Written by Marcus

2 Aug 2004

Having been with my girlfriend many years we always believe having a strong sex life is very important. We haven't pushed the boundaries too far as she prefers the one on one style of sex, but I would always try to encourage her to have sex in public places with a bit of risk to height the mood.

She's very petite with amazing 34D pert breasts and loves wearing low cut or tight tops with mini skirts. Sometimes this bother me as guys do like to have a good look but then again it does turn me on so I can't have it both ways.

It all started one night when we went out for a meal and ended up in a club resulting in us both being rather drunk. We got into a back cab and headed for home.

Feeling a bit horny I put her hand on my crutch and gently got her to rub my cock, within seconds i became hard. After a bit of persuasion she got my 8 inch cock out and started wanking me, she was very nervous and scared but I knew she was also a little bit excited. I was really turned and started to fondle her breasts over her t shirt. Being slightly embarassed and shy she throw over her coat so the driver could not see what was going on.

As i slipped my hand under her t shirt feeling her firm tit she suddenly gasped and I knew now she was getting excited, the longer this went on the more turned on she got. For some reason the thought of someone wacthing me fondle and seeing her breast became a real turn on.

I have always been the dominate one and normal take the lead.

So i slowly slipped down the shoulder strings of her t shirt, freeing more cevelage but still hiding her wonderful breasts. By this time I was rock hard with the thought of exposuring her breasts and she was still wanking me with her small hand.

I pulled the coat down on to her lap and slipped my hand into her jeans to discover her was really wet.

I then put my hand onto her neck and slowly moved it down towards her top, then reaching her right breast I hooked my thump around the top slowly exposing her breast untill her nipple was out. As this point she grasped throwing her head back on to the rest looking out the back window. The driver looked in the mirror seeing me pulling down the rest of her top and as I made no efort to cover her up the driver adjusted the mirror a better view.

I then started to lick and suck her erected nipples whilst undoing her jeans so I could finger her. I had never seen her so turned on, so busting myself, I thought I try and take it further, her head still back and eyes closed.I noticed the driver was really staring now and wanking himself

I removed one leg out of jeans exposuring her wet pussy. I pulled down my jeans and took off my shirt and knelt on the floor rasing her legs onto my shoulders. Just as I stuck my solid cock into her the taxi then pulled over. She opened her eyes and I reassured her everything was ok. I started pumping hard as she liked this in the bed room. The door quietly opened and the driver looked at me for an invitation, I told him he could touch her breasts which he dived in immediately with one hand whilst wanking with the other.

She was groaning with pleasure now and I took her hand and placed it on the drivers cock to wank. She looked at me shocked and winked with a smile. The diver came quickly and then I pulled out and came over her tits. She was soaked in cum and was surprised about how much I released.

All looking embarassed we both put on our clothes and left the cab. We continued having sex back at home that night and was one of the best sessions we have ever had.