Written by surprised hubby

25 Sep 2006

You know how it is after 15 years of marriage, the spark had gone and sex was once a Preston Guild, not immensely exciting but I'd managed with a regular wank whilst watching the porno channel or surfing t'internet.

Our wedding anniversary arrived and we went for the usual quiet meal. We drank more than was sensible for driving and so ordered a taxi to take us the 15 miles or so home. L had a large brandy to finish while I stuck to coffee (I know when I've had enough!). When the cab arrived, I payed the bill while she nipped to the loo before the long drive home, then I waited in the car for her. She teetered out of the restaurant in her heels and long coat and almost fell into the back seat.

The car was relly warm inside with the blowers on and I soon felt a bead of sweat on my forehead so I took my coat off. I felt a nudge against my leg and looked across at L to see that she had settled herself in the corner and lifted one foot up onto the seat. Her long coat was unfastened showing that she had removewd her dress while in the loo, but not only that.... She had also taken off her knicks and bra as well!

So there I was staring at my mrs while she stroked her naked pussy in the back of the car, giving me naughty looks and mouthing "I want you" at me. "God it's hot in here" she said out loud, "why not take your coat off babe?" I challenged her. With a wicked look on her face she slipped the coat from her shoulders and then lifted her bum to take it off, it was then that I noticed the driver's talking had stopped and when I looked forward I noticed thatHe had adjusted the mirror to get abetter view.

L carried on playing/teasing for a few mins and then suddenly groaned "I don't feel too brilliant, can we stop the car?" We pulled in to a truck stop and L dived out of the car wrapping her coat over her shoulders like cape. The driver was grumbling away about "bloody drunken birds" and saying that the meter was still running (of course). L walked up and down a bit and then leant against the driver's door to apologise to him for making him late for his next pick-up. "S'sllright luv, you're my last one for the night, and anyway it's worth it for the view," he replied letching at her. "Ooh, are you getting all excited?" She said striking up a pose with her hands on her hips forcing her coat open to show her hold-ups and muff. "Well, what do you think?" She said and he moved his hand from his lap. L looked in through the open window and said "fucking hell that's huge!"

She walked to the front of the car in the beam of the headlights and took off her coat then lay it on the bonnet and bent forwards beckoning to me with her finger. The driver must have thought she meant him and he was out of the car like a shot before I could react. He hurried round and immediately started rubbing his hands over her arse, while I stood watching dumbfounded. He stood her up and spun her round, pushing her back onto the bonnet and then fifted her feet onto his shoulders so that her thighs were spread at an obscene angle and then dived into her cunt with his tongue. Her groans got louder as he sucked and nibbled on her clit while pushing 2 fingers into her sodden twat.

L was groaning out loud while he feasted on her pussy, her bum bouncing off the bonnet as she came with a squeal. The driver (Paul, as we later found out) stood up leaving L's feet on his shoulders and slid his cock into her inch by inch, with L gasping that she couldn't take any more and telling me how fucking great it felt to be full up with hard cock. I heard shuffling feet and looked up to see 2 guys approaching, both with their cocks out of their pants. They stood on either side of Paul, groping L's tits and rubbing her clit.

The older of the blokes (about 60 ish) said, "there's a picnic table over there, how about we take her there where we can all get at the slut!" Hearing someone speak lilke that about my beautiful petite wife like that was a complete turn-on and we all moved to the table with the guys taking the opportunity to cop a feel of her arse/tits/pussy as she staggered over with them. Once at the table, Paul got her to sit on the bench and the guys crowded around her so that she could suck and play with each of them in turn while they played with her nipples. The old fella was quite rough when it was his turn in the middle, grabbing fistfulls of her long blonde hair and fucking her mouth/throat while talking real filth to her. After they had each had a go at her mouth she was pulled upright and her coat was taken from her shoulders and laid across the table. Paul turned her round and she knelt on the bench, leaning forwards across the table. Without ceremony he pushed his cock up her and began to fuck her hard with long strokes.

The old bloke hurried round the front and pushed his hard dick towards her open mouth, teasing her by wiping it around her face and making her chase his cock with her tongue. "Beg for it, you dirty slag" he said. I wanted to punch him for talking to her like that but she really seemed to be enjoying it, and begged him to please let her suck him off!

He shoved his cock right into her mouth and banged away for a minute or so and then growled "swallow it bitch" she gagged a little so he withdrew and shot his remaining spurts over her face and hair. Paul then grunted that he was cumming and buried himself to the balls then I watched his arse clench as he filled her with his spunk. The other youger guy (about 30 ish) had been quietly feeling L's body while she had been roasted, he now stood up in front of her and offered his cock to her mouth. He was much gentler with her than the old bloke and was talking to her quietly, telling her how gorgeous she was. I found this incredibly erotic and couldn't resist taking my own cock out and wanking myself slowly, the old guy walked over to me and asked me if I wanted a go at her. Before I could even answer he led me to her by my dick and held it to her gaping pussy. I pushed forward and slid easily into the froth around her cunt. As I pushed in deeper I felt his tongue come up underneath us and he started licking from herclit down to my balls, lapping up Paul's cum and her juices from us.

Paul was getting abit impatient (he'd had his fun), he called to us to hurry up. The old guy pulled me out of her and got her to lie on her back along the table on her coat. Me and younger bloke stood at her head and wanking furiously as she alternated between us licking our balls. Old boy leant onto the table and plunged his face to her pussy licking and sucking her sloppy cunt noisily.

I felt that old familiar tingle and told L that I was cumming. "In my mouth please" she begged so I pushed my hardness into her mouth and began flooding her tongue. I felt a warm splash on my shaft and saw that younger guy was cumming too. He put his cock along side mine in my mrs' mouth and spurted loads into her mouth. To feel another guy's prick throbbing next to yours between your wife's lips is amazing and she gulped as much as she could, while simultaneously cumming herself from the old boy's licking/fingering. He then got a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped up some of the goo from her and put it back in his pocket for later.

Paul said it was time to go so me and L went back to the car. She rode the rest of the way home in the front seat squelching her fingers in and out of her gaping pussy. The globs of cum were squeezing out of her onto the coat, she wiped it up with her fingers and sucked them with relish.

When we eventually got home paul would not take any payment for the ride, saing it was the best shift he'd ever had. I spent most of thwe rest of the night licking and fuckin L, who said that it was a moment of madness and would never happen again. But I live in hope!