Written by horny45

1 Oct 2006

Darcy was just wearing stockings and suspenders as she flopped on the bed rolling on to her side facing away from me,I went into a spoons position with my rock hard cock nudging between the cheeks of her bottom and onto the slippery wet hairy slit nestled between the cheeks of her ass.I had her lovely pert breasts with nipples erect and hard cupped in my hands. She was already gently pushing her bottomn against my cock and it was not long befor I felt my cock slipping into her cummy wet cunt as her lips parted and hugged my length as I slipped fully into her,one of my fingers was also gently pushing in and out of her bottom,I could feel her breathig getting more gaspy as her climax had already started to build ---I could feel little ripples and shudders shaking her whole body and I could feel and see the muscles on her thighs flexing as she built up to the climax.I then felt her hand go between her legs as she edged my prick out of her cunt and and eased the helmet into the rimm of her ass and gently start to rub it against herself --- she then pushed gently against me and I felt her ring ease as it wrapped first against my helmet and then tightly as the length of my cock slipped deep into her bottom,her shaking rapidly became more intense as I fucked her ass and also played with lips and clit with my fingers.we kept this up for about ten minutes and I then felt her spasm uncontrollably as she came -- I was aware of a squirts of cum dribbling all over my fingers and down the back of her thighs,the sheer hornyness of what we were doing seemed to hit me and I felt my cock and balls twitching as I emptied spunk into her asshole.she must hav kept on shaking for at least ten minutes as a huge orgasm engulfed her entire body.We seemed to lay there for an eternity just holding each other tightly as her body slowly started to stop shaking untill it was just a fierce shake that went through her every few minutes.She rolled over and we held each other very closely for another quite long period just gently kissing each other she gently rubbing my still stiff cock and me caressing her body down her back and between her legs.eventualy she rolled astride me and started to rub the back of my cock with her wet slippery cunt untill she started to piss on it this went on with her rubbing me ofd with her cunt untill I came again allover her thighs and stockings.I have to admit that it was the most intense horny and satisfying sex I had had for a long time.about two thirty an intense warm lethargy came over us and we fell asleep in each others arms into a deep sleep.It was a never to be forgotten night and the start of a very intense and horny relationship that privately seem to just get more erotic and intense but to the outside world cose but platonic and to be honest I think thats what so very horny.

Darcy loves the thought of guys and girls reading this and wanking themselves of and frequently checks to how many have read the stories and wondering how many have actualy wanked after readimng them it turns her on even more so if you have enjoyed it so far leave a message and it will make the lady even hornier and wetter.

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