Written by Oliver

6 Aug 2004

I always regarded my local hairdressers as a sexual no-go area. I had heard from other men that they were a hotbed of passion, but thus wasn’t my experience. I have used the same unisex salon for many years. There are three members of staff who have changed over the years. First there is the one that’s very attractive whose body language says she didn’t reciprocate the attraction. Then there is the second one, Kay, who is about my age (mid 50’s) and very chirpy and flirty. Finally there is Elaine, who I’ve known for years. She’s in her early forties and sadly is an also ran in the beauty stakes. She always dresses well and makes the most of herself, but she can’t disguise the fact that she’s plain. Recent event have weighed her down and she is beginning to look her age, which makes me sad because I have always liked her as a person.

Things started to change when we went in to make appointments. Whilst discussing colouring my hair (men don’t!) Kay brushed her breast against me casually, then again. Finally she manoeuvred herself into such a position that her right breast was in my hand. Of course I squeezed! But she never batted an eyelid. Perhaps there was more passion than I thought!

On the appointed day I sat there looking a complete prawn with my gown on in the front salon. Elaine then asked me to move into the back salon because the colour would take some time to take and she could do another customer. After sitting there on my own for what seemed like an age she came through and finished me off. When she stood back holding the mirror for me to see the back, she said, “I think I’ve done a good job there, I could even fancy you myself!”

So far there’s one thing I haven’t told you about Elaine, her eyes may be a little too wide apart, but they are deeply expressive. We held a long eye contact via the mirror.

“If that’s an invitation, I might just take you up on the offer.”

Eyes again, no words.

I still didn’t believe the conversation, so when I was walking past a few days later I noticed they were quiet and decided to take the plunge. There was only Elaine and Kay in with one customer. Trying to sound business like, I asked if the other day’s offer had been acceptable. Elaine said we needed to discuss things and asked Kay to take me upstairs and make me a coffee, she would be up in a minute.

Upstairs turned out to be a staff room kitchen with a table, upright chairs and a sofa obviously retired from somebody’s three piece suite. Kay made three coffees and suddenly said, “you won’t hurt her will you, she had her heart broken enough already.”

I didn’t have time to recover from realising that the purpose of my visit was known when Elaine came into the room and Kay left. She looked quizzically at me with come to bed eyes. She said, “no strings.”

I said, “no strings.” And then we stood there like two tongue-tied kids. I decided to break the ice by getting undressed. Then I turned to undress her. As I pulled her top off I found something that made my heart skip a beat, unshaved armpits. She was soon naked and gave me a second surprise, she blossomed into beauty. I have always said that God designed the human body to be admired naked and she was the proof. Without her clothes you could see how delightfully put together she was, all the plainness dropped away.

I stepped forward and embraced her and revelled in feeling skin next to skin. It is one of the unsung erotic pleasures. We kissed and she felt her way round my cock and balls. I turned her round so that I was standing behind her and cupping her breasts in my hands bit the side of her neck. From her reaction I guessed that the juices would be beginning to flow so I sneaked my hand down to find a wonderful wetness. But I had something more pressing on my mind and slid my hands up to those wonderful armpits.

“Oh shit!” she said, “I’d forgotten that I hadn’t shaved. I’ve become allergic to deodorants.”

I told her that I found it wonderfully erotic and hoped she would never shave them again. Taking her to the sofa, I nuzzled into one. There was a wonderful aroma of fresh sweat plus Elaine’s unique smell. I licked it all in. I find the taste of an armpit the strongest taste I have ever had on my on your tongue. It goes straight to my sexual heart raising my arousal to untold heights. When my tongue first touched her she giggled because it tickles, but subsequent licks brought those wonderful sounds of a woman becoming aroused. I raked my fingernails down her back. When we surfaced for air she remarked that she was very close to coming and I hadn’t even touched her in any of the usual places.

Lips on the nipple and finger on the clit quite clearly brought on the first orgasm. More of the same brought bigger and better. Then tongue an the clit and fingers up the cunt , then back to the armpits and so on. I didn’t mention that I was pretty certain we wee being watched, it turned me on more, giving a performance. She said, “I can’t take any more, fuck me!”

I didn’t need a second invitation, but I did whisper in her ear that I didn’t think I would last very long and she replied she didn’t think she could take a long fucking. My cock slid in beautifully and half a dozen long strokes had me coming and her squealing with her orgasm. I said I hoped we’d get to do it again because there were so many thing we hadn’t done. We were not properly dressed when Kay appeared saying that the next customer was waiting downstairs.

When she had gone Kay said my coffee must be cold, she would make me another. As she busied herself with her back to me she chattered on about nothing. I said I had seen her peeping, and she said if that was going on above your head wouldn’t you? She said it had made her very horny and then she asked me, “did you give her a good rimming?”

I was gobsmacked hearing the question. The memory of Elaine’s bum passed through my mind with that little hole in need of a tongue or a finger, but I had decided that it wasn’t something I did on a first date.

“Why, is that something she specially likes?”

“No it’s my favourite thing.” I felt my cock stirring, she had meant what she said. It was then I realised that each time she turned round her blouse was revealing more of her tits. This time she was revealing all.

“You’ll have to get me going again.”

“Get your kit off!” Naked again. The fact that I was still covered in Elaine’s and my juices did not deter her from going down on me. I love having my cock sucked up from soft and the fact that it had just been used meant it to a pleasurably long time. She said she loved sucking a well used cock. When it was ready I undressed her and after a perfunctory session of foreplay we both knew what was wanted. She got into doggy position and my tongue went to work. I could tell she had plenty of experience in that department because she opened up wide to let me in. She was not noisy, but I could tell that she was coming.

I reached the point where I felt if I didn’t get my cock in, I would come on the spot. I rolled her on her back and putting her ankles behind her ears plunged in. She made a wonderful little noise in my ear telling me that I had got my timing right. She said, “up my arse.”

I assume that she had had anal sex in missionary position before but she seemed surprised when I pulled out, pushed her ankles further behind her ears to line things up and pushed back in. As she was already very aroused in that area I just went straight in, right up to the hilt and she responded with an intake of breath which sounded like pleasure. I took my usual slow long strokes pulling back until her ring teased the back of my cockhead. Then I flooded her with my cum. As we disentangle I got that strange feeling that I had been watched, but this time we had been facing the wrong way on the sofa to know.

When I left a little while later Elaine was cutting a customer's hair. She said over her shoulder with a cheeky grin on her face, “I hope you got everything you wanted, I hope you’ll come again. In fact we look forward to seeing you again soon.”