Written by Kate and Daniel

14 Dec 2004

After receiving many e mails about my awakening at the hands of a stud farmer and his son, “Country Life” I will tell you about the happenings at the Farmer’s Dance this summer. Out of the blue, I received an invitation to the dance form Mr X’s son Doug. The invitation was for me but I could bring my partner if I had one. I asked Daniel, ( I tried in my first posting to give him an alias as Pete in case anyone recognised him, but forgot after the first couple of lines as I got carried away recalling the events, so I will call my husband by his correct name here after)

The night of the dance was a lovely summery night and so I dressed accordingly Just a light white dress, nothing specially sexy, but practically see though against the lights.

Daniel doesn’t dance, but I had plenty of partners that I had to ask to sit down for a rest and drink. It was at one of these junctures that I noticed Daniel was missing. Doug and his dad who had kept me company most of the night, suggested we look for him. “I’m not that worried” I said but they insisted and we went outside venue to look for him.

As we looked around and chatted Mr X held his arm around me and kept calling me “our Kate”

I told them I’d need to go back as I needed to pee. “No need to go back our Kate, just do it here beside this bush” “Oh I couldn’t do that” I told them “Well I need one” Mr X said and promptly pulled out that big cock of his, followed by Doug, they made no effort to hide them, they just pissed in front of me. The sight of these two men pissing like this had two effects, firstly I needed to piss even more, and the sight of their cocks reminded me about our first meeting and the fucking I received and I felt myself being turned on as I watched them.

As they finished and waved their cocks about as men do as a finale to a piss, I slipped down my pants and squatted down to relieve myself.

“See Dougie, our Kate is into country ways already” and I noticed he still hadn’t put away his cock, and as I squatted down, he stood in front of me, told me to open my mouth and when I did, he put his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t hard when he did this, but almost immediately it started to grow and I felt my mouth being filled up. I’d finished pissing now and Doug came behind me and pulled me up so that I was bending over sucking his dad’s cock and I felt him put his nose to my vagina and sniff, “Ah lovely and ripe Da” he said, “then give her one then, give her it nice and hard, our Kate likes a big cock, don’t you Kate, she’d have had our bloody stallion that day if we’d let her, wouldn’t our Kate?”

All I could do was sort of grunt and nod my head. I felt Doug enter me and as he did, I came immediately, I felt my juices flooding out of me. Doug isn’t a good lover, he comes too quickly, and after only a very short time, he grunted “Oh oh oh” and I felt his spunk in me.

Mr X was still at my head but I felt my fanny being filled again with a cock. I couldn’t believe Doug was ready so quickly, and this cock was much smaller, and whoever it was, he fucked me very quickly but at least he had some feelings for me and as he did, he reached around and stroked my clit. When he did, I immediately came again, but I still had MrX’s cock blocking my mouth, so all I could do was make a muffled moan from my nose. Mr X now held me by my head, speeded up his thrustings, I thought at this point I might choke, till now he had been gentle, but now he had only one thing on his mind, to cum. I felt myself gagging as his cock seemed to be lodged in my throat, then I felt his hot spunk hit the back of my throat, I gagged but swallowed quickly. Almost at the same time whoever was fucking me came too.

As he finished, I stood up and prepared to pull up my pants, but any thoughts that I was finished were soon gone as I was pulled back up, and my hands held up against the tree where we had pissed, my legs standing away so I was leaning facing the tree. I felt two people spread my legs, someone having removed my pants with a pen knife. My dress was thrown over my back and someone else entered me. As soon as he came, which wasn’t long another took his place, one after another, they stuck their cocks up me. I was like a prize bull serving cows but the other way around, there I was leaning against the tree with man after man sticking his cock in me and filling me with is seed, pure unadulterated lust on their part, I was simply a receptacle for their spunk, but I must admit, I came and came many times.

Who they were, I could not see, they all had me from behind, there where I know 10 who had fucked me and Mr X who had fucked my mouth. I know too that I had cum many times, and also that I was incapable of any more, my legs were all but giving out. It was only when the last one finished, and the others had gone, I stood up properly and found a youth of about 17 zipping himself up then handed me his handkerchief to clean myself up.

I went to the toilet, cleaned myself and sat down. As I looked around the hall, I could see who had served me and exacted their lust on me, knowing looks and smiles told their tale. Suddenly Daniel was at my side. It turned out that he had been got out of the way by one of the local barmaids in order that I could be taken out used as I was. It also turned out that Daniel had been fucking this woman not 10 yards away from me and both had fucked and watched me.

Later when I reflected on the evening, I compared those lust filled farmers who treat me like a prize cow, just serving them, no emotion just lust, to the wonderful time I had with Daniel’s boss and a Saudi businessman that had come to dinner a couple of months before.