Written by Paul

4 Oct 2005

I was on a training course from work rather glad to get away for a few days as I was married and seeing someone else so I was hoping to sort my head out.On the first morning of the course the guy I was with said look at her.Standing talking to others was a tall,slim,short haired woman about 30 years old,she had on a very tight wollen dress and looked very sexy.As the course went on we spent some time talking and found out her name was Linda.At the end of the first day myself three other guys and Linda decided to go to the local pub for a drink.We were all getting on well,Linda was very attractive and good company but I had enough on my mind to think of anything else.I then felt my leg being rubbed by Linda's foot and saw her smiling in a very provocative manner.She leant over and said she felt fucking horny.She told me how she had gotten back from Greece last week and had really enjoyed herself getting fucked by this Greek guy she was also seeing a policeman a married guy who she fucked when ever she could.I had by now forgotten about any problems I had.When we arrived back the hotel everyone went to their seperate rooms,I waited a couple of minutes and made my way to Linda's.She let me in and was all over me telling me her cunt was soaking, this really turned me on as women do not say cunt that often.She was on her knees wanking and sucking my cock.She stood up slipped out of her dress standing there in a pair of white panties you could see her dark pubes poking out at the side, I was in a trance.She dropped her panties lay on the bed with her legs wide open again talking dirty telling me to taste her cunt and smell her pussy. I couldn't wait I licked and sucked at her pussy the aroma was wonderful. I then fucked her it was amazing as she continued to tell me to fuck her cunt and shoot my hot cum up her pussy.I dragged myself back to my room at about 5am totally warn out.This carried on for the rest of the course with her using her vibrator and showing me pictures of her and the married guy fucking.I ended up leaving my wife for her but sadly it hasn't lasted.If you are ever on a course and a tall short haired woman starts rubbing your leg with her foot take the hint you in for some amazing sex.