Written by Tina G

25 Sep 2006

I am a 36 year old divorced mother of 2. For the past 3 years I have used a duaghter of my friend to babysit for me when I either go to the gym in the evening or out socialising.

Karen is 19 and about to go to university she is about 5'5" a very trim 7stone but has remarkable gravity defying 38 DD breasts which are a sight to behold.

Last summer I had asked Karen to babysit as ususual and that I would be home about 11 she arrivied at 7 the kids were already in bed and she had brought some study work to get on with. I had just arrived at the gym ready for my class and a change of clothes to have a drink with a friend afterwards when suddenly I remembered I had left a video in the player of me my exhusband and his best friend fucking for britain. I often look at that video vibrator in one one pussy lips in the other as I know it get me off in no time.

I rushed back to the car drove home as fast as I could and let myself in as I got to the hall just before going into the living room I could hear the familiar sounds of Richard telling Dave to fuck her arse on the video. I had watched it so many times I knew exactly what she was looking at I also knew that seh must have been rewound the tape as I had left it much further in the proceedings.

I peeked through the gap in the door and could see karen laying back on the sofa her short skirt around her waist her knickers around one ankle sliding 2 fingers deep inside her pussy with the most amazing erotic look on her face.

I watched in amazement as she lifted her t shirt with one hand unclipped her front fastening bra and tweaked her nipples without losing momementum of her fingers in her pussy.

I could feel my own juices welling up in my knickers, I put my hands down my lycra gym bottoms and sure enough My finger slipped inside my pussy as easy as you like. I knew at any moment now Karen would see both Dave and Ricahrds cocks enter me one in the arse on in the pussy and then get a glimpse of who was holding the camera. In the mirror you can clealry see the reflection of dave s wife standing naked filming me getting fucked by the two of them.

I let things proceed and I heard Karen say out loud you dirty bitch I didnt know you like women as well You can lick my pussy anytime. Realising she was talking to the video I also realised she was close to cumming and was turning herself on even more by saying really dirty things.

I thought in for a penny in for a pound I walked in just as she was telling me in the video to take it in the arse and get the other bitch to lick it clean.

I simply stood there and said would you like me to lick you clean.

Karens cheeks were flushed she was almost at rthe point of no return and simply pulled her lips wide open and said oh yes please.

I got between her legs put 2 fingers in her swollen cunt and licked her clitoris firmly Karen started to buck and I could see her firm stomach tense her muscles rippling on her body. I slipped a finger in her arse at this point and she exploded.

She gasped and then with superhuman srtength she grabbed me threw me onto the sofa and literally ripped my traccksuit off ripped my panties off and forced my top up over my head.

She shoved 4 fingers straight up my pussy and started to suck my nipples almost chewing them. She frigged me rougjly and then curled her hand into a fist and for the first time in my life I had a whole fist inside me fucking me almost pucnching me.

It was like the biggest cock I could imagine, I orgasmed like I had never cum before, I came and came and came.

When we calmed down I panted would you like to watch the rst upstairs?

We took the video to my bedroom and fucked and sucked until midnight and have done twice a week ever since.

Happy days