Written by Darren

8 Aug 2005

About 3 weeks ago i posted a story here sharing my 1st Bi exp whilst working on an electrical fault.

You may remember that as i left the house, Steve the owner implied that he wife might like to join in if i were to go round again. Anyway, a couple of days ago Steve phoned me asking me to have a look at installing some garden lighting for him. I remembered what he had said during my last visit so my mind was racing!!

Anyway, i have just arrived home from his house and here is what happened - and this is all true, no bullshit!!

I did a quick survey of the garden, noting what he wanted doing. He seemed very keen to get us both back in the house and make some coffee, which was fine by me as today is a bit nippy!

His wife (Joanne) was in the kitchen, wearing just a light cotton, loose fitting skirt. She looked as sexy as fuck, more so than the last time i saw her going off to work in that smart suit!

Steve poured some fresh filter coffee and we sat down at a breakfast bar kind of table in the kitchen. We were chatting generally, then Steve started talking to her about what had happened between him and me the last time i was there! I was so fucking embarrassed but she seemed to be loving it! He kept winking at me as he described to her what we had done.

He even told her that i had been sniffing her knickers and slapping my cock about!

She was panting very slightly now, and asked me if i wanted the ones she had on. Steve looked at me and nodded so i said yes.

She stood up and removed her knickers, handing them to me. They were light pink ones, with the unmistakably musky smell of wet cunt.

I felt a bit shy holding them but as they were still whispering to each other and not looking at me much, i started to sniff the area in the gusset and give them a quick lick.

Joanne whispered something to Steve, then grinned at me. Steve dropped to floor, came under the table to me, and started to grope at my stiffening cock.

As the pressure in my jeans started to build, Steve released it, letting it spring out at him.

It felt better than before as i was sniffing some freshly worn knickers, and as he started to play with my cock, his wife was 10 feet away, rubbing her trimmed cunt and moaning!!

After a few mins of him wanking and sucking me, he asked him to stop and got me to lay down on the floor. As soon as i did, she straddled me, and sat down on my hard cock, taking it right into her in one go. She leaned forward and started to snog me hard, while i groped at her small but firm tits.

Steve was now wanking himself while watching us fuck.

Joanne told Steve that she wanted him in her arse as i was fucking her, so he dropped his jeans and positioned himself behind her as i was still riding her. Spitting on his fingers and fingering her arse for a few seconds he then eased his cock into her tight arse hole. He both began pumping into her. She was whispering in my ear that Steve was fucking her arse and how good it felt to have 2 cocks at once.

Steve started talking dirty, and from my previous encounter with him, knew he was close to spunking. I told Joanne that i wanted to fill her cunt with my cum, knowing that Steve would hear and would do the same to her arse.

10 seconds later, to a chorus a grunts, Joannes cunt and arse were being pumped full of hot salty spunk at the same time.

We both eased out of her and the sight of both holes leaking cum was fucking amazing!

Jo got up, picked up her knickers, wiped herself down with them and put them back on!

I felt with an offer of going back anytime i wanted.

I think next time, i'll try her on her own!