Written by Sues Bitch

2 Feb 2014

What is your wife like around other men when you’re not there? Is she shy, demure, frosty even, or is she flirty, tarty or even a slut. I always thought my wife, Sue was shy and even a bit of a prude even. She’s the sort of woman who worries about showing to much leg, or if her top shows off to much of her cleavage. Sue is an accountant and during the week dresses in smart business attire. At the weekends she’s usually in jeans and a baggy jumper. So it never crossed my mind that she was anything other than professional at work and mother at home.

We’d experimented sexually when we’d first got together as new couples do. Finding one another’s boundaries and sticking within them. We had sex often even after a good few years together. But the days of staying in bed fucking and sucking all day were long gone. My prospective on my ‘shy’ wife though was soon to be challenged.

We were invited to a large corporate event hosted by her company. Sue looked beautiful as we arrived. Her dress hung to her curvy size 14 figure and showed off quite a lot of leg for Sue. Her makeup was simple but effective and her long brown hair, newly done for the event made her look ten years younger than her 42 years.

As the night wore on Sue was networking as she would call it. To me it looked like having a lot of drinks and smiling and laughing with a lot of different men. Whilst all the while I propped up the bar like a spare part. As I watched her giggling at some strangers joke I noticed that his hand was resting on her hip and she was making no attempt to remove it. The as she turned to speak to another man I swear it brushed across arse.

After a while a couple of younger guys came and stood at the bar. They were both a little drunk and were discussing the girls at the event. I listen in for a while as they discussed who they’d fuck and who they already had fucked. I couldn’t help pointing out Sue and asking what they thought of her.

“Mmm Sexy Sue” said the first lad, “she’s always up for fun. Do you remember the Christmas party?” He said to his mate.

“How could I forget” He replied “she’s a great kisser and oh those lovely firm titties.”

Ok I thought a Christmas kiss isn’t to bad and this guy probably copped a feel while he could she wouldn’t have gone any further would she? I couldn’t resist asking the question though.

“So did you er....”I started but couldn’t bring myself to say “fuck her”

The guy knew what I meant though,

“No just a quick snog and a feel of her goodies” he said. Inside I breathed a sigh of relief. Then he continued,

“It was Gareth from accounts who got the pleasure of poking that hole, lucky fucker.”

For a moment I couldn’t breathe. It was common knowledge around her office that she’d fucked some bloke from accounts. Since my new friends where in a chatty mood I pushed a little further.

“Why’s she sexy Sue?” I asked “after all loads of women have had a quick shag at Christmas when they’ve had one to many”

“That’s true” he said “But Suzie is one flirty bitch. I don’t think she’s ever had a manager she hasn’t blown.”

“It’s one way to get a promotion” laughed his mate and with that they were off back to the party. I stood at the bar and ordered a stiff drink. My heart was pounding and my head was spinning. Was it true or just beer talk? The rest of the event went in a blur. In the taxi home Sue snuggled into my arm but I couldn’t speak. Finally at home in bed I summoned the courage to ask her.

“Who’s Gareth?” I felt her catch her breath at the side of me and then she trembled a little before replying.

“Just one of the guys at work.“

“What happened with him at the Christmas party?” I asked in a quiet voice.

“Oh” she was quiet for a moment and then after weighing up her options she said,

“Who’ve you been speaking to?”

“ matter” I said “I know what you did. I know you let him fuck you and I know he’s not the only one.”

I could feel her sobbing and her body shaking beside me. My mind filled with the images of another man’s hands on her breasts. Her legs spread for him and her pretty lips around his cock, but it didn’t make me angry like I thought it would. It made me hard it made me want to know more and more than anything it made me want to fuck the slut. I touched my cock and it was harder than I can ever remember. I rolled on top of Sue and she felt my hardness pushed against her. She gasped as I pushed myself inside her. I started fucking her in long slow strokes and whispered into her ear,

“Tell me about Christmas you slut.” She protested not wanting to speak but her body and moistening pussy told me she was enjoying being fucked. I persisted in my questioning, tweaking her stiff nipples and calling her a whore. Eventually I said,

“Did Gareth fuck you like this like a whore?”

“Yes” she responded “Yes he fucked me like some cheap whore and I loved it. I loved his cock inside me.” At that moment I could hold back no longer her words made me instantly ejaculate inside her. As I filled her cunt with my seed I imagined Gareth doing the same thing and I gave an involuntary shudder. I lay next to Sue stroking the body that I’d just used and said,

“Look Sue you’ve just seen how this turns me on. The only thing I hate is the lying. So be honest, tell me everything and we’ll be ok. But if you lie I’ll know and then it’s over”

She thought for a moment then started to tell me a story about the woman I thought I knew that I would never have believed had it not come from her own lips.

