Written by Jodey, Jas, Chantell and Co

25 Feb 2004

We are a group of 8 ladies who's husbands are all Officers in the army. Whilst the guys were away on active duty, the CO arranged for us to have a pampering weekend to make up for their absence. Well it turned into a fucking and licking weekend.

We arrived at a very posh hotel on the Saturday morning and went for a swim. I must say, the bikinis were very skimpy and looking at some of the group was a real turn on. I could feel my pussy getting very wet, just looking at Jasmine's tits.

After showering we headed for the bar. By now it was 2pm and a lot of champagne had been drunk. Someone suggested going up to a room for a while so we all did. After more champagne arrived from room service the TV got turned to a porn movie. We were all getting really turned on by it, so I turned to Jasmine and gave a her a massive snog whilst touching her tits. That was the nod that everyone wanted. We stripped off and as I went down on Jasmine, licking her clit and pushing my tongue right up her pussy, I sat on Chantelle's face so she could lick me. It ended up in the 8 of us in a circle, each licking and being licked. Fucking fantastic. Thank you mr CO. We will be repeating it very soon.