing cock at the entrance to my honey pot. My tits swung from side to side as he rammed his delicious rock hard cock inside me sending jolts of excitement through my body as he took me again at great speed from behind. Tony was now also intent on reaching a peak as he thrust backwards and forwards hitting against my cervix again and again. I knew that I was on the point of coming as one beautiful wave merged into another with his hard movements continuing. I was loosing control and it was hard to stay on my knees with his big fingers rubbing my hairy mound and opening my legs as far as they would go. I almost drifted away as his strong fingers moved and separate my swinging tits. My orgasm slithered its way writhing and wriggling through my tormented body that was so much at his mercy.

I could take no more and as I as I fell forward he came up behind me panting and plastering his big lips against me as I felt his prick exploding over my body in rapid spurts....How could this big man come so many times? Still jerking and groaning I watched his thick tool spreading its creamy milk over me and listened to his loud screams as he clutched my shoulders.

With my cunt and body aching I was covered in his sticky cum as I lay exhausted with my eyes closed. When I opened them he had gone. I looked around, and pulling my body up slipped still naked into the pool. Lying on my back watching the sun go down, I slipped beneath the water imagineing the coming weeks and the continual presence of this delicious young man...........

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