Written by Julie

7 Jul 2004

I’m afraid to say that all of you who warned me my ‘taxi driver’ would be back for more were right ! ( see ‘he found me’ posted on the 13th June )

I had just finished shopping and returned to my car to find him parked beside it. He rolled down his window and told me to get in, I asked why and he just repeated ‘get in’. I didn’t want to draw any attention to us so I did as he said and got in the passenger seat beside him, my heart pounding, butterflies in my stomach and an overall feeling of despair. As soon as I got in he smiled and told me I was looking fantastic and he hadn’t stopped thinking about our time in my bedroom. He quickly placed his hand on my leg and squeezed my bare flesh ( as it was hot and I was only wearing a thin short skirt with no tights). I shifted uncomfortably and told him not to, but he quickly responded by saying ‘fine, let’s go back to your house then’. I froze with dread and said ‘no please don’t come to my house’ to which he responded ‘ok’ but then started to push his hand slowly up my skirt !. As I said, I froze not knowing what to do except look about and make sure no-one else could see. He told me to part my legs and I sat there as his hand moved all the way up and his fingers reached my soft thin knickers and started to gently caress my pussy. He casually taunted me saying ‘oh I’ve been here before’.yes this brings back lovely memories’ Still transfixed I could feel my pussy getting moist and so could he. His fingers gently pulled my knickers to the side and his index finger then gently ran up the length of my pussy lips before he inserted it into my now swollen pussy !. What a situation , what could I do !, he whispered how much he wanted me, how much he wanted to fuck my hot swollen pussy and I could feel my heart pounding and my breathing getting faster as his words turned me on, but this was ridiculous for god’s sake, this was a car park While I was still thinking of how to get out of this situation, he suddenly stopped, pulled his hand away and announced that he had booked a room at a local hotel for tomorrow night and I was to meet him there ! . I told him that was impossible and he simply said ‘fine then I’ll come to your house’, and playing on my stunned silence, he then said ‘just tell your husband you’re going out with the girls and dress accordingly, but make sure you bring something sexy to change into’. Before I could say anymore he told me to get out as he had work to do, but to make sure I was there tomorrow by 8pm or he’d come round for me !. As I got out he said ‘ask for Mr Smiths room at reception and remember to bring something really sexy for me’. don’t disappoint me’ and that was it, he pulled away and left me standing there absolutely staggered at what had just happened and my heart sinking as to what I was going to do now !.

As you can imagine that I didn’t sleep much that night and the next day was very tense too with my mind in turmoil, but I decided that I would go, but make it quite clear that that would be the end of it !, finished, over, no more !. I reminded myself just how good he had made me feel at my house and admit that the thought of the same again didn’t upset me too much, but I had to be strong and tell him no more thereafter.

The night came and I packed in my bag something sexy as instructed and off I went to meet him, rather ironically in a taxi !. This driver was pretty chatty too and suggestive and I thought, christ does it come with the training !. We arrived at the hotel and I nervously went in and up to reception and asked for his room. There was something in the glint of the man at receptions eyes that made me feel cheap ! he told me the room but eyed me up and down almost stripping me and I assumed that he thought I was probably a ‘professional escort’ arriving to please someone ‘the thought appalled me, but also made me feel a little horny !

