Written by colin

2 Jun 2004

On saturday we were to attend a family do at a hotel in fife. as we knew it had a smart leisure complex we decided to book in for the weekend.

on our arrival in the afternoon it was very quiet so we when down to make use of the pool and sauna, after our swinm and shower we put our swimming gear in the locker and went to the sauna wrapped in just our towels.after about ten minutes i was a bit hot so left and went to the plunge pool to cool down.while i was there i watched a group of young men entered the sauna i waited for a while expecting my wife to join me in the pool.but she didn't so i thought i had better go and see what was going on.when i went in i found everyone was naked even trish had taken her towel off and was sitting on the top bench with her legs slightly apart,all the guys could clerly see shaven pussy which was now glisting wet. in all there were six young men in there twenties all enjoying the sight of my wife exposing herself to them some of them were openly sporting impressive hard-ons.when trish noticed me she said don't be shy colin take that towel off and sit down next to me.i did as i was told and could hear the sniggers as they caught sight of my shriveled up cock.after a while and some cheeky comments between the lads and my wife i learned they were all mountain bikers and were also staying at the hotel for the weekend.on hearing this trish got up to leave and each of them playfully gave her bare bum a smack as she slowly walked past them.on reaching the door she turned and said i hope to see all you boys in the bar tonight. isat in silence as they talked about giving her a good ride and seeing too her later that night.i decided to leave at that point but found she had taken my towel so i had to walk the lenth of the pool in the nude with their laughter ringing in my ears.

Colin to be continued.