She tried to start with Gareth at Christmas but when I asked her directly if he was the first she admitted he wasn’t so I told her to begin at the beginning. She told me that she loved me but then she started to tell me about her other compulsions. Making love with me was part of her life but she also admitted she liked, wanted, and needed dirty meaningless sex. She wanted to be used and abused in the way someone who loved her couldn’t do. She told me how before we’d met she’d sucked stranger’s cocks in the toilets of night clubs and had one night stands most weekends. That had stopped for a while after we’d met. She’d settled into domestic life and put her wild days behind her. But the craving and need had always been inside her. Eventually an opportunity had offered itself and she’d taken it.

The first man had been a Sky engineer. An older man in his forties with a day’s growth of beard and a beer belly. He’d arrived early for an appointment and got her out of bed. She’d rushed down stairs in nothing but her dressing gown and a pair of skimpy knickers. He’d asked her for a cup of tea and as they sat in the kitchen chatting, he’d made lewd suggestions and comments about her body. She admitted that she’d allowed her gown to gape a little and teased him by showing off her legs and even her breasts. She told me how she’d teased him until eventually he’d called her bluff and pinned her against the freezer kissing her and groping her naked tits. Then she told me how she’d ended up on her knees sucking on his stubby, hairy cock, before he’d bent her over our kitchen table and fucked her. He’d slapped her arse and called her a filthy slag before he filled her cunt with his sperm.

After that she’d known that she’d never be faithful to me. She’d taken any chance to have sex with a stranger after that. It was mostly when she went out with her friends. But there had been a few men from work and she admitted she’d got a reputation there as being an easy fuck.

“So were they all one time fucks or were there some you had a thing for or even got close to?” I asked.

“I never fell for any of them” she replied “I love you. “ her hand started stroking my cock as she continued,

“But there were some men who knew what I liked and how I liked to be treated and i had them for as long as I could.” I asked her to explain and she told me about Mike.

Mike is a friend of mine, we’ve been mates for years he’s not my oldest friend but I’d still call him a close friend. He’d moved away last year and now my wife told me how for years he’d been coming to my house while I was out at work or with friends and screwing her.

“Why was he so special I asked” appalled at such a betrayal.

“He had a filthy imagination” she replied as she continued playing with my now stiff cock.

“Like what?” I replied

“You not going to like this” she said, “Are you sure?” I had to know everything and I ordered her to continue.

She explained how sex with Mike was never tender or loving it was always rough and dirty and then there were the other things he talked her into doing things she’d never done with me. He’d been the first man to bugger her but apparently not the last man she’d allowed to fuck her arsehole. Something I had never even asked her to do. She then told me how he’d loved pushing her to see just what a dirty slut she’d be for him. He’d started by having her swallow his spunk or making video’s on his phone as her emptied his balls over her face. Then when I didn’t think she could sink any lower she told me how she’d liked his hairy arse hole and worst of all she allowed him to piss over her not once but quite regularly. I asked how this had come about as she started to pull my foreskin in earnest. I could tell she was getting turned on as she told me what she was really like.

It had started one afternoon when he’d come over while I was at work. He’d tied her spread-eagled to our bed and then fingered and fucked her through the morning before cumming over her face and rubbing his mess into her skin. He wouldn’t allow her to wash it off after squatting over her face while she licked his arse and balls he’d released her and order her to the bathroom he’d ordered her to stand over the toilet and piss for him. At first she couldn’t but he persisted and eventually piss had streamed from her slit. He had put his hands into the stream and first rubbed it over her tits then put his piss drenched fingers into her mouth and made her suck them whilst his other hand fingered her as she urinated. She told me how it gave her the biggest orgasm she could remember. He’d then order her into the bath and as he knelt in it he’d pissed over her. His hot amber urine had been sprayed over her cunt, belly tits and face before she’d been ordered to drink it.

“And did you?” I asked.

“Yes. I drank his piss while I fingered my hole” She said, and I instantly spunked into her hand.

After I’d recovered I asked her if she’d ever had two men at once. She said no and I said if she wanted to we could invite Mike over for a night and both have her. I almost instantly regretted it as she was so enthusiastic about the idea and He agreed instantly. Over the week before he came I relived as many of her adventure as I could. I took her arse for the first time. I slapped her arse and tits as I fucked her, I came in her face and of course I pissed over her. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on watching her take it or how much it turned her on to have my piss splashing over her face and mouth as she violently finger fucked herself.

Mike was in no illusions as to why she’d invited him over he knew he was coming for a threesome. Sue had spent the week online with him and they had both teased the other about what they were going to get. On the day its self I chose her clothes. Black hold ups, make up and Chanel No5. Nothing else was allowed. When the door bell went on I ordered the slut to answer it whether it was him or not. Luckily for her it was him. She showed him in and at first he was a bit wary, after all I now knew he’d fucked my wife behind my back. He quickly began to relax though as I didn’t mention it and after all Sue was naked in front of him clearly waiting to pleasure us. After a little stilted small talk and a stiff drink all round I simply said,

“Shall we take Sue upstairs and fuck her?” He didn’t need asking twice.

