Written by Jack

31 Oct 2005

It was a Sunday evening in the early summer and we had decided to go for a drive out into the country. As usual we stopped for a drink at one of the local pubs, and stood at the bar, chatting to the barmaid, who we knew from previous visits. June decided to sit on one of the high bar stools while I stood by her side. I had always fancied the barmaid, she was getting on a bit, probably early fifties, but she dressed up well, and was wearing a tight black top today, showing plenty of cleavage. She also had on a short skirt and high heels with a thick platform sole. I was getting a hard on just watching her, and June knew, because she kept rubbing her leg up against me.

June was wearing a black dress, which buttoned up the front, and I moved close to her and slid my hand inside her dress. Underneath she was wearing stockings and a basque, and I ran my hand over her stocking tops and up to her pants, feeling for her cunt lips through the thin lace material. Babs, the barmaid, had finished serving someone and came back to talk to us. The bar top was quite deep so she couldn't see what I was doing, and as June and her were talking I managed to work a finger inside June's pants.

"So what are you two doing tonight"? asked Babs.

"We are going for a drive round the moors", replied June, "perhaps have another drink somewhere. Which reminds me. I'd better pop to the loo, before we go."

I moved my hand away and June got off the bar stool and went to the ladies. I noticed Babs watching her, but then she moved away to serve someone, and then came back.

"I like your wife's shoes. I love high heels, but they can be hard work standing in them all night. Babs leaned against the back of the bar and lifted her left leg to show me her shoe. "Do you like them?" she asked.

"Yes they are very nice. Sexy, but not very practical". I thought I'd risk a quick flirt and said "But ok for bed"?

Babs laughed. "So where are you going tonight, a bit of courting down by the reservoir"? As she said this June came back.

"What's this about the reservoir"? she asked us both.

"Oh, it's all the talk of the village at the moment", said Babs. "All sorts of goings on at night. Couples in cars, with blokes watching."

"Really", said June. "What, couples at it? Really?" She had sat back on the bar stool and I took the opportunity to move up close to her again. I put my hand back inside her dress and realised that she had taken her pants off. I slipped a finger into her pussy as Babs came back again to carry on the conversation.

"Yes, and not just watching either. Apparently some of the blokes have been joining in with the couples." I pushed another finger into June's pussy and she caught her breath and moved slightly to open her legs.

Babs saw this, and smiled.

"Are you too playing footsie, down there?"

"Footsie with his fingers," said June, with a smile. She looked at the barmaid with an expression that I had seen before. I was amazed that she was being so forward, but I knew when she was sexed up. I wondered whether she'd been playing with herself in the toilet.

"I'll just get a few glasses" said Babs, and went around the pub picking up empty glasses. She put them on the bar and came to stand next to us. I moved away from June so that Babs could see my hand, still inside June's dress, still playing with her pussy.

"Jesus," Babs said. June smiled at her and opened her lips slightly, and pushed her tongue ever so slightly forward. I moved close to June again and started to frig her. Babs was right next to us, her large tits pressed against the arm that was pumping into June.

"Come back for a drink later. At closing time. We can go back to my place. Please."

Babs moved away and went back behind the bar.

"Come on, let's go," urged June. "Let's go to the car park."

We finished our drinks and waved goodbye to Babs, and went out of the pub. When we got to the car, June turned to face me.

"God I'm on fire. Let's go and fuck"

We drove off and down the road towards the reservoir car park. We had been there before on our nights out but it was usually busy and we preferred somewhere a bit quieter when we were having sex. We had often fantasised about putting on a show for someone but never actually found the right moment or place.

As we drove into the car park, it was still light and there were a few cars parked. June suggested that we park near the toilets, as she needed to go again, so I drove on to the end and pulled in at the side of the gents. There was just room for one car. June got out and went round to the ladies. She was back in just a few seconds and stood by my window.

"Come in to the ladies. There's no one about and all the cars have blokes in them. Come on." She walked off quickly.

I couldn't believe it, but didn't argue, and followed her round to the ladies toilet. As I got in June was leaned back against the washbasin, her dress unbuttoned, with her basque and black stockings on display. Her right hand was buried deep in her cunt as she slowly built up a rhythm and then her hand appeared and she frantically rubbed her fingers up and down against her clit.

"Shall we go back and see Babs?" She paused for a moment, watching me as I took my cock out and started to wank.

" Would you mind if I went with another woman? " She went back to rubbing her clit as she said this. "Would you mind if I let her lick my pussy. Let her put her fingers in me like this?"

June cried out and her knees buckled as her orgasm came. Her legs were wide apart and her hot juices ran out onto the toilet floor. I went over to her and felt the wetness between her legs. I loved to see her cum. She always came with a rush of pussy juice. It was sensational fucking her, to feel the hot wetness cascading over your cock.

