Written by Angie

20 Nov 2005

We had been going to 'the club' for some time and although we had enjoyed same room sex and many times being watched we had never actually got round to full swapping. However that all changed when we met our four new friends!

Our night started as they all do, we went in and there were a nice mix of people in and my husband Dave and I went to the bar and ordered some drinks. We then looked around for a seat and sat with a nice looking couple who turned out to be Sean and Debbie, we made small talk and I thought nothing would come of it! We were there for around half an hour when we were joined by another couple who had obviously arranged to meet up with Sean and Debbie, they introduced themselves as Mel and Chris.

After about another half an hour or so me and Dave went to get changed and have some fun upstairs. I thought it would be just like all the other times when we have enjoyed putting on a show for everyone to watch. It started off like that with me sucking Daves cock whilst on all fours making sure that my pussy was on view for all to see through the window, it must have worked because before long the door opened and a man came in and sat on the end of the bed and just watched for a while. I carried on wanking Daves cock whilst he had his fingers up my cunt and it was ever so sexy to hear my husband whisper that we were not alone. It wasn't long before the stranger had joined Dave in pleasuring me and as any woman who has had two men sucking her tits and playing with her fanny will no doubt tell you it is a very pleasurable experience. It made it all the more so by the fact that the stranger hadn't said a word yet. As we had never actually swapped yet and he was a single male I decided that was enough for that night and stranger guy left the room and Dave and I carried on wanking each other slowly.

We had only been alone for a matter of seconds and I was still feeling very turned on by what we had just done, when the door opened and we were joined by Debbie, Mel, Sean and Chris. Mel and Debbie came and lied down beside me with me in the middle and each of them had a hold of my tits, having never had the experience of another womans hands on my breasts this was much more of a turn on than I expected. The next thing I knew was the three guys had each positioned themselves at the end of the bed so that they could lick our pussy's, with Debbie having Chris, Mel having Dave and me having Sean. It was so natural to just lay back and enjoy two girls feeling my tits whilst a complete stranger licked my pussy. I then decided that I should repay the compliment to Sean and suck his dick, until then I hadn't seen it and so when I did see how big it was it made me gasp. Dave isn't small but Sean was very thick and quite long, I am a girl who just loves to suck cock and so when I saw it I just had to have it, but I did have to open my mouth very wide to take it all, he seemed to enjoy this though as he started to fuck my mouth. We then changed positions at his request and he lay down on the bed whilst I straddled him, again I had to take things very slowly as he was so big, but I soon became accustomed to his size and bounced up and down on his cock until he came, he must have enjoyed what I was doing to him as he didn't seem to last very long.

I hadn't really noticed what everyone else was doing because I was enjoying myself so much, but Dave told me later that it realy turned him on to see me having so much fun. Later after a rest we had a threesome with me sucking Daves dick whilst Chris shagged me from behind and Dave got to shag Mel again too. It was a real turn on to have so much cock all at once and I can't wait to do it again, maybe next time there will be even more of us!