I went up to his room and quietly knocked on the door, partly hoping he wouldn’t hear, or wouldn’t be there and I could turn round and leave, but partly due to an almost lack of strength as my nerves had sapped my energy. However he opened the door quickly and welcomed me in, immediately pushing me back against the now closed door and kissing me firmly on the lips and grinding his body onto mine ! ( there was no doubt he was up for a good night ! ). I pushed him slightly back and immediately did as I intended and launched into my planned speech about how this would be the last time and he had to accept that and he surprised me by quickly agreeing and telling me that he had to nip out for 10 minutes but that would give me time to dress for him and to help myself to some wine and off he went. There I was now pleased that I appeared to have got my assurance that this would be the end, but slightly confused at his need to leave me, but thought no more of it and laid out my change of clothes and set about getting ready for him. I had decided ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ and I slipped into a black lacy see through bra ( which supported my breasts but also showed them off at their finest ), black g-string, black silky stockings and suspenders, black high stiletto heels and then my short tight red dress, mid thigh length which showed off my stocking tops when I crossed my legs and low cut to give more than a glance at my cleavage !. Brushed my hair, touched up my make up and drank a couple of glasses of wine for courage. I sat there nervously at the edge of the bed for a few minutes and then he returned, as soon as he came in his eyes lit up and he said ‘fucking hell you look absolutely gorgeous’ and he walked over to me telling me not to get up, his tone now quite strict !. He sat down beside me and said ‘ now remember this is my night sweetheart’ as he put his hand on my hair firmly grabbing it, not painfully, but in almost a menacingly manner and then said, ‘whatever I say goes love, just you do as you’re told and we’ll have one hot fucking sensational time’. I nodded my agreement and he then placed his other hand on my upper crossed leg and gently ran it up and down it telling me what fantastic legs I had and gently kissing me on my lips before putting his tongue in my mouth and our tongues met tantalisingly. As we kissed his hand moved up and over the tops of my stockings onto my bare flesh and then he hesitated and told me to part my legs which I did for him. He then stared at me and told me to take off my knickers, I shuffled and lifted my dress to gain access to my g-string and pulled it down and off, now feeling very vulnerable. He sighed with pleasure and then told me to stand up and sit up on the dresser facing him and to open my legs. I moved over and did as I was told, he then told me to lift my skirt and open my legs further and ‘let me see your pussy’ again I did as I was told and felt cheap and tarty as I sat there with my shaven pussy on show for this stranger sitting directly opposite me staring at my legs and pussy. He then told me to touch myself for him, to run my fingers along my pussy and tease him, as I did so he muttered his approval and told me what a cheap tart I was and how I was going to be getting well fucked tonight !. His words turned me on, as did the situation and I slipped a finger inside me and let out a sexy sigh and proceeded to probe deep in and the out of my pussy for a few minutes watching him staring at me and lusting after me. He then got down on his knees and took my hand, he then placed my fingers in his mouth and tasted my juices and licked my fingers very sexily. He then placed his tongue on my clit and gently licked and flicked, oooohhhhhhhhhh god that felt so good and I was almost cumming already. His tongue then ran down and into my pussy before running onto my inner thighs again and then back in to my pussy, this time more forcefully, this time nice and deep and he started to fuck me with his mouth and I came immediately, ooohhhh god I was shaking and running my hands through his hair and pulling his face in as he sucked greedily now desperate to taste all I had to offer and lick me dry. Oh yes, what a start I thought, oh yes this was going to be good !.

However he then completely surprised me by saying ‘ sort yourself out again sweetheart, straighten yourself up but don’t put your g-string back on, I’ll be back in a minute’ and he went into the toilet. I was a bit stunned but thought well I’ll do as I’m told and he must get a kick from undressing me ?. I remember vaguely thinking what’s he talking to himself for and assumed it was a self pep talk ? and drank some more wine.

He came back out then and told me he had a surprise for me, but just to remember the deal, that I was his for the night and then he’d leave me alone. I said ‘oh yes and what’s my surprise then flirtingly’ only for my words to be broken by a chap on the door. As he went to open it in a hurry I started to say no don’t open it, but it was too late and in walked the taxi driver that brought me here and the man from reception !!!! and it dawned on me he had been on the phone in the toilet, not talking to himself. He introduced them as Phil ( his fellow taxi driver )and Tony ( who turned out to be his cousin ) and said how much they’d been looking forward to meeting me ! ( Phil was about 5’10” short hair, partially shaven , bit untidy looking, late forties and middle age paunch, definitely not my type. Tony was younger, probably early thirties, a bit taller and slimmer and smarter, but had quite a ‘hard’ looking face, the sort that you know doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but at the same time quite handsome )

I stood up immediately and started to say what the hell is going on when I was told very forcibly to sit down and he firmly pushed me down onto the bed again and put his arm around my shoulder holding me in place as Tony sat at the other side of me and Phil squatted in front of me !. I was now panicky and getting tearful and Jeff was reassuring me saying ‘it’s ok Julie, just relax and enjoy’ , I said no this can’t happen and Tony said ‘have you ever been fucked by three men before love’ as he put his hand on my leg, ‘no, I quietly said’ now quite scared almost speechless and Phil said ‘well we’ve had no complaints before love and Jeff tells us you’re very hot when you get going’ as he then put his hands on my legs too. ‘No’ I said , ‘no’, but Jeff then said, ‘ok, I’ll tell you what, you can go, but you go as you are now and you can explain to your husband why you’re dressed like this and you’ve arrived home knickerless’. Before I could comment Phil said ‘ nah she doesn’t want to do that, do you love’ and he reached forward and pushed the straps of my dress down each arm and pulled my dress down to reveal my bra. Oh yes said Tony ‘lovely tits’ and he and Jeff prised my legs apart forcibly giving Phil access to my naked pussy, before then both pushing me back on the bed and pulling down my bra and starting to lick on a nipple each. I then felt Phil push my dress up and he quickly moved his tongue onto my pussy, oh god he was strong, very forceful and pushing in very deep, licking me for a few seconds before announcing ‘ fuck she’s soaking and gagging for it !’, hold her down lads and I heard his zip go down and knew he was going to enter me !. oh god I thought, why didn’t I cry out for help ?, why wasn’t I struggling and fighting ?, I didn’t know these men, I was being used but he was right, I was soaking wet !!. whether it was the wine or the fact that I’d never had two men before never mind three !, anyway it all happened so quickly and I felt his cock push deep inside me, ooooooooohhhhhhh fuck , no foreplay no tenderness he started to fuck me hard and pushed his length all the way inside me as I gasped.