She leant against the basin, getting back her breath. I helped her re-button her dress and suggested that we get back to the car, in case someone arrived. The coast was clear outside, and we walked back and got in the car. June lay back in the seat, her left hand pressing into her fanny.

"God, I'm on heat tonight. Are you sure about Babs? You don't mind?" As she asked me this I felt her hand come round to press against my cock. "I saw you watching her tonight. What were you thinking"?

I lay back and groaned as she released my cock from my pants and started to wank it.

"I bet you'd like her to do this wouldn't you?" As she continued to toss me off I leaned over slightly and suddenly saw someone watching us from the gent's toilet. I moved again slightly to get a better view and I could see that he had his own cock out and was wanking as he watched us.

"I bet you'd like her to wank you off while you watched me being fucked?" June continued. "Just imagine, you're in here with Babs and I'm outside. Bent over the bonnet being fucked from behind by one of the blokes in the car park."

I put my hand down to stop June, as I was near to coming, and whispered to her.

"June, do you really fancy being fucked by one of the voyeurs?" I put my hand across and undid the buttons on her dress, slipping my fingers inside to open up her pussy lips. I started to finger her as the chap stepped out of the toilet and came nearer.

"Your legs wide open, while he fucks you, and the others watch." June was moaning now, her eyes closed.

"Just look at the size of his cock, June. He's really here, watching you. Look, outside the car"

June turned round and saw our voyeur standing right by the window. As she looked towards him, he increased the pace of his wanking. He was fairly young, mid twenties, and had a good-sized cock. June gazed at him, fascinated, as I continued to play with her fanny.

He looked down at her greedily, his eyes taking in her firm tits encased in the black basque and then moving down to her black stockings. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against the window, and then moved his body up and down as though he was fucking the window. Then he moved back from the window, and stepped back into the toilet, still pulling at his cock. He gestured to June to come in to the toilet.

"Oh my God, he wants me to go in there," whispered June. "What shall we do?"

I was up for anything at that moment and I turned round and opened the door at my side and got out. We had talked about this while having sex but now here we were actually making my dream come true. I went round and opened June's door and helped her out of the car. Her dress was still open and she stood outside the toilet as I locked the car. I looked to my left and saw two cars parked quite near. It was dark now, but the two occupants could clearly see June. Their car doors opened and two single blokes got out and stood up watching us. I ushered June into the toilet. There was just one cubicle in there and a hand basin. It was dark but we could see our voyeur quite well. He was leaning with his back against the wall, still wanking his impressive cock. As we both looked at him, he undid the belt on his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

I turned June around and pushed her against the wall. I took my cock out and guided it into her waiting wet fanny. Our watcher shuffled over to us, his cock just a few inches away from June. I pushed into her slowly and then pulled out again, my cock just resting inside her cunt lips. I took hold of my cock and moved it up and down, pressing against June's clit and then pushed back into her.

"Go on lad, give her a good fucking."

I looked round and saw the two blokes from the cars standing in the doorway. The one who had spoken stepped forward. He had a blanket in his hand, and put it down on the toilet floor.

"Why not make your wife a bit more comfortable? "

He moved up to us and spoke to June, "Come on love, you can lay back and relax."

June moved away from the wall, and knelt down on the blanket. Our young voyeur followed, his cock jutting out towards her face. She looked up at me, her eyes raised to ask me what to do. I just nodded to her and stepped forward, and offered her my own cock to suck. Our two other watchers came and stood behind June. As she took me in her mouth, and sucked and wanked me, they both unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks. One of them stepped closer and slipped June's dress off her shoulders to reveal her basque and stockings.

"Fucking hell, Pete, look at that. Come on lad, get her on the floor, and get her legs open". It was the older of the two who had spoken. June needed no encouragement and slowly lay back on the blanket. He spoke again.

"OK love, you know what to do. Lift up your legs and let's have a look at your cunt."

Without hesitating June drew her knees up and then opened her legs wide. I dropped down onto my knees in front of her, before anyone else did. I wasn't frightened of the blokes at all, but I wanted to make sure that I was in control of the action. June seemed mesmerized by the whole business and I am sure she would have let them all fuck her if I had just stood and watched.

"Now, open her up with your fingers," he said to me. "Let's see how wet she is."

The older chap then produced a small torch from his pocket. It had dropped dark now, and it was difficult to see clearly. He switched it on and shone the light onto June's fanny. She didn't wait for me, but instead started to play with herself as the torch shone on her. As she pushed her fingers in and out the wetness from her fanny juices glistened in the light.

"Go on lad, give it to her," he shouted to me.

I pushed forward and thrust my cock into June's waiting fanny. She lifted her legs up in the air and rested them on my shoulders as I fucked her. Around us in the dark our three watchers were wanking furiously. The torchlight beam moved quickly around, first shining on my cock as it slipped slowly in and out of June, then on the three other cocks in turn and then onto June's face as it contorted with each firm thrust.

