Written by newlywed

9 May 2006

It was my wedding day and as I was getting dressed I overheard my bridesmaides husband telling her that he didnt get up to anything just Richard ( my soon to be Hubby) I put my ear to the door of my bedroom and heard him tell susan how Richard had fucked at least six women that weekend sometimes in front of the other lads but that noone else had got involved.

Well I was shocked and I thought for a moment about calling the whole thing off but I had flirted with a number of guys over the years letting some of them finger me even so instead I decided I would even things up.

I took off my white silk panties and walked up the isle in stockings suspenders a garter and high heels under my wedding dress, id also shave my pussy as a wedding night treat ( first time ever)and it felt great.

In the back of the car from the church to the recetion I started to kiss Richard really passionatly he responded and started to put his hand up my skirt waiting for me to stop him but I didnt instead I opened my legs as wide as I could lifting up my dress so that the driver could see my fresh wet pussy in his mirror.

Richard nearly fainted especially when I started to play with myself in the car closing my eyes and telling him to watch but dont touch. I put my fingers deep inside my pussy then into his mouth then I spread my lips with my left hand and started to rub my clit with my right I orgasmed in about 30 seconds just as we were reaching our destination I put my fingers in for one last time then.... as I got out of the car leaned over to the driver and put my fingers in his mouth to taste me. Richard nearly choked but I could also see from the bulge in his trousers he loved it.

During our first waltz I told him I knew all about the stag night he tried to protest his innocense but I told him it was ok I would show him later how everything would work out. I could see he was worried as he had no idea what I meant by that.

I had a couple of drinks and circulated then I saw Richards best man and asked him if he could help me carry some flowers back to my room so they didnt get spoilt, without any warning we got to the room I stood by the bed lifted my dress showed him my shaved pussy and said you have exactly 2 minutes to fuck however you like then you will never see me naked again. There had never been any banter between us and he was Richards best mate so what would he do?

He dropped his trousers made me sit on the bed put his cock in my mouth to make him hard and as soon as it was he pushed me on to my back and fucked me like it was the last night of the world he lasted about 30seconds whic was 10 seconds lomger than me I orgasmed like a train. He pumped himself deep inside me and as he finished I pushed him off and said we better get back. Not another word was said.

I went to the party and then looked for my next victim, Richards Brother who had also been on the stag weekend. I asked him to help with my presents back to the room and ...well no surprise I had my second lot of cum in me in 20 minutes so back to the party but this time it was Richards father. I said I needed something from the car and would he help, I pretended to get some stuff from the boot bending over giving him a view of my stocking tops ( we had left the car their the night before) when he leant up against my I swear pushing himself against my bum, to help look for whatever I was looking for so I simply reached around stroked the front of his trousers and without saying anything or looking around lifted my skirt to show him my naked arse he undid his belt spead my legs from behind slipped a finger inside me propbably to make sure I was wet ( with 2 lots of spunk already in there he wasnt disappointed) then slipped his very large cock into me and humped me like a dog. He grunted as he came and started to say sorry I turned to face him lowering my dress feeling the spunk dribble down the inside of my thighs onto my stocking tops. I put my fingers to my lips and said a one off our little secret. He blushed and we went back inside.

I fucked three more guys that night all of which had been to the stag night including my bridsmaids husband who fucked me in the arse. I also gave a blow job to one of the waiters just for the hell of it while his mate wanked all over my thighs.

When it was time for the last waltz I looked all the facse who had fucked me that night all of them thinking they had a secret from everyone else all of whom had gone on the stag weekend and thought they would have a secret amongst them over me. When we got back to our room Richard said "about the stag night" I said not now first I want you to lick me as I tell you my fantasy about fucking guests at our wedding... he commented on how wet I was but couldnt taste or smell all that spunk because of the booze and cigarette smoke that he had been exposed to throughout the night. So I decribed in graphic detail evrything that happened him thinking it was a fantasy. I orgasmed twice while he was licking all that jizz away not knowing. He came up for air and said I'd love to see you with another man so I said OK...

Lets order room service.

The honeymoon was great