Written by Travelbird

26 Jul 2011

Just to make it clear, this was a one off, completely out of character.

We were enjoying a two day hotel visit near Stratford. I had taken some nice dresses and John as usual had selected my Jonathan Astons, he loves seamed stockings.

During the first evening, one of the young waiters was particularly attentive, bearing in mind I could have been his mother.This was noticed by John, my husband. Anyway during sex that evening, talk moved to seduction. It seemed that John didnt think that I could still pull.

I felt annoyed about this, and said that he may regret his words.

It was ridiculously easy actually. The Hotel was an old manor house with many rooms. I had explored earlier and found one quite secluded and not in the public areas.

John was busy watching TV. So off I went, finding the particular waiter was the hardest part.

I told him that I had lost an earring while exploring, that the room was locked and could he help me, I put on my best helpless female act, and he was hooked.

Keys obtained off we went. The room was actually a small suite with sofas. I told him it may be down the back of one of them, and made sure I did lots of bending over and reaching, while he looked on.

I did notice a significant bulge in his thin uniform trousers, building on this I told him we would have to search the floor. I was wearing a knee length Laura Ashley dress which I promptly hitched up, higher than required of course, giving him a good view of my stocking tops.

Then on my hands and knees I began crawling around, making sure I pushed my bum out as much as possible, he must have been bursting, because within minutes I heard a zip, then felt him behind me.

He lifted my dress further, so it draped around my waist, completely uncovering my panties and suspenders. He was clearly fascinated by my underwear, his hands stroking over the material, before several fingers, found their way under the gusset of my knickers.

That was it realising I was wet, he quickly pulled down my knickers, and I felt his cock first pressing against me, then in me. He was quite big and he held on to my hips as he thrust back and forth. He came quite quickly; I felt him emptying himself into me, it was really nice, even though I hadnt orgasamed.

Virtually no conversation during the whole time, and even now, after failing to find any earring, he zipped himself back up, while I pulled on my knickers, feeling the stickiness soaking into them.

He busied himself in the bar, while I went back to our room.

John asked where I had been. I took his hand and pushed it into my knickers his fingers into the sticky mess.

The look on his face was priceless