Written by Angela

12 Jan 2009

I heard him slip out of bed quietly.I opened my eyes,he was struggling with the bra.He managed to undo it.I just watched him,he looked very nervous.He pushed the suspenders,briefs and stockings down in one go and stepped out of them.He stood there naked,I,m sorry he muttered.

I was wet between my legs,I pushed the bedclothes back spread my legs and slipped my fingers into my pussy.Come back to bed,I said,smiling at him.I felt in control.His cock, which is a reasonable size,hung limp.He climbed into bed.I started to rub his cock,it quickly rose into my hand,he just let me play with it.

Guiding him by his cock,I brought him between my spread legs and guided his cock to my pussy.Not a word was spoken as he pushed it up into me.I closed my legs in to get a tighter grip.He started to fuck me,slowly at first,then faster and harder,his balls banging against my cheeks.

I was coming off,he knew I was.His cock bucked into me,he grunted loudly as his spunk emptied into me.Sex twice in one night,it had been a long time since that happened.We showered.I want to see what you,ve got in your workshop,I said as I put my dressing gown on,he just looked at me.He got underpants fron his drawer,just your dressing gown will do,I said.I was in control.

He was very nervous.We went to his workshop in the garden.He got some keys and opened a cupboasd.It contained a large plastic bag.I took it out.It contained a collection of womens undies,photographs and videos.He just stood looking at me.I went through the undies one by one,some of the briefs were so small his cock definitly would,nt have fitted in them.

I started looking at the photos,there was a large quantity.All of them were of naked guys,some mutually wanking,others sucking another guys cock.A number of them were of Clive,in some he was wearing womens undies,holding his fully erect cock,obviously wanking himself.In others he was wanking or sucking other guys cocks.He was completely naked in others,the same activities going on.

There was complete silence.I felt my pussy tingling,I was aware my clitty was throbbing.I reached for his dressing gown belt and pulled it open.He made no attempt to stop me.I pushed his dressing gown off.He stood there naked.He was trembling.As I looked at the pictures I started to stroke his cock.It did,nt respond at first,then very slowly started to rise.I removed my dressing gown,we were both naked.I layed as many of the pictures as I could manage out on his worktop.

His cock got fully erect.Holding him by his cock I led him up and down the length on the worktop,looking at each picture in turn.I was feeling a little angry,I knew I was gripping his cock tightly,yet I was feeling more sexually excited than I had felt in years.I was producing loads of juices,which were running down my legs.

In one picture,a guy was standing behind Clive,his cock was at least between his cheeks,I did,nt know if he was up him,they were both naked,he was wanking Clive.As we looked at it,I went behind him,pressed myself against him and wanked his now rock hard cock.He responded,his hips moving back and forwards.Was he up you,I whispered in his ear.No,he replied,he just came off between my cheeks.Did he wank you off,I asked,I think so,he replied.

Even though he had already come off twice,I think he would have let me wank him off again.That wasnt going to happen before I,d seen the videos.There was a TV and video player in his workshop.I let go of his cock and handed him a video.His face said he did,nt want to,he knew there was no going back.He inserted the video.It was four guys naked,sitting having a drink.One started playing with his cock as the other three watched,smiling at him.It was hard in seconds,it was big.One of the other guys got on his knees between his legs and started sucking on it as he played with his own.The other two started wanking themselves.Very quickly they were all rock hard.They wanked and sucked each other until they had all come off.

I suddenly realised Clive was wanking himself,I took his cock from him,I was making the decisions now.I handed him another video.It was home made,it was our bedroom.Clive was in full womens undies,the very tiny briefs pulled up into his groin,his erect cock and his balls out the leg,he was wanking himself.A guy came towards him,he was naked,he knelt and sucked on Clives cock.Clive held his head as he fucked his mouth.The guy released himself and stood up,his cock was hard but quite small.Clive went down and took it all in his mouth as he fondled his balls.

The video continued for some time,ending in a 69,as I watched them suck each other off.There were many more videos.I watched them all,I learned a great deal from them about what men can do to each other,but I wanted to see it in real life.I collected everything and took them in our house.Clive was very subdued,his dressing gown back on.We were sitting stde by side on the sofa,I suddenly wanted to wank him off.

I put my hand inside his gown,his cock had gone down,I squeesed on the head as I pulled on it.Take your dressing gown off I said,he obeyed.His cock started rising,there was quickly enough to wank.Spread your legs,he obeyed again,his cock stood straight up.He knew I was going to wank him off.I pushed my fingers into my pussy as I wanked him faster.His grunting started,the exposed head swelling before the first spurts of spunk shot into the air.I came off.His cock continued jerking,but no more spunk.The next time I do that to you,there will be three of us here,I whispered,make it soon.