Written by submalenw

27 Mar 2006

I would just like to thank the Dom couple I met last weekend...you know who you are! I have been told to put my experience in print so this is my recollection of what happened.

Being a submissive male with limited experience I was strangely excited when I receieved a reply in my mailbox. A couple about 10 years older than me loking to play with someone for the day. After a few emails and a telephone conversation I was on my way.

At exactly 1pm I was to enter through the back door naked, this meant stripping off outside and follow the instructions on the table. The note told me to dress in the undies and stockings that were in a bag, prepare drinks and lunch and take them through to Master and Mistress. Considering I had never met them I felt really intimidated. I am not a little puny bloke but the nerves were getting the better of me.

I carried the food and drink through and found them sitting on the couch watching porn but fully clothed. They both laughed which humiliated me but turned me on as well. I was told to kneel and bow my head till spoken to. Eventually, once they had finished I was told to clear up and return quickly.

Mistress ordered me to remove her clothing and underwear but leave on her stockings. After doing so, I was instructed to lick her toes, massage them then work my way up her thighs very slowly. Eventually I reached her pussy and gently licked and sucked as best I could. This went on for what felt like an hour with Mistress coming several times.

I was finally told to stop by Master and crawl to him. Now this is where I was worried as I had never done anything with a man before. He told me to take his cock in my hand and play with it. Before I knew it, it was rock hard. I felt a hand pushing the back of my head towards it....it was Mistress. I took it in my mouth and it did not taste as unpleasant as I thought it would. I tried my best to think of everything I liked when getting a blow job and tried to copy this using my hand to wank Master slowly.

Whilst on my knees Mistress was behind me playing with my arse, cock and balls. I felt her finger pushing into my arse which actually felt great, I was as hard as anything but as previous instructions I was not allowed to touch myself. Just when I was about to come I was told to stop and lie on the floor on my back.

Mistress then went into a 69 with me whilst Master proceeded to fuck her from behind. I was told to lick both of them so I tried to lick Mistress' clit and Masters balls. This went on for a good ten mins then finally Master came. I was told to open up, it took me a second to realise what for and before I had time to think about it Master had pulled his cock out and and his spunk was dripping over my face and mouth. To make matters worse Mistress sat up and sat on my face so I could taste more.

Once this was done I was instructed to go up to the bathroom, lie in the bath and wank but not to come. I did this and it took about 10 mins before Mistress came up. I was nearly bursting. She crouched over the bath and pissed all over my hand and cock. I was in heaven and shot come all over myself.

Mistress told me to wipe myself off, come back downstairs and dress. Once I had done this I was told that I was average and told to get lost and they would be in touch. Since then they have written to me instructing me to write this and say that they had fun. Little do they know how much fun I had, but, they wil now.