Written by Danny

3 Oct 2011

A few weeks ago I was working late at the office. It was about half past eight in the evening and everyone else had left at about five so I was sure I was the only person around. I finished my work and before going home decided to have a glance at some porn. I was on youporn watching a video of a transsexual dominating a guy. It was hot and I had been rubbing myself through my jeans. I pulled down my fly to get better access and I was soon openly wanking in my office to a guy sucking a cock!

There was a cough from behind me and there was the office cleaner, a middle-aged man named Lance, with a huge grin on his face. I tried to sort out my clothing. He laughed and said ‘don’t mind me, you carry on’. I obviously ignored this and continued sorting myself out but as I did this he walked over, stood by the side of me and took his dick out. He asked me if I liked watching guys sucking cock. I told him I’d stumbled upon the video but he laughed and said ‘yeah, it looked like it’.

All the time he was talking he was pulling at his cock, which was no more than about a foot from my head. Then he asked me what my boss would think if he knew what I did when I was working late. I asked him if he was trying to blackmail me. He laughed and said ‘no, just getting my cock sucked’. I told him to piss off, but he said I should think that through first.

Then he moved in closer and said ‘go on, it’ll be our secret’. And I opened my mouth and he put his cock in. I had no idea what I was supposed to do – I had only ever had blowjobs from my wife, and then not very often. I tried to move up and down on his cock but I don’t think it was really working for him. Then he held my head still with his hand and began fucking my face. Five minutes later he was filling my mouth with cum and telling me to swallow it.

He laughed and left my office. I felt utterly humiliated. I tidied myself up and went home before he came back. Strangely that evening I lay in bed thinking about what I’d done and ended up having to slip to the bathroom for a wank whilst my wife slept. I thought about it fairly constantly the next day too. Come five I remained at my desk. Once again, by half past I was the only person left in the office. I tried to concentrate on my work, but with some difficulty. About seven I cruised a couple of porn sites, this time keeping an eye on the car park so that I would see him arrive.

He turned up just before nine. I went out to reception and told him that I wanted a word with him. I tried to sound a little bit aggressive but he just laughed and told me not to be so silly. ‘Now you’ve stayed late again you’ll have to suck me off again won’t you?’ he said. I nodded my agreement. ‘In fact’, he continued, ‘ I think that’s just why you stayed’. I nodded again.

We went back to my office and this time he sat in my chair and looked at porn on my computer whilst I knelt at his feet and sucked his cock. This time it lasted quite a lot longer until eventually he filled my mouth with thick creamy cum which I swallowed down. He said thanks and asked me if there was any chance of a cup of coffee. I did as he asked.

Since then I have stayed late four more nights, each time finding myself kneeling at his feet whilst he sits in my chair watching porn videos. I am getting more proficient at giving blow jobs but I have become obsessed, so that when I made love to my wife at the weekend I could only get off by imagining myself kneeling at Lance’s feet. I will be staying late again tonight.