Written by Gerald Manning

4 Mar 2006

I am convinced that every man ( boy then ), when he started his first ever job was sacred stiff of the older women in the office where he started.

I put in down to the lack of sexual experience and a form of intimidation.

We want to brag of exploits or at least knowingly smile when asked if you ´got it` and give the impression that we are men of the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is why the ´Older Woman` syndrome is so vital in a mans development.

I started in an office at 18 years old.

It was my first experience of being away from the normal school days and I felt totally exposed to the big bad world.

On reflection, I am sure that single ( maybe married women too) women of 28 years and older, prey on these youngsters in offices.

They are knowing, they know that a youth will be intimidated and frightened to a degree.

In this first job the office hours started at 9 o´clock.

My father had me out of our house at 7.30 for me to make sure that even if the trains were late I was still ontime.

This meant that I usually got into work just after 08.00.

In the open plan office I sat diagonally one row in front of a manageress of the dept., next to mine.

The work in these two departments was linked betwen shipping and settlement. This lady, Pamela was the boss of settlement and she was, I found out later 42 years old.

If I turned to my left and looked back I would look straight at her.

She made a massive impression with me on my first day. She was very well but conservatively dressed. Suits and blouses and high neck dresses.

She had the aura of efficiency and command. It was obvious that nobody but nobody messed with Pamela.

She was always first in the office. Evenwhen my train was right on tme and I got there by 5 minutes to 8, she was there.

After three months I was into the swing of the job and the ofice. I had made a few friends in other departments and felt much more comfortable.

That is to say except for the older women. I was terrified of going into the typing pool where ther were up to 15 women always together. When I had to go there I held my breath by the door and rushed in and rushed out.

Over these first three months I shared the empty early office with Pamela in a sort of club atmosphere. We are the early ones, or at least I got this vibe from Pamela.

It even developed to the stage where I used to bring two coffees into the office at 8 o´clock.

I had got used to her coming to my desk and leaning over me with papers referring to queries she may have had and I would get that soft mature scent of an expensive but light perfume that gave her even more allure.

She always kept herself to herself and I never saw her fraternising with anybody.

She was the woman I fantasied about when having my daily bath or shower. She was unavailable and from another planet.

I could never imagine how she stayed single but then the gay acceptance was light years off in those days.

My boss, who sat more or less next to Pamela was a great bloke. An old fashiond gentleman witha good sense of humour. I liked him a great deal. He was in his late fifties and kept on about only 6 more uears in this dump and I´m off.

Came the day of his 60th Birthday. He had arranged for a part of a pub near the office to be closed just for his lunchtime bash. He and Pamela had been talkingabout this for a good few weeks before hand and when the day arrived Pamela came to work in a stunning grey and white dress that was partially see through and about 2 inches shorter that the passion killing clothes she normally wore.

While drinking my early coffee with her that morning I had tris to see through her dress to see what colour her underwear was and I am sure she caught me doing this.

Anyway at 12 noon my boss stood up and said that he was of to the pub and the rest of his dept would have to stagger the absences so that there was alays somebody there.

He went with three more senior from our dept and I said that I would go last at say 2 o´clock.

Jus as he had gone, Pamela came over to me and asked what time I was planning to go to the pub. I told her about 2 and she said ´good, if you don´t mind I would like to go with you then`. OK no problem.

Her dept was already sparse with the popelwho had already gone and I thought that she had planned it that way to make sure that none of them were late back and she could check it that way.

During the next few minutes she gave me a couple of piles of papers from the trading dept that she said she did´nt have time to go through and that as I was training for trading it could be good experience for me to go through them.

Shortly after she gave me this pile she called me with another question and as I turned round she was stretching back while sittting on her swivel chair looking through a

pile of other papers on the far corner of her desk.

So was sitting with her legs facing to me but stretching back behind her left shoulder. Her legs were slightly parted and with her leaning back I was sure she had forgotten the length of this ´new` dress. I saw the full white lace hem of her slip as well as two brilliant stocking tops, mmaybe her panties too but I chickened out forwhen she actually turned back to look at me I diverted my eyes to hers.

My heart was pounding after that, God i said to myself, did you actually see that or was it a dream.

2 O´clock came and we left for the pub together.The usual thing, most people had gone back to the office by now and my boss was well into the wind. He welcomed us and reminded us that it was now only 5 years to go. I had a beer and was surprised to hear Pamela order a gin and tonic. Normally at lunch time, I had heard, she normally drank orange juice or something else soft.

There were peoplefrom all departments and we all chatted about my boss and then tv sopas etc., I went to get a round of drinks and when I asked Pamela she said ´Get me a large gin please and here´s a fiver for my part of the round` I refused the fiver and carried on. That would be three gins and counting for Pamela.

At a quarter to three Pamela wet to ge a round of drinks but by then there were only three of us left there. I aw she ordered another large gin and I had another beer.

20 minutes later we were on our way back to the office and she staggered me by putting her arm through mine and saying she was doing that to steady herself.

I thought she was in pretty good shape considering five gins.

We sat down at our desks and the world carried on except for my boss who thought it best to go home.

At about ten to five ( Office hours were 5.30) Pamela came over to me and said that the traders needed the paperwork she had given me by tomorrow at 09.00. I was stunned, I told her that it would take at least three hours, not that I mind working I didn´t, but this was taking liberties.

