Written by Vera

23 Jun 2005

Shortly after we were married my husband was offered a job in a small village in the New Forest and we came down to have a look at the situation particularly with regard to accomodation. We stayed in a hotel and when my husband went off to work I looked for somewhere to live. I asked one of the hotel maids if she knew of anywhere and she said that there was a retired colonel who lived alone in a big house nearby who she understood sometimes let out rooms on a temporary basis.

I found the house and knocked on the door. A tall grey haired very thin man opened the door and I explained our situation. He was pretty dubious but took pity on me and said, "All right. Come in. I have just made some coffee. Would you like some?" I said, "Oh yes please." And he showed me into a comfortable sitting room and I settled in a low armchair. He brought in the coffee. We drank and chatted for a little while and although he said that he was reluctant to let any rooms at present I sensed that as we chatted his attitude was softening. I also realised that he seemed very interested in my legs and I guessed that sitting in the low chair I was showing quite a bit of leg. To confirm his interest I slowly crossed my legs no doubt showing a bit of stocking top and bare thigh. It worked and he slid down in his chair to get a better look. I must admit I was enjoying his interest because although he was obviously in his sixties he was handsome and distinguished looking. I crossed my legs again also sliding down in my chair and I was sure that he could now see my pink suspenders and possibly my pink silk knickers. He lent forward and said, " You have beautiful legs my dear. I think I may be able to let you the room if you continue to show me these lovely legs." I smiled, moved a little lower in my chair so that I was now sure that he could see my knickers and said, "That would be lovely." Uncrossed my legs and spread them so that he had the full view of my bare thighs and knickers. He said, "Come over here." I got up and stood in front of him. "You have a beautiful figure." He said. I laughed and said, "At four months pregnant I hardly think so." As soon as I mentioned that I was pregnant he murmured. "How wonderful." and pulled me down on to his lap and kissed me running his tongue into my mouth and our tongues were soon entwined. Still kissing me he skillfully unbuttoned my dress down the front and got my tits out of my bra. He bent and began to suck and gently bite my nipples which were standing out red and hard. Sitting on his lap I could feel his cock swelling against my bottom and was amazed at the size. It felt really big. Between the nipple sucking and the feel of his cock I felt my knickers getting damp as my cunt moistened. By now one of his hands had run up my stocking over my bare thighs and suspenders and was caressing my cunt through the thin silk. My clit was now standing out and throbbing as he caressed it. Then without saying a word he picked me up and carried me into a bedroom. We both quickly undressed and I could see that he had a magnificent thick eight inch cock standing out hard and stiff. He made me keep on my stockings and suspender belt and I lay on the bed with my legs widespread. He got on top of me and pressed his cock against the entrance of my by now sopping cunt and slowly pushed it into me. It filled me completely and as he he thrust in and out in no time I was panting and moaning and crying, "Oh yes. Fuck me." He grunted, "I am fucking you, you little cunt I've got my cock right up you." As he continued to ram into me with long hard strokes I felt my orgasasm build up and I was screaming, "Oh. Oh. I'm cumming. I'm cumming." And as I started to come he changed to a sort of corkscrew motion which deepened and prolongued my come. Then gripping my arse his cum spruted into me and we both lay exhausted. Eventually he pulled out and said, "You certainly are a delightful fuck my dear and with this to look forward to the room is yours. By the way my name is Harold. Afterwards we got dressed and he took me out for a pub lunch and fucked me again when we got back.

My husband and I moved in that evening and for the next three months Harold fucked me every which way. He soon introduced me to arse fucking and I must say his stamina was incredible and most days he fucked me twice. He even fucked me on Sunday mornings when my husband was in the bath and a couple of times when my husband was working in the garden and i was leaning out of an upstairs window Harold was fucking me from behind. He liked to come in me and then hear how I got my husband to lick my cunt and unknowingly lick out Harold's cum. He also used to like to watch me pissing and bend down to get a close up.

I must say I was very sorry when we had to move on because I really enjoyed being fucked by my colonel.

We found new lodgings when we moved on with a different landlord who too had a big cock but that is another story.