Once we were upstairs Mike and I quickly stripped and I stood as Mike sat on the bed with Sue knelt between his legs, sucking on his cock. I noticed her had fall to her cunt as she started fingering herself. His cock was soon very hard and glistened from my wife’s saliva. He’s a big hairy guy 6’2 and his cock looked huge in my wife’s mouth, much bigger than mine. I was dying to see him inside her so I said,

“Fuck him Sue!”

She dutifully obeyed and pushed him onto his back before straddling him and impaling herself on his big hairy dick. I watched for a while as he fucked my wife. Then I stood on the bed beside them and fucked her mouth. I took occasional slaps at her tits while Mike was groping and slapping her arse as she bounced on his meat.

“Get up her shitter” said Mike,

It took me a moment to realise what he was suggesting He wanted to DP her. I reached for some lube and greased up my cock. Then l lubed up arse eventually sticking two of my slippery fingers into her anus. As I fingered her bum hole I could feel Mikes cock separated from me by just a thin piece skin. Sue bent forward to allow me access to her arse and I pushed my bell end against her bum hole. My cock went in easier than I thought it would just the head at first then I forced more and more into her until I was balls deep in her arse while. Mike was moaning as he fucked her and I could feel his cock rubbing mine as I buggered her. Surprisingly this was all to much for Mike and he ejaculated into my wife. I fucked her arse as I felt the pressure of his cock diminish as he went flaccid.

Mike then took over telling us what to do He ordered me to stop fucking Sue and told her to suck my cock clean. I thought this was to far and that she’d refuse after all it had just been in her bum but she did as commanded and took me in her mouth as Mike leered pulling on his flaccid cock. Even soft he looked bigger than me. After this he put her over his knee and alternated between spanking her arse and roughly fingering her while he called her names and told her what a filthy slag she was. I must confess i watched on amazed at what she would allow this man to do to her.

Her bottom looked red raw, he rolled her onto her back and ordered me to wank over her till I came in her face. It didn’t take long and I could see why she had become intoxicated with someone ordering her to perform such filthy sex acts. As I came I aimed at her face and for only the second time over I emptied my sack full of sperm into Sues face. Mike wouldn’t allow her clean it off as it ran all over her face.

“I’ll clean it off” he said, and with that he aimed his cock at my wife’s face and a stream of his piss jetted out of his dick and spattered into her face. To my amazement the slut opened her mouth so she could swallow some. I wanted to join in and empty my bladder over her and degrade her as Mike had done but I just didn’t want to go.

After he had my wife suck the final drops of piss from his dick we knelt on either side of her and she wanked and sucked us as we took turns fingering her hole. She was a mess her hair was drenched in piss, her makeup all awry or gone and her holdups laddered and round her ankles. She must have been tiered but mu slut wife just went on sucking and allowing us to roughly use her cunt. Finally she sprayed her orgasm over the already sodden sheets and her body shook through violent spasms.

Mike clambered up on the bed and squatted over her face.

“Lick my shit hole bitch” he said and I watched as she did as commanded lapping at his hairy anus. I don’t know why but I took hold of his cock. He didn’t stop me and I felt his thick meaty cock stiffen as I pulled his skin back and forth. I am not gay I do not fancy men at all but before I knew what I was doing I took his salty cock in my mouth. I sucked on his shaft and even found myself liking and sucking his balls as Sue continued licking and sucking his arsehole.

He must have liked it as his next order was for Sue and I to take turns with his cock. While I sucked his balls she sucked and licked on his cock then we sapped and I took his massive cock in my mouth. Finally he told me to pass the lube and a watched as he fucked my wife in her shit hole. He fucked her long and hard as I watched and wanked She was squealing and I was sure that massive dick must be hurting her but she was also shouting to be fucked harder and mike was giving it all he was worth. Her arsehole gaped wide when he pulled out and rolled her onto her back he clambered up her and put his cock in her mouth before coming onto her tongue and ordering her to swallow his sticky mess. My wife the woman I love and the mother of our children. The shy demure domestic goddess of a couple of weeks ago had just allowed two men to fuck her mouth, cunt and anus. To be pissed over and to swallow sperm and she had loved it. And she wanted more.

This time she ordered me to suck Mikes flaccid dick I Did as I was ordered tasting their combined juices on his dick. And Sue then stood above us and pissed over the pair of us. Her warm stream hitting my face before travelling up Mikes body and spattering his face and he opened his mouth to drink her piss. As she finished I took her and pushed her to her knees and forced my cock into her mouth. I held her by the scruff of the neck and fucked her face I used her roughly and Mike fingered her as I rammed my cock into her face. Finally as I was about to cum I pulled out and wanked over Mike’s face My cum spattered onto his chin and cheeks and I then ordered Sue to lick the spunk off him. As she lapped it his face I pissed over the pair of them so that he was taking my piss in his face and she was lapping up as much urine as sperm.

That was us all wasted and we collapsed onto the piss stained sopping wet bed and drifted off to sleep. The following morning I watched mike Fuck my wife in every hole before I wanked him off over her face and then he was gone. And the only thought running though my head was when can we do that again and how do we top it.