He then put his mouth to mine and started to kiss me as he fucked me and Jeff and Tony let go of my arms, now realising there was no need and they both started to strip off. I soon came as this stranger fucked me and then heard Tony say ‘get off Phil, I want some of that’ and Phil got off and Tony went straight in to replace him, oooooohhhhhhhhh fuck I felt dirty, he lifted my legs up over his shoulder and fucked me deep and hard and again, pumping away hard and fast, I was soon cumming all over his cock and letting out groans of appreciation. It was all happening so fast now, it was out of my hands and I heard Phil ( who was now fully stripped too ) say ‘turn her over so she can suck my cock while you shag her’ and Tony came out and they rolled me over as they wanted, pulling my dress up over my shoulders as they did so, ‘come on love up on all fours you dirty bitch and let me back in’ said Tony and he immediately entered me again as Phil offered his hard cock to my mouth telling me to ‘suck it bitch’

Christ I was totally gone now, totally in their control, part frightened but also so turned on and I sucked and licked Phil cocks greedily. Jeff had now climbed under me and was licking my clit as Tony fucked me, oh Christ I came again, I’d never had anything like this before, not even close to it and I was jelly in their hands. Tony then said ‘ oh fuck I’m going to come now’ and Phil quickly agreed, ‘come on let’s fill the slut Tony, fill her with our spunk’. Before I had time to ask them to put on a condom I felt Tony grab me hard and drive into me deeply crying out as he spunked in my pussy, just then Phil’s first spurt splashed in my mouth and he grabbed my hair and again forcibly held me in place as he shot all of his load in my mouth and told me to swallow it all and lick him clean !. Tony collapsed on the bed very satisfied and watched as I licked Phil dry saying ‘oh yes, I want some of that later’.

As I finished with Phil and he pulled back Jeff said, ‘don’t forget about me Julie, keep your arse in the air love’ and he moved around behind me which I assumed was to go in my pussy, but he then asked had I ever had a cock up my arse before ?, to which I replied no and I didn’t want it either. ‘Now now’ he said ‘that’s not nice’ and before I knew it he pulled me back to the edge of the bed so that my upper body was lying flat on the bed but my legs and arse over the edge giving him full access. I started to turn round to resist but he said’ come on lads’ hold her down’ and Tony and Phil grabbed my arms and held me in position !. ‘No’ I said, ‘please don’t’ but he ignored me and smeared some sort of lubricant on me and his cock before then starting to enter my arse. ‘No’ I said again , stop, that’s hurting me’, but he said ‘ssssssh it won’t last long love , you’ll see, you’ll love it’ and pushed in deeper. It was painful and I was biting on the bed sheets to muffle my cries ( not wanting anyone to hear and find me here with three men of course ) and as he reached full penetration he came out slightly again and started to slowly fuck me ‘ fuck he said she’s got a great arse lads, this feels bloody great, nice and tight ‘, by now the pain had subsided and I could sense and tingling sensation now’ getting nicer’. getting hornier’. oh yes as he slowly fucked my arse I started to realise why people do it !, he slipped his fingers into my pussy while he fucked my arse, oh christ that felt good ! and he finger fucked me as he buggered me and by the time he announced it was time for him to shoot his load I was ready to cum again and as he started to climax and grind his cock into me, that was it !!, oh yes I was cumming again !.

Wow ! what a feeling, as Jeff’s spunk shot inside me and the orgasm shot through my body !. Jeff pulled out and there I was lying on a bed with three men who had filled all my three holes with their cum, they had used me’..and they wanted more !

Jeff told me to get up and sort myself out again, sort my makeup and brush my hair, look good for them again and come back for more. As I walked to the toilet to do as he wanted with just my heels, stockings and suspenders on Tony wolf whistled at me and told me to leave them on and then said to Jeff and Phil, ‘fucks sake lads are we dreaming or what ?, she is unbelievable !’

As I smartened myself up again in the toilet it all fell into place, that’s why the taxi driver on the way was so forward, that’s why the man in reception stripped me with his eyes, that’s why Jeff had left me to get ready, whilst he went down to tell them it was a goer and that’s why he went to the toilet to phone. It had all been planned from the start. I now began to feel worried as to what would be expected next, I knew nothing about Tony and Phil and very little about Jeff !, what would they now demand, what would they make me do, after all they hadn’t stopped when I protested so far. I was now hesitating about going back out but heard Phil call, come on Julie we’re waiting for you !.

