Written by BelindaF

23 May 2006

She caught my eye at once and I kept watching her sitting in the window. The girl sat up and stared directly back at me returning my gaze. I quickly turned and spoke to my friends, but if I was embarrassed she certainly was not, and she was still smiling back with words in her eyes.

Then hearing her soft laugh I watched her move towards the door and without a second thought I got up and went after her. She glanced back holding out her hand and I followed. With what seemed like genuine amusement she said "Come on, I want you!" She gently pulled me through more doors and into the dark car park. Before I had time to think or speak she led me into some long grass.

Tugging away at my thin summer clothes she whispered "You want me too, if that expression on your face is anything to go by" She laughed, "I am so ripe for you!" but this was all a bit sudden for me. As I let my clothes fall to the ground I watched her, biting my lip.

"You must get rid of any silly ideas!" her voice said almost mocking me. "If you want something you have to go right out and get it. People waste too much time thinking!" she whispered, her face so close to mine that I could feel her breath. Completely astonished by my candour I decided that however bizarre the situation I was not going to miss this golden opportunity. My heart pounded as we stood there together naked under the moonlight. Smiling at me she pushed the tip of her finger into my wet slit and began to work it slowly and sensually thrusting it in deeper and deeper. My hips moved excitedly by themselves, backwards and forwards and sideways as my hedonistic thougths caught fire. Then gently she placed the palm of her hand between my parted thighs and her touch was sensational! As her tounge darted out to touch mine her lips were fragrant and soft, and her small pointed breasts were tipped with strawberry nipples that I longed to touch and squeeze. My hands went around her back and my nails urgently moved up and down and gripped her soft pink bum cheeks. Her blonde curls bounced as we rocked and shook together and I felt her arse, deliciously teasingly enticing me!

Suddenly we started to reach a crescendo together! Her eyes glazed over and she knelt at my feet running her lips over my little button, as her clever tongue snaked my desire. She licked so sweetly up and down my itching groove and wonderful thrills pulsed through me. Sweeping my long hair back we changed places and I knelt as she ground her soaking cunt into my face. Her warm musky juices filled my virgin lips as I closed my eyes savouring the moment.

My own pussy quivered and squirmed as her expert fingers moved inside my throbbing lips giving me thrills I never knew existed. My previously virgin pussy brimmed with such obvious excitement so newly found. Still drawing her slender fingers gently I gasped as little shivers played through my body. I watched her lovely face in the moonlight and listened to myself moan softly as her fingers pushed deeply inside me. I lost all sense of time having discovered in her, a new world. My body was awash as I watched her silently dress herself, and walk back into the pub!

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