Written by Glenn

25 Sep 2003

I have to admit I was oblivious to my wifes career as it was an extra to our income generated by my own business. I worked very hard and long hours and it was a while before I realised she was working late and our occasional sexlife was becoming non-existent. Gerry is 33 years old with big 42 dd tits but slim legs and waste. Fair haired and feisty when we met she was up for anything. I called my wife to tell her I would be late home and back about 10 or 11 at night. The day had progressed better than expected and I found myself well ahead of schedule heading home.

I arrived home and found a car in the drive I had never seen before. I left my car on the lane and went over to the house a little puzzled. The key opened the door and no one was downstairs in our not so big yet expensive cottage.

I heard sounds upstairs and headed this way. I got to the midway landing of the stairs to be greeted at eyeline by my wife being fucked by a man half our age!

She had her eyes shut and mouth open and was moaning like I hadn't seen since our early days of marriage.

I must admit that I was very turned on by this an watched her climax to an orgasm before announcing myself.

Gerry and her boyfriend were more than a little suprised when I walked in to our bedroom. Gerry beame very emotional and I held her weeping head and explained I understood and liked what I had seen .

Gerry wiped her tears away and unzipped my bulging cock frantically trying to relieve her guilt on my cock. I beckoned to the young startled man who I later found out was called Tony to join in. He was hard in minutes and taking Gerry from behind. Gerry licked and sucked my cock and balls frantically whilst her young lover pumped from behind.

Tony couldn't hold back anymore and came noisly with a shudder. Gerry moved herself on top of my cock squelching cum all over my cock and my ball sack. She slurped up and down until I felt her cunt tighten and as she gasped I came like I had never come before.

We really don't regret learning the hardway that you need excitement in your sexlife to keep a relationship really hot!