I returned to the room fully made up again, hair brushed and naked except for heels, stockings and suspenders now again feeling conscious of my vulnerable situation and trembling. ‘Wow’ said Phil ‘aren’t you a sight, come on love’ and he patted the bed as they parted to make room for me. I lay down amongst them and they immediately all started to kiss and touch me all over, god what a feeling, three tongues, six hands, licking, kissing, touching, tweaking, squeezing, probing all over my body. Jeff was licking my pussy, Phil sucking on my nipples and Tony french kissing me, running their hands all over me until I started to cum with the sheer intensity of the situation as Jeff sucked on my pussy and licked me out !.

As I trembled Tony said ‘have you ever had two cocks in your pussy at once?’ no I said part worried, part excited. ‘Come on then love’ said Tony as he lay down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. I slowly took his cock and lowered myself on to it gasping as I took his full length, he was definitely the biggest boy in the room, must have been about 8” and he knew it. He smiled at me as I gasped and said ‘come on bitch all the way down, take it all’ . Phil then moved around and told me to lean forward and as I did so Tony passionately kissed me whilst his hands stretched my arse open pulling my pussy open wide and I could then feel Phil start to enter me too, he had put lots of lubricant on to make it easier to slide in’oh my god was this really happening ?, could I take two cocks ?, oh god yes I felt my pussy stretch like never before as he pushed deep inside me, now both cocks fully in deep’.. very deep. Tony then said ‘go on slut fuck us both’.

Oh yes I started to move on them, in and out, in and out, feeling as though my flesh was being torn apart at the strain, but also bucking with pleasure !. Jeff quickly joined in and offered his cock up to my mouth and ordered me to lick him, wow ! difficult to describe how I felt at this stage, it was like nothing I’d ever experienced before and I was soon cumming again almost screaming loudly as I did. All three were now calling me dirty names, telling me what a dirty slut I was and how they knew as soon as they saw me that I needed a good fucking, telling me how my husband obviously couldn’t satisfy me and I needed a real man’..or three !!. they kept talking to each other saying ‘look at the slag, fuck she’s a nymph a fucking slut etc. I was soon cumming again !!, oh god I’d never cum so much.

They were now getting rougher and Jeff was pulling my hair and holding me in closer so he could push his cock deeper in my mouth until I was almost gagging on it. Tony then said ‘let’s cover in spunk’, ‘yeah’ said Phil ‘let’s give her a cum bath’. I was now getting slightly scared as they getting rougher and Phil pulled his cock out and they ordered me to kneel on the floor and gathered round me, all three cocks now pointing at my mouth. ‘go on bitch, suck on one and wank the other two off’, as I hesitated , Phil raised his voice and said ‘now bitch’ and I quickly took his cock in my mouth and began wanking on the others. Their hands were running through my hair and down onto my tits squeezing and goading me on. ‘Take mine now’ said Tony and I swapped the cock in my mouth for his and started to wank Phil. Jeff said, ‘remember lads it’s all in the timing, all together now’ and they discussed how close they were to cumming as I continued to wank and suck, Tony held back saying he was close,

Jeff then put his in my mouth and ordered me to suck on it hard which I did, Phil said he was almost there and then Jeff agreed and then said ‘right now lads, come on give her it ‘ and as I knelt there Jeff pulled his cock out and started to shoot his cum over my face, then Tony did the same shooting his hot spunk on my face and telling me to open my mouth and take it in, Phil then started to cum and I had all three wanking off all over me, on my face, my mouth, my lips, my hair, my neck, my tits, god I must have looked a sight as they goaded me saying ‘lick it bitch, lick it all up, lick it off your tits and lick us dry too, lick it all up and swallow it’. I did as I was told and took each cock back in my mouth again and sucked every last drop before running my fingers round my face and neck etc and scooping it all up and putting it in my mouth and swallowing it all !. ‘You dirty slut’ said Phil, ‘christ you were right Jeff, she is a goer’ and he then turned and started to dress. The other two followed suit and I moved to cover myself up only to be told ‘don’t you move, we haven’t said you can yet’ I froze and watched as they dressed, almost snearing at me as they did and congratulating themselves on their exploits, feeling really cheap, dirty and exhausted !!

As they got to the door Jeff turned round and said coldly ‘you can go now’ and I shouted after him ‘and that’s it isn’t it, no more ?’, to which he responded, I’m a man of my word Julie, no more from me’’ but then added, but I can’t speak for these guys !!!!