I was going more slowly now, taking in the sights around me. Then stopping, and pulling my cock out so the tip just rested between June's prominent cunt lips. I looked to my right and I could see that our young voyeur was close to coming. The older chap spoke first

"He's nearly there love, why not give him a hand."

June looked up and smiled at me. She reached out her left hand and took hold of his cock, her small hand barely able to cover it. As her fingers closed around the hard shaft, our watcher gave a loud groan and his cock jerked out of her hand. His first spurt shot over June and landed on the toilet floor by the door. The second and third fell onto June's basque.

"Now it's our turn love. One hand for each of our cocks".

I started to fuck June again as she lay back and the two old blokes moved closer to her. They were both on their knees, with their trousers and pants pulled right down. The one on the left had a long thin cock with really tight balls. His friend on the right had a short, but very thick cock and large balls, which hung down loosely.

"My name's Tony," the older one said, as he got hold of June's right hand and wrapped it around his cock And this is my brother, Pete". Pete leant over June, his pendulous balls touching her tits. She put her left hand up and held him and then started to toss them both off.

They were both breathing heavily now as June pumped away at them. Tony's right hand was squeezing her tits as he bent close to her.

"If we see you in this toilet again, we are both going to fuck you. "

I humped June harder now as I could tell she was near to coming.

"Next time we see you, you'll beg us to fuck you. Won't you? Say it, you dirty cow"

June's head was back now, her eyes nearly closed. "Yes, please fuck me", she shouted as I could feel her body tense and then release as she came. Her body arched again as the hot juices flowed out of her.

"Here's a load for you love," Pete grunted as his spunk shot over June's tits.

"And there's mine, you randy cow," said Tony as he pushed his cock up to June's face.

I watched in fascination as his cock jerked in his hand and wave after wave of hot sticky cum landed on June's face and hair. As he shook the last drop on her face, he inched forward further and started to rub his cock and balls in June's face, smearing the cum into her skin. This was too much for me and I pulled out of June and leant over her, directing my own orgasm at her face, my spurts of come mixing with Tony's.

He moved aside as I bent over June and helped her to her feet. As she stood up, streams of wet spunk ran down onto her basque. I knew that she was still sexed up, from the way she was looking at me. Tony and Pete, and our young voyeur, were still here, and I was aware of hands touching June. Feeling her tits, which had come out of the basque by now and feeling her cunt.

She put her arms round me and whispered, "I want fucking. Do you mind if they fuck me?"

I helped her over to the sink and she bent forward with both hands grasping the basin. The young lad came up behind her and fed his cock straight up her. She cried out as he banged into her, his balls slapping against her arse. After half a dozen thrusts he gave a low groan and emptied his load into her. June came again, and again, her juices gushing out onto the floor. As he pulled out, Tony shone the torch on June's fanny and you could see the thick white blobs of spunk slipping out of her.

Tony moved quickly in to take his place.

"Come and help me. Quick, hold her arse cheeks apart so we can see it going in" He gestured to us to come close and Pete and I did as we were told. June's cunt was now wide open to view, with her pretty brown arse staring out at us. He inched forward and placed his long thin cock between her fanny lips. He directed the torchlight so that we could see as he slowly fed his eight inches into June's cunt. He the pulled it out slowly and we could see every inch coated in a mixture of sperm and fanny juice.

"Does she take it up the arse? I shook my head. It was something we had never tried.

"Let's see", he said and licking his finger, gently eased it in to her puckered hole. June squirmed and moaned.

"Yes she is tight, isn't she? But you like that don't you? He continued pushing his finger further in. Now love, you'll have to beg me, like we said." He turned June round and pushed her to her knees. 'Beg, you slut"

June looked up at him. "Please fuck me", she whispered.

Tony picked her up again and turned her round. "You first Pete, empty your balls into her".

Pete moved behind June and pushed his fat cock up her. The torchlight shone on them as he fucked her with short strokes, and then suddenly pulled out. Tony stepped in and took his place, feeding his own cock back into her. For 5 or 10 minutes they took it in turns to fuck her. A couple of times Tony told me to join in and I fucked her over the sink like they were doing.

It was Pete's turn now and his tempo was increasing. Tony was encouraging him to come.

"Go on fill her up". Pete's arse contracted and another pile of cum filled up my wife's cunt. Tony moved in quickly and fed his long prick into her.

"There, nice and spermy. How do you like that," he said to June, fucking her with long strokes. "You've had two lots of spunk up you already, now take this." He pushed hard into her as his spunk shot into her waiting fanny.

Tony moved away, his softening prick dripping with spunk. Without a word, he and Pete turned away and left the toilet. The young lad, who had been keeping a lookout by the door, came over and thanked us both and said he would like to see us again. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 10:30. I helped June to tidy up and reminded her that we were due back at the pub before closing time. I was looking forward to seeing Babs again and I was sure June would still be up for more fun.