Written by sexygreeneyes

9 Dec 2006

When my marriage broke up three years ago, I decided it was time to fulfil some of my 'nastier' fantasies. So, I joined sites like this one and started placing adverts to find men that could help me 'live out' some of them.

I received stacks of replies to my first advert but one of them, from a man called Steve, stood out from all the rest - this man was filthy! HIs reply was very graphic, telling me what he would do to me, calling me a slut, whore etc I loved it!!

We sent a couple of emails back and forth, and then spoke on the phone. He knew exactly what I wanted, and he was very happy to be giving it to me.

We met in a bar, where we had a few drinks and he was saying that he was gonnna fuck my pussy til I was screaming, then he was going to ram his cock up my ass and fill me up with his spunk. All the time he was talking about what he was going to do, he kept calling me a filthy bitch, and squeezing my tits and arse. God, I was sooo turned on, I was soaking!

We left the pub and climbed into the taxi to take us to the hotel he had booked. As soon as we were in the back, he had his hand down my top and pulled my tits out, he was pulling at them really hard and biting my nipples - christ, I nearly came there and then! I could see the cabbbie looking at us in the mirror (he even adjusted it so he could get a better look). Then next thing I knew his hand was pushing my skirt up and he was grabbing at my pussy, and immediately shoved his finger up me.

I felt like a total slut, here was this stranger biting my tits and fingering me, still calling me names, and the cab driver could see and hear everything - I just exploded in a fantastic orgasm! I heard his zip go down, and the next thing I knew he was pushing my head onto his cock.

With that, the cabbie said "hey mate, if you make any mess back there I will have to charge you for it" Steve replied "dont worry mate, this slut will be swallowing it all up, there's not gonna be any mess".

I realised the car had stopped, and lifted my head, we were in the hotel car park. I was about to straighten myself up, when Steve said " what are you doing slut? get back down there and finish sucking my cock" I looked at the cabbie, who by now was just staring at my tits and pussy and he said "carry on love, Im enjoying the show" and I realised he had his cock out and was stroking it while watching what we were up to.

Steve grabbed my head and pushed my mouth down on his cock,and I really went for it, taking his cock as far back into my throat as I could, while licking and sucking as though my life depended on it. Steve carried on calling me a cock sucking whore and dirty slag, then he said to the cabbie " why dont you have a feel of the slut?" Steve had one hand on the back of my head, and his other hand was mauling my tits, so when I felt a couple of fingers ramming in and out of my pussy, I knew it had to be the cabbie doing it.

With that, Steve pushed my head down hard on his cock and shot load after load of spunk down my throat. When he had finished, he said to the cabbie " come back here mate, and she can finish you off properly". Well, the driver didnt need asking twice! He jumped out, opened the back door and shoved his cock straight into my mouth, I got up onto all fours and Steve finger fucked me from behind while the cabbie squeezed my tits and fucked my mouth, very quickly he pulled out, pulled me upright and shot his load on my tits.

" fucking hell, that was great" said the cabbie, "make sure you give her one up the arse for me when you get in the room" Steve laughed and said "no problem mate, this bitch wont be able to walk by the time I've finished with her".

I tidied myself up and headed into the hotel with Steve, having no doubt in my mind that I was in for a wild night!

Let me know if you want to hear what happened next...