Written by Dave

22 Dec 2003

My 18 yo grand daughter has the most delightful

friend who pops over from portugal to stay at my

Sons house in the holidays. Sara is 18 and a beauty with dark curly hair and brown eyes-

small but with a wonderful bust and womanly hips

that frame her adorable meditteranean arse.

However whilst staying at my sons house recently

it was decided that they would have a day out at the

funfair. Sara said that she felt a little unwell and would it be

ok if she did not come.

'Oh dear' said my sons wife 'perhaps Dave will

stay behind too in case you need anything?'

I agreed like a shot funfairs are not my thing

and te idea of spending an afternoon in the company

of this delightful young lady was an attractive one.

Sara said she would go back to bed and off she went.

About 2 hours later i took the opportunity to go

upstairs and knock on the bedroom door.

'Come in' said Sara.

Sara sat up in bed in her pretty nighthie reading

a magazine, i smiled 'funfairs not your thing either?'

'No' she giggled.

I asked Sara if she wanted anything and she said

she'd have some juice that i brought back on a tray.

'Now are you sure you are ok' i said.

'Well' she said in her girly voice 'i do have a

little tummy ache'.

I wasted no time dear reader in offering to massage

it for her, and Sara to my delight rolled off the duvet

and lay there in her white nightie before my lecherous

gaze. I began rubbing her tummy and Sara cooed contentedly

as i gently massaged around her lower belly.

I could feel the top of her panties as i stroked

lower and when i went higher i'd occasionally cup

one or the other of her breasts gently.

Sara did not complain at all in fact i could see

she was content to lie back and enjoy being fondled

by a naughty dirty old man. Of course i suggested that Sara raise her nightie.

She giggled again as she done so.

I gasped at the sight of her lovely young breasts and

her little white panties showing her dark snatch


My cock was as hard as iron by now.

I continued my massage this time taking in her stiff nipples

and pantied cunt ,the little minx was soaking wet and she

rose her hips and pushed against my fingers.

'Turn over Sara' i said breathlessly.

As she did i was treated to a magnificent view

of her ample derriere.Phwooar! Was all i could manage.

Sara again just giggled 'You like?' she said.

Sara was like a cat the way she purred contentedly

as i massaged her shoulders and thighs.

For my part my eyes where fixed on her glorious pantied

rump.By this time i had taken a bottle of baby oil from the

dresser to allow my hands to glide on her lovely


I again turned my attention to her hot wet little twat

and as i did so i traced her arse crack with my

index finger through her panties.

'Oooooh' cooed Sara.

I wasted no more time and Sara raised her hips as

i lowered the tight panties. Again i massaged her thighs and worked up to her arse cheeks massaging and gently opening up her crack.

'Ooooh Dave what are you doing?' said Sara

'Looking at you little pussy and bottom hole my dear'

i rep;lied.

Sara sighed contentedly as i began working her hot cunt

and clitoris from behind.

I then used my other hand to put my finger into her tight

little anus and followed it with a second and finally a third.

Sara was very close to an orgasm as i worked her

cunt and arsehole with gramps special massage for

naughty portugese girls.

Sara came with lots of gasps and much thrusting against my

working fingers.

'Sara relaxed on the bed and i told her itwas my turn.

She looked a little shocked and i replied not to

worry as i wasn't going to fuck her.

Instead i asked that she would come to the edge of

the bed and spread her buttocks very' very wide.

The delightful girl complied and i took out my

cock and wanked myself off as i leered at her

wonderful bottom and sweet arsehole.

Sara showered and was up by the time My grand daughter

returned.Two days later i saw both girls ready for a night out

both looking stunning.

Sara gave a little wink and i winked back old Dave

is always happy to help out a young lady in need.