Written by PeterH

6 Apr 2006

She smiled as she woke, cos her birthday had come

And she knew that tonight she'd have wonderful fun

The sexiest people she'd found on the site

Were coming aroud to her party tonight

The thought made her horny and randy and wet

But she tried to hold off, 'cos she shouldn't cum yet

At work she was radiant, her colleagues thought wow

They knew she'd have fun, but they didn't know how!

Her guests were arriving - she served pink champagne

Blindfolded and stripped them, and started the game

Each girl licked each cock and each guy licked each clit

This blind tasting game was a wonderful hit

Then the orgy began, what a fabulous sight

The sensual pleasure kept going all night

The girls were in charge, they were having a ball

And she was the sexiest shagger of all.

She shagged all the women, she shagged all the men

And when they'd recovered, she shagged them again

She had cocks in her pussy, mouth, hands, tits and bum

And with fablous timing she made them all cum

She had succulent cunts to explore, lick, and wank

And delectable bottoms to fondle and spank

Drinking pink champagne seasoned with girl-cum and spunk

The sexiest COCK-tail that ever was drunk

(Do email if you liked that, or would like a similar birthday treat)