Written by A & S

16 Jul 2004

I'm 44 the lady next door was 29 with a great figure.

A month ago June to be truthful the only summer we have had this year the temp was over 30% my wife was away for aweek so it was quite at work so I decided to go home to rest in the garden about lunch time. I had opened up a bottle of wine lying on the lounger in my shorts I heard the girl next door go out in her car so I new no one was going to be about for a while. So I slipped of my shorts and lay naked dreaming the afternoon away, I must have dozed off because I woke up had a look around and noticed next doors door open but as there is a six foot fence between us didn't worry to much but slipped my sorts back on just in case. Lying back on my lounger I heard my neighbour shout I'm just opening a bottle care to join me. We had had drinks together before but always as couples, with my wife away it didn't really matter I new her husband was at work so I said ok and walk round to her front door when she opened the door she was wearing a very small top which just covered her breats and a thong I felt my cock jump in my pants.We sat at her patio table and she poured us a glass of wine as she lent forward her tit's coming into view under her top I couldn't help but stare. then she said I'm sorry for snoping but u look better with your shorts off she admitted to having been looking thro a hole in our fence while I was a sleep and said I had a large erection. My erection was stating again which she noticed she pulled off her top her tits where beautifl and pert she said I enjoy sunbatheing naked to with this she removed her thong as well my erection now was out of control and bursting my shorts. She came across to me and took hold of my shorts and said join me I didn't need asking twice needless to say we didn't do much sun bathing she put her head between my legs and start licking and sucking my erection then she bent over the tabe with her arse in the air I plunged my tongue deep into her wettness it tasted so good she had put a blanket down on the lawn we lay on this and I parted her legs and pushed my throbbing cock deep into her wettness she was really loud panting and asking for more we fucked and licked in everyway