Written by anon

2 Nov 2003

it was half way through the new term,a few of them decided to have a party,a fancy dress party.they picked a theme of vicars and tarts but this time the other way round,boys as tarts,girls as vicars.

the party was a great success,after everyone else had left dean & simon were sat on the sofa & paul was sat in am arm chair all facing the telly & all dressed like tarts short skirts,stockings,silky panties,& full make up & wigs.

a few of the girls had commented on how good they look.

someone suggested putting on a porno so paul got up picked a tape up and put it in vcr he pressed play & three men being sucked by one girl.

paul went to the loo and then got a new supply of beer they were all well pissed already,simon said that the combination of beer,drugs,porno & espesially the sexy silky undies had made him horny & just in case no one belived him,he lifted up his skirt to reval a very hard cock trying to burst out of there silky prison,then without any warning dean reached over & strocked simons cock,simon lay back in the sofa as dean slowly took simons cock to the back of his throat then slowly but firmly suck up & down.

paul not to be left out went behind dean ran his hands over the silky panties,pulling them to one side & licked vigorously at his arse hole.

simon was moaning quite loudly squrming as dean had a nice rythem going,who himself was moaning as paul slowly inched his own cock deep into deans arse he then started to fuck that tight arse hole hard fast and deep.

simon pushed deans head back as his spunk splattered deans face and chest,paul pulled out & covered deans bum in loads of hot creamy spunk,simon & paul turned dean over onto his back where simon entered the well fucked & spunk covered arse while paul went to work sucking deans cock & between them they made dean explode.

that was just the start of a hot hot sucking fucking & anything else kinky session