Written by ALAINA

12 Nov 2016

Closing the bathroom door behind me it's now time for Alaina t come out to get ready for her evening out at various dogging haunts . Making sure the door is locked, don't want any unwelcome intrusions from Wife or grandsons, Alaina selects a pair of black lace top hold ups and a white suspender belt which she has altered , removing the plastic fasteners replacing them with metal framed ones and equipping them with wider elastic trimmed over with while lace , all done by herself on the machine at home .

Removing her trousers and sock , pants and shirt , the transformation can begin. First the stocking are rolled up over freshly shaved legs that have had coconut cream rubbed into then to make them smooth to the touch, hope he appreciates all the efforts , who ever he is .

Next the suspender belt is pulled on and fastened to the delicate black lace tops the adorn Alaina,s soft ample thighs, as the she prefers the security of the suspender as opposed to just relying on the lace tops to hold up . Anyway she thinks they are sexier , well they feel so nice next to my skin .

Replacing her man trousers and socks the latter to cover the stocking , and shirt with tie ready for an evening at the club , well that's the story I gave .

Dresses, wig shoes and incidentals are all stowed in the boot of the cat in the lockable floor cavity along with Alaina 's favourite black patent Victorian style side zip shoes with 4" heels , it's now time to collect the brief case to complete the subdifuge and don a nice flecked jacket and say goodbye .

Driving away from the house a great wave of euphoria washes over Alaina , dreaming of how content she now is in her preferred outer shell , reaching a quiet parking area on a small industrial estate next to the main road , Alaina completes the transformation having removed the jacket , tie , shirt , shoes and trousers, feeling a bit chilly now , just standing in half of my smalls.

Placing the mauve and black basque over her shoulders she pulls it down over her abdomin making sure the attached suspender are the right way round and under her matching nickers , mauve and black with lace trim , side panels and a front lace panel to tease her admires . Shoes , wig , fem watch and bracelet , necklace and earrings all in place now it is time to cruise and see who is about . Just as she is getting into the car another car pulls up, close by and two young men get out, looking over towards her they make a comment inaudible to Alaina and approach her commenting on how sexy SHE looks and a shame they have to be elsewhere . Making Alaina blush , and imagining what they would have said had they stayed .

After trying three spots Alaina returned to her favourite , a layby on the A390, to find four cars and a van already there, dimming the light so as to not upset anyone she slid her seat back and hitched up the hem of her very short dress to uncover her stocking tops and thighs , a really slutty move .

Relaxing now , drinking the fresh coffee she had just bought from MacDonnalds drive through , her hand strayed to her panties and started to put on a show for the men who would inevitably be walking up and down , the darkness of the night and the interior light on didn't allow Alaina a good view out of the side windows. As two figures appeared her teasing increased , rubbing her panties and propping a leg up in the centre console , reclining her seat more was a really provocative move , which produced immediate results .

Two men now at the front of the car were staring intently at her , moving from one side of the car to the other to get the best view, as another car arrived the activity ceased until it was deemed safe to carry on . Now three men were watching intently , making Alaina feel oh so good and such a tease , just as. She liked it, being in control

Getting out of the car, having removed her dress , she now stood in front of three men, wearing only the flimsiest of lingerie , basque nickers ,pants and heels oh and stockings , grabbing her coffe she moved to the rear of the car swinging her hips and wiggling her arse .

No sooner had she stood still than she felt a hand cares her left leg, moving slowly up to her thighs and them her bum, at the same time one chap engaged. Alaina in conversation while he searched out the contents of her nickers, eager fingers rubbing her sissy clitty , making to respond to his touch . A third man was now on his knees kissing and licking Alaina's bum , whispering " you really are so sexy , I do so love to cross dressers it turns me on so " then he returned to his kissing .

For a while as the cars came and went the three of them kept retreating to the safety of the shadow only to return as the darkness returned . Bu now things were getting very intense , one man penis in hand , rubbing Alaina's arse and inserting a finger in her tight arse to which Alaina bent over forward to assist him in his endeavours . The chap on his knees now had Alaina's rock hard cock fully inserted Into his oh so warm mouth , sucking away intently while playing with her ball which were accentuated by the neoprene cock ring she was wearing..

The third man was getting in on the action wherever he could , all three had their own hard cock out and trousers down around their ankles, allowing Alina the choice of three or all to grab onto for stability as she was now being poked from behind by what felt like two or three fingers, it wasn't a cock as she could still see all three .

As one of the men now panting shot his load of hot cum over Alaina's arse, rubbing it in he livked it away before thanking her for the privilege of cumming over her and disappeared into the night , leaving Alaina with two eager helpers . Cock still firmly inserted in the kneeler mouth , Alaina new things were getting to a head as she felt that tingling feeling in her balls , she also,felt the full feeling and the fingers in her wet arse were replaced with a more rounded warm object , something Alaina recognised as a hard pink cock , first just an enquirie then a definite push as Alaina's arse was opened to receive the warm welcome visitor, Alain surely was in heaven , what girl wouldn't be with such attention on a cold blustery winters night . With the trusting from behind and the pushing from in front Alaina was feeling a right slutt and enjoying every moment , determined to make it last . The warm feeling in her arse along with the grunting from behind signalled he had cum inside her , in gallons by the feel of it , " Now lick it all away you naughty boy" she herd herself say . Obediently he did just that , and kissing Alaina's arse thanked her , pulled up his trousers and left to the sanctity of his car. Leaving just the man still sucking away on her cock which was almost ready to explode into the warm welcome mouth that was taking her all in and rubbing her balls . With a shudder and wave of warm washing over her Alaina released her load , making sure she thruster as deep as possible to expel the very last drop of cum into the warm mouth receiving her offering she.

"Now swallow " she damanded , as her last victim complied and swallowed all she had given him , getting up off his knees he pulled up his trousers and retired to his car giving her a passing kiss and asking when she would be here again .

" soon" Was the reply from Alaina

Returning to the driving seat of her car Alaina felt fully satisfied having been well and truly serviced once again , not wanting to,attract any more attention she started the motor up and drove off to another quiet spot where there were no cars and sorted herself out . Removing all her clothes , standing at the back of the car , wind turbines whiring in the field , as she dressed again in her man clothes returned home to the hum drum of her given life

True Story