4 Sep 2018

This was the longest leg so far of their journey, right through the corn belt of the Mid-West. In total the train journey would take 11 hours, so far they had completed 6 and already the scenery had become bland and repetitive. Mile after mile of corn and wheat fields, occasionally punctuated by a farm and even more occasional by a small town

Zoe was bored, but unlike Simon her partner was unable to find comfort in sleep. She had finished all the magazines she had brought to read several hours before, the battery on her iPod had died and she had finished all the snacks they had stocked up on

She lent across and picked up Simon’s rucksack and looked through for something to read…….What Car, “How riveting”, Guitar Player “Joy of joys!”

But what was this….surely not?

Zoe was shocked to find a porn magazine tucked away, yet she was also compelled to take it out of the bag after quickly checking that the carriage they were in was deserted

She began flicking through the pages, and her reaction was to be expected. “What does he see in this…it’s just so fake…” Yet she did have to admit that

Miss September was very attractive.

She then came to a section containg reader’s letters. These really were beyond believable…all apart from the last one. It was less graphic than the others, less boastful in its claims. In fact Zoe found it slightly arousing

Her interest in the magazine had become slightly keener. She flicked back through the pictures, and paused a little longer over Miss September. She really was very attractive, pert breasts with small pink nipples, and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed

Zoe then came across a short story and began to read. Although she had watched several porn films she had never read any erotic literature before, this was certainly becoming a baptism of fire. It was powerful stuff and she was enjoying it. She read on eagerly and was becoming aware of a tingling from her crotch, she was becoming aroused

When she had finished the story she was aware that her breathing had become shallow and fast, her throat dry, but most of all she was very aware of how wet she had become

She turned the pages back to Miss September, and once again stared at this woman’s naked body. In one picture she was holding the lips of her vagina open and Zoe was sure that she looked genuinely aroused and her labia glistened with her juices

She thought she would be looking like this now. And as that thought raced through her brain she felt that familiar tug from deep within her, her desire rising fast

She glanced over at Simon, still fast asleep. She stood up pretending to stretch out a stiff leg and looked around the carriage…..empty

She sat back down, her heart beating fast. Could she? She sat a moment longer, but the risk of what she was contemplating was having the opposite effect. The desire…..the need to touch her self was becoming overwhelming

She glanced around one more time, and then with mixed trepidation and longing she slipped two fingers between the buttons of her blouse and under the cup of her bra. Her nipple was stiff and as she gently rubbed and pinched it she felt an enormous surge rush through her, she closed her eyes and moaned softly

She opened the mag up and stared down at Miss September and imagined it was her hand caressing her erect nipple. She couldn’t believe she was doing this…but it felt so good, so bad! But what the hell there was no stopping now.

Luckily she had put on her comfy sweat pants for the journey which allowed her to easily slide her hand inside her waist band and without hesitation inside her now, very damp knickers as well.

Her pussy was so warm and wet and she wasted no time in sliding a finger in to her hole. Stifling her moan this time was much harder, she felt on fire.

Slowly she moved her finger in and out enjoying the feeling as she became more sensitive, more aroused. With her desire rising quickly and her need for more satisfaction she made another of her fingers wet and started to use two fingers….that felt much better

She shut her eyes and imagined that it was Miss September finger fucking her pussy. The thought of that sent a jolt through her body and she quickened her pace, her fingers now moving quickly in and out

But she was enjoying her self far too much and didn’t want to cum so soon. She wanted to take her time, tease herself some more

She slowed her hand down letting her fingers slowly pull all the way out and then pushing them gently back in to her…..pushing them deep in to her pussy

She then remembered where she was and with a start opened her eyes……Simon was still fast asleep

What would he think she thought to her self as she relaxed again and stared slowly fingering herself once more……….and what would he think if he knew it was the though of another woman fingering me that had made me so aroused

Although the teasing was enjoyable she was getting to the stage where she needed release she needed to cum. Whilst continuing to finger fuck her pussy she pushed her other hand inside her knickers and quickly found her swollen clit. She couldn’t recall the last time her clitoris felt so big and so sensitive. She was becoming delirious with pleasure, lost to her desires and emotions

She felt her orgasm rising, every nerve ending in her body tingling, all those sensations being channeled to her pussy………..”What was that”

She had heard a noise she opened her eyes……….oh my god. There two rows further back sat a young man. He hadn’t even noticed she was looking at him as his eyes where firmly fixed to her crotch and what her hands had been doing

So surprised had she been by the intrusion she realised her fingers where still inside her, but that surprise was only second to now noticing that the young man’s flies where undone and he had his cock in his hand. She sat there dumbstruck, looking at his hard cock whilst her fingers where deep inside her

Their eyes eventually met and for several seconds they held each other gaze. The she noticed his hand to slowly move up and down his shaft. She couldn’t help admiring what a big cock he had.

His mouthed silently to her “Show me”

She carried on staring her eyes darting between his face and his huge cock

“Show Me” he mouthed at her again

Dare she do this? Her heart was pounding and if anything the aching from her pussy was even greater

She watched as his hand rhythmically moved up and down the full length of his erection and the decision was made.

