Written by Dave

24 Jan 2006

This is a true story about a girl who managed the sales office in the company I used to sell for. When I joined as a sales rep Sue managed the order processing and production planning and was happily married. All the sales guys were dependant on her to get their orders out and Sue was very much the boss of the office so we all made sure we kept on the right side of her even though we reported to the sales director as did she.

Sue was in her mid 30's small, blonde and fairly plain looking. She used to wear frumpy clothes and wasn't a girl you'd think about sleeping with.

One summer she split up with her husband and became very moody and generally upset. We all kept out of the way and as usual she did her job efficiently.

After 6 months or so she started to change, lost weight though working out, started to dress more femininely in business suits and had her hair cut into a short blonde bob. She even took to wearing makeup and bright red lipstick.

The lads in the sales team began to talk about her and we all agreed she was starting to look pretty horny. Sue stayed single to our knowledge but seemed interested in men again.

That November we had our sales conference in a nice hotel and the overseas sales team where in the country. We had grown sales very well and everybody was happy and in the mood to party.

We had a good meal and loads of wine and eventually most people had gone to bed in the hotel except me, the spanish and French sales guys and Sue. We were laughing and joking and I noticed Sue's tits that were small and pert seemed visable in her blouse and her black shirt seemed higher than usual showing occasional signs of stocking tops.

Piere the French guy was fooling around showing jokes on his laptop and as the pictures got ruder we all were laughing and pretty drunk.

Piere suddenly showed a picture of a naking women with a fag in her pussy pretending to smoke it with her lips and I was worried Sue would be offended. However she laughed and said "don't you have any nice pics of hunky men".

Piere then opened another file and these were hard porn. I looked at Sue who was smiling and flirting and obvioulsy interested in the images. Juan the spanish guy then opened a pic of group sex of a girl with similar athletic build to Sue being spit roasted by two big studs.

Seeing where this might be going I suggested we go to my room to get more wine as the bar was closing. Off we went the 4 of us with Sue looking unsure but in the lift you could see her breathing getting faster as we all thought the same thing.

In my room I opened some wine and put on the hotel porn film as Sue sat on the bed with her skirt riding right up. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife until Juan and Piere sat on either side of Sue and began rubbing her legs. To my amazement, she lay back with a sigh and parted her legs to show her lean thighs and red pants. Soon hands where all over her body and she lay there with her eyes tight and moaned. I saw potential trouble and said "Sue do you want this ?". "Oh yes " she said "don't stop, but please don't tell anyone in the office".

I pulled off her pants and discovered a trimmed neat pussy with blonde pubes and very pink flesh. I licked and sucked as the other guys licked her Tits bringing up her nipples rock hard. We all got undressed and Sue suddenly said " I haven't had sex for 9 months, be gentle". She lay me down on the bed and slowly mounted me with the other guys wanking and putting their cocks in her face as she teased them with her tongue. Her pussy was really tight and hot and it took several minutes to get it in. She began to moan and ride me and her athletic figure began to buck and twitch. I couldn't hold back as her tight pussy milked me dry as I came.

She then turned over into doggy style and Piere entered her from behind and Juan tried to get his cock in her mouth. She was having none of it though and told him to wait his turn. I watched as Piere ponded her really hard and she moaned like crazy for a good 10 minutes before cuming very hard. She then rolled over on her front and Juan entered her with the cum from the two of us dripping down her legs. He came really quicky and pulled out to pump his load all over her flat belly.

In the morning Sue looked uncomfortable but got us all together and explained if she got a bad name for this through our gossip our life would be hell.

About 3 months later I left the company. Sue is now in a long term relationship and ignores the lads, howver we have our memories of that amazing evening.