Written by Schooner

11 Aug 2005

The argument

by Saracen

all events and situations depicted in this story are true. The names have been changed for obvious reasons.

It had been a silly argument. Over three days the original cause was forgotten and bickering moved on to anger. It finally broke out into a row.

She faced me gasping. Her green eyes wide, her breath fast and shallow. Her cheeks red with heat. I parried each charge with some of my own. Insults were spat like bullets. One final abusive assault and she turned and went to the bedroom. The door slammed with enough force to rattle the windows in the living room.

I stayed alone trying to calm myself. Feeling uneasy no matter what I said to myself. It was the most serious fight we had had in our years together. It was definitely not going to be easy to patch this one. Eventually I got up to go to sleep. Weary from the earlier battle I entered the bedroom walking on tiptoe. Undressed in silence, like a ghost and in slow motion movements I let myself sink into my side of the bed.

I lay there thinking. Listening to her breathing come and go easily. I tried to sleep. I felt strange, tired but alert, tired but unable to sleep. At some point I thought of waking her and making peace. No, that could lead to a deteriorations of an already messy business. I just lay there.

I sensed something from her side. Like a faint heat it came over to me. What the hell! I extended my hand to her, to wake her gently, make my amends and go to sleep. I had to work the next day and I wanted to be on reasonable form. My hand touched her flank. She was lying on her right side facing away from me.

She reflexively turned on her back, her knees spread, a sigh came from her. She was horny. My prick hardened like stone. I reached between her legs. Her cunt was wet, moisture clung to her hair. She was open and wet and hot. Her heat burned me.

I moved between her legs. My cock found its way and I sank into her in one long wet thrust. She moaned loudly. Clung to me with all her might, trying to hurt me. I squeezed her back, my hands digging in her back. I stayed buried deep in her.

"You bastard" she hissed at me and her hands relaxed from her hard grip to a more tolerable hold. I moved back and thrust into her heat once more and stayed there.

"I was ready to leave you tonight" she whispered, her legs opened wider giving more acces to her, I pushed in until our hairs ground together.

"Leave and go where in the middle of the night" I murmured. Her folks lived thirty miles away.

"Over to Bills, I was so angry". My cock twitched in her, insincitvely I tightened my hold on her.Bill was a former lover. From her college days. In a bout of kinky husband and wife sex she told me how he was hung like a horse. He was so big they had to use lubricant every time they fucked. Images of her fucking him in revenge, in the state she was in now, letting out her aggression with obscene urgings to him drove me mad with desire for her.

"You were that mad at me that you would let him fuck you?" I asked in her ear.

"Yes you bastard, to punish you. I felt her cunt convulse around my cock, I was ready to do it." She kissed me open mouthed. I loved the feel of her tongue on mine. We held like that for a long time. I kissed her face, her eyebrows, how I loved those arched eyebrows! Her neck and shoulders drew me to kiss and feel them with my lips. We still had not moved to fuck. This was too good to finish.

"That makes you jealous? Me fucking Bill?" she was manipulating me now. Taking her revenge while making peace. Blessed be the peacemakers! My cock twitched several times. I did not have to say a thing, she knew the effect of her words. I was lost in a sweet fog. Her cunt was my only contact with sensastion and her voice the only bearing I had.

"I was thinking of his cock as I drifted off to sleep". Her knees flexed and her legs thrashed about. She moaned and clutched me. She had thought about Bill but this was for me. I loved her right then more than ever, for letting me in, even in her anger. I thrust in and out slowly.

"Oh yes, fuck me, oh fuck me" her longing filled the room.

I fucked her. Slow and deep and for a long time. Images of her dark hairy cunt stretching around that huge phallus came and went. But more and more the sensation of her heat and longing made themselves felt. Passion that began slowly became fast and raw.

"Fuck me you bastard!" she shouted and I held her tight and pushed into her with deep, sudden shoves. I grabbed her face and kissed open mouth savagely.

"Yes, yes!" she said and started to come. Somewhere in the wave of her coming I let myself go and joined her. I was never truly conscious of coming. But it was the best orgasm I ever knew.

I remember it well. What I cannot remember to this day is the reason for the original argument.