She slid her thumbs into the waist band of her sweat pants and knickers, arched her back against the seat back and lifted her hips up. With one swift move she pulled both down to her thighs. Then sitting back down her bare ass on the seat she pulled her sweat pants and knickers round her ankles

With her feet together she spread her knees wide apart exposing fully her wet pussy to the stranger sitting opposite

She had never felt so aroused and she immediately started rubbing her clit again. With her legs now spread wide, opening her swollen lips her clit was fully exposed, and if felt wonderful as she gently rubbed herself. Apart from Simon no one had ever watched her masturbate before and she was surprised but how much of an erotic experience it was

She loved him watching her and loved watching him wank his hard cock as he did so

She continued to rub her clit with one hand and with the other she slid two fingers deep inside her…..mmmmm that felt good. She moved her fingers slowly in and out of her wet hole and as she did she started to imagine what it would feel like to have such a big cock in her as the one she was now staring at just a few seats away

The thought was becoming too much to bear, she wanted him inside her she needed his cock in her. She took her feet out of her rolled down sweat pants leaving them on a pile on the carriage floor along with her knickers and in four short steps she was standing in front of her wanking stranger

She turned around so she was facing away from him, if she was going to have such a huge cock in her she wanted him in as deep as possible and that was always best for her when she was taken from behind

She shuffled back her legs outside of his, and then reaching between her legs she took hold of him…..she wrapped her hand around his shaft. She had never felt anyone so thick, and so hard. Enjoying the experience she moved her hand up and down his prick

Then bending her knees she lowered herself down stopping as the tip of his cock touched her. She moved his cock back and forth teasing her pussy hole and rubbing it against her clit

She had to hold back her orgasm now and from the sounds of his moans he was as well, release is what they both needed. She held his cock upright pushing the tip against her opening then very slowly she began to lower herself on to him

Her lips opened wide taking him in to her….”Fuck that felt good”

She kept lowering herself down wondering how much more she could take; his cock really was huge inside her. A short sharp gasp came from her mouth as she finally pushed her lap down on to him taking the full length of his cock inside her

She sat there momentarily getting use to the feeling of being so full, letting her body calm her breathing to slow down. Then…..very slowly…..she began to raise herself back up….slowly…..feeling his delicious cock pressing against the sides of her pussy

She reached between her legs and took hold of his cock as she raised herself up letting the end of his cock just come out of her and her pussy hole to close

Then she lowered herself again on to him once again taking the full length of his cock deep inside her

But raising herself this time she kept him inside her and immediately moved down on him again…but still slowly, rhythmically

She leant forward slightly and placed her hands on his thighs and began raising and lowering her ass ever faster

He reached around her taking her tits in his hands as she began to fuck him with more force and urgency. She moved one her hand from his thighs and started to rub her clit as she rode his cock….her whole body felt alive, every nerve ending tingling, waves of delight surging through her

But it seemed there was one more surprise in store. She had been lost in carnal desire oblivious to anything other than the cock in her and the pleasure it was giving her

But briefly her eyes focused around the carriage and there just those few seats away looking straight at her was Simon……..she froze

But she had no reason to worry as far from a look of outrage on his face she saw him looking at her lustfully and as he looked back at her he smiled…..and then nodding to her in encouragement unzipped his jeans taking out his already hard cock

“Let me watch you fuck him”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, fuck him hard and cum for me”

“Let me suck your cock at the same time”

“In a minute fuck him some more first”

She started slowly rising up and down his cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy hole and as she rode him she watched Simon wanking himself

Her rhythm quickly picked up and as it did she also felt him underneath begin pushing up and his hips bucking….he was going to cum very soon, and so was she

“Simon, I’m so close to cuming. I want your cock in my mouth”

She’s often fantasised about a 3sum and now it seemed it was about to happen. The idea of having a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth was such a turn on

“Please Simon, whilst he’s fucking me let me suck you”

Simon stood up and waddled across the short space between them trousers and pants round his ankles

She stopped riding her mysterious lover for a moment as Simon held out his hard cock to her and she bent forward and slowly sucked him deep in to her mouth

She could taste his salty cum already leaking out and she licked and sucked him with renewed vigour and as she did so she again began rising up and down on the huge cock that was still deep inside her throbbing pussy

She knew this was it, the final throws of absolute desire. It felt amazing to have two cocks in her, and just the thought of it pushed her closer still to cumming

But it was Simon that came first. She heard him moan and then thrust his hips forward and then felt her mouth fill up with his warm sticky cum. She sucked him hard and deep as his came in her mouth swallowing his cum as she did

It was her turn now. She rubbed her clit frantically and fucked her stranger hard and fast. And then it hit her. A surge of almost violent power coursing through her entire body…..she let out aloud uncontrollable moan. The intensity was like nothing she had ever felt before

Her pussy contracting hard, then again and again. Her body was shaking but still she kept cumming. She yelped as he pushed up hard his cock penetrating deep inside her….”I’m cumming” she heard him say

He thrust hard four or five times and she felt the warmth of his spunk shooting inside her. His body stiffened and then relaxed and as it did she crumpled down on top of him both of them panting hard

She then lifted herself of him, cum trickling from her pussy turned round and walked back with Simon both of them smiling wickedly

The End