Written by motornut

5 Nov 2006

I have long had a fantasy to watch my wife getting fucked by another man. This fantasy seemed like it would never be fulfilled as the most she would do is strip naked in front of blokes. She did enjoy being naked in front of them and any time a male visitor came to our house, off would come her clothes. The first time this happened my mate came round and i had long desired to see her get naked for blokes, so i slipped her top off which she had no objection to. Then i undid her skirt and slipped it off before unclipping her bra. My mate could not beleive his luck but at this point she folded her arms over her chest before her bra came off completely. I told her it was just like being topless on the beach so she removed her arms. My mate was gobsmacked as he stared at her beautiful tits. Then i slipped her panties down her legs and she was naked. This is as far as it went, but from then on she always got naked when guys were around. I found this a turn on and tried to take it further.

Recently she started letting guys touch her naked body with the exception of her pussy. Then she started to spread her legs to give them a good view of her pussy. I knew then i was getting somewhere. Then last night we went to a pub in town and she was dressed in short skirt and tight top. as she danced on the dance floor, this lad of about 25 danced with her. I noticed that she then rolled her skirt up to make it as she dare without showing anything. She obviously was excited and this was making me horny. When he went to the bar for drinks i dared her to take her skirt off altogether but she refused. I thought she would as she has done it before in pubs and nightclubs and once in a nightclub even got completely naked on a busy dancefloor.

However this time she told me that if i wanted her skirt off we would have to take the lad home with us. So she asked him back and he agreed . She explained to him about my fantasy and he was up for it. So we got in a taxi and headed for home. We all sat in the back, my wife in between me and this guy. we had gone only a few yards before the skirt was off. The lad then pulled her top off and i removed her bra. He groped her tits and we arrived home with her dressed only in her panties. The taxi driver must have thought it was his birthday. After i paid the fare, we walked to the front door, my wife still only wearing her panties. Any of the neighbours could have seen. When we got in i went to pour us all a drink and by the time i got back to the living room they were both completely naked. i then endured a good hour of him fucking her, sucking her tits, licking her pussy and her sucking his cock.It was such a turn on to watch and by the time they finished she was covered in cum, it was around her pussy, on her legs, belly, tits and even on her face and in her hair. I then fucked her soaking pussy and the 3 of us fucked all night long in our bed.

This morning she commented how she loved it and wants to do it again, and even says she wants to try sharing a female too, so i am well up for that.