Written by keven_smith

28 Dec 2006

My sister in law sent me an invitation to my nephew's wedding. In fact, she asked me to be best man. My brother had died 10 years before and Kate had relied on me to help her bring up Sean. Kate was an attractive woman and very much a slut. Before marrying my brother she had fucked every guy around (married or not). My brother Stan and I had shared her as well and we had also organised gangbangs for her. I hadn't seen Kate in 5 years as my work took me to another state and I was never able to get away. We kept in touch by phone and email and I knew she was still a big a slut as ever (she sent me photos and videos of her adventures and I did the same).

I arrived at Kate's a week before the wedding and met Seans's fiance at once. Jayne was beautiful, 22 years old, long blonde her, slim with big boobs. I recognised her as one of Kate's partners on a recent video (Kate is bi).

Kate kissed me and immediately started to undress, as did Jayne. I quickly stripped as well. Jayne was on her knees sucking my 8 inch cock down her throat while Kate lay back on the couch and shoved three fingers up into her cunt as she watched. Jaynes mouth was fantastic and I reached down to play with those firm young big tits. Five minutes was all it took before I was yelling "I'm cumming" and Jayne took my whole load down her throat without loosing a drop. She then moved over to Kate and shared some of the load which she'd held in her mouth.

I watched as Kate then went down on Jayne's young shaved cunt. I could see Kate's tounge moving in and out of the cunt and over the clit as Jayne yelled and screamed as she came.

The rest ofthe day I spent fucking them both. Jayne's tight young wet cunt took my cock and three loads as did Kate's more experienced one. I fucked Jayne's tight ass and left a load there as well just before she went home.

The next day I met Jayne's mother. Debbie was an older version of her daughter and I spent the day fucking her and Kate and watching them together.

The Bachelor party was on the Friday night. There were 50 men from 20 to 50 years old. I knew that a gangbang had been arranged and was surprised when Kate, Debbie and Jayne turned up. We watched as the three of them put on a lesbian threesome for us and then we all fucked them. I think all three of them were fucked by all 50 guys that night.