Written by David and Margaret

17 Mar 2004

Last friday I was bored with my own company so to cheer myself up I went down to my local. It was packed and very smoky and the only available seat was by a table where a blonde lady was sitting. She had no objection to me sitting alongside her. As her glass was empty she agreed for me to fetch a refill. I returned with a G and T and we started to chat. She was 51 and a widow. Her husband had been tragically killed in a train accident almost 9 months ago. It had caused such an upheaval in her life for at that time she was going through a rough menopause. The mortgage on her house proved prohibitive on the secretary's wage she was earning causing her to sell up and move into a single bedroom flat. Her marriage was childless and she had no close friends in the new area so she had come to the pub to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and to seek some form of company if that was possible. I was much moved by what she had said and told her my wife had gone to Canada to stay with relatives for three months and I was lonely also.

The night drove on and we became very talkative having a sense of humour in common. Neither of us wanted the evening to end so when the final bell was sounded we suggested we should go home to have a nightcap. We tossed a coin and it was agreed we would go to Margarets which as it happened was only two blocks from where I lived..

On arrival she poured me out a Remy Martin and we sat side by side on a small couch. I noticed her skirt ride up a little as she sat down to show a nicely shaped pair of pins. I congratulated her on her lovely legs hoping the compliment would cheer her but she burst into tears. My arm went round her shoulder to give her a little comfort and I took her face in my hands to dry the droplets cascading from her eyes. Her mouth was close to mine and we kissed one another. Her mouth tasting both salty and sweet. As we kissed our passion developed and I was getting quite a hard on so much so that a patch of pre-cum appeared on my trouser fronts. She thought she had spilled some of her drink and tried to remove the stain with a tissue but instead her fingers touched my throbbing penis. She undid my zip and I slid my hand under her skirt. Soon I was massaging her inner thighs while she was gingerly measuring the length of my manhood. We undressed one another until we were standing in our underwear. She wore a lacy pink 34 C bra and some black French knickers. I unhooked the former and pulled down the latter in double quick time. We went into the small room and lay on the bed indulging in an orgy of French kissing and other forms of foreplay. She was begging me to enter her. Her naked skin was soft, smooth and delicately perfumed. Her buttocks firm and round. Her pudenda silky haired and moist. Penetrating her was a lovely experience for not only was she well lubricated but her vagina was unstretched making me work hard to completely fill her. We had coitus gently for about 5 minutes. Her whole body echoed with her moaning. She wanted deeper penetration. She wanted me to go faster and harder. Soon I was spurting big dollops of semen into her. Then she fell silent for a few seconds after which she climaxed like a roll of thunder sending shock waves through both of us. We fell back completely sated our juices still trickling from our sexual orifices. She kissed my semi flaccid penis licking away the residual cum while I tasted the fluid escaping from her quim.