She said to get started and at six o´clock we would see how far we had got. Imust admit she did take the larger share of this work.

I did notice however, that she was not her normal prim self, she was laughing a lot more than usual and being very liberal with the way she sat on her chair. I was feeding my eyes for the storeroom in my head.

In London at 5.30 you could get killed in the rush. Everybody goes ( minor exceptions )and catches their train or bus or whatever.

The two departments where we worked were now completely empty.

Pamela rang a few numbers of other depts., and gone no reply. She stood up and came to my desk and said that it would be easier for us if we took the papers into the conference room opposite our depts., I tookthe papers in there and spread them out according to commodity.

She came in and closed the door, sat down next to where I was standing and ruffled mya rm and said ´Thank you for helping me with this it can be a real bind`. I told her that it was no problem and sat down. I had left my cigarettes in the main office and went to get them. As I re-entered the room Pamela was now sitting opposite speaking on the internal phne with her stockinged feet on the table with her knees bent. WOOWW and then some, what was she thinking. She saw that I was highly excited and smiled the smile of the pub and opened her legs a little more. Everything a youth of 18 could wish to see was now on view.

She finished the phone call and stood again to coma round to where I was sitting, ´The caretaker has just locked us in but I have the key so don´t worry`. She was more than a little drunk, her speech was slurring and five gins was taking the effect. She asked me ´Do you like working with me` I was thinking that this was getting very risky and my heart was pounding like a lead weight. ´I love working with you `I said. I was now sitting on the chair next to hers but we were facing each other.

She leaned forward and put a hand half way up my thigh and said ` You´re the best thing that has happened in this firm for years, do you know that` ´No`I replied ´Well you are and I want a kiss` she said - slurred. ´I think you might need some coffee or something ` I stammered over my heart beat. `Do you know how to treat a lady `she asked `I think so ` I squeaked ´Then just come here, hold me and treat me like a lady ` she ordered.

She had her hand at the top of my thigh now and I fancied her like mad but just could´nt believe this. I took her facr in my hands and kissed her and at the same time stood up with her.

Her hand was now on my crotch and working slowly but nothing was happening. I was proud of my manhood until now and he just would not get hard.

She kept her hand where it was and then open my zip with the other hand. She now had her hand inside my pants and firmly around my cock. Wih her warm hand and the sensuous kissing my shaft finally sprang to life. She broke away from the kiss and looked down and said ´That is a very nice woman fucker` She was stroking now and I was feeling some confidence coming into me. I was acting out my favourite wanking fantasy, I was with unobtainable Pamela. I unzipped her dress and took it from her shoulders and all the way down. She lifted her feet for me to get it off completely and I laid it on the table.

She was in a white slip, a dream for me and stroking my shaft blissfully.

I lifted her slip and started to caress the top of her leg above the stocking and she staeted to moan and rotate her hips. I put my fingers inside her panties and found her mound was seping love juice. This made me so hot I thought I would come in her hand. I now took the lead and got rid of the rest of my clothes and the put my hands under her slip and found that she had put the panties on after the suspenders so I had no struggle getting them off.

I took the straps of the slip and bra off her shoulders and took out her fantastic tits - everything about this woman was fantastic.

I sucked her nipples and fingered her cunt while she was stroking me.

She suddenly sat down and I though she was ill, but no, she still had my cock in her hand and now put it into her mouth. PAMELA WAS BLOWING ME. Unreal, wonderful. I stood there in heaven for a few minutes and then arranged that she sat - laid back on the table.

I had never dived on a woman before, girls of 17 -18 yes but not a woman.

I licked the outer lips and found my way into the hot,hot vulva and the found the clitoris. I chewed that with my teeth behind my liips and she went potty. Throwing her legs around and bucking her hips.

I felt a rush of liquid in my face to coincide withhe screams and then more came. She was gushing beautifully. Now I stood up and was proud to see that my cock was throbbing violently.

I placed itatthe lips of her box and thrust all the way in and she gasped and nearly choked. ´that´s so good, so good, oh yes so goooood` I started stroking with the full length coming all the way out and the slowly all the way in again. Pamela was without any inhibitions thanks to the gin and just bucked against every thrust. Then I was worrying because I felt the tingling in my body that signalled my CUMMMER and she then started to whimper `You take it, take it , take it, here I`m giving you my love juice TAKE IT NOW. When she shouted that I released all corks and shot and shot masses into her divine cunt.

She was a little spent but seemed in better shape that I had expected.

The gin seemed to have worn off and I made a point of helping her dress. This was going to the library for the rainy days. I made a meal of holding her panties, even rubbed them against my cock before she put them on. Then I ran my cock all oer her stocking tops and around her slip.

We left the office at nearly 7 and she finally admitted that the papers for late wor ahd been a scam and were not due for a week.

What really jolted me that she said that today was her last day at the firm as she had just worked a months notice and was going to work in Holland.

I had been used by her. She fancied a bit of fun, duped me into thinking that the work was for real, and I suspect, after the way she recovered, even put on an act of being slightly drunk.

All a big con.

But for me it was the first major step into the world of women. Thank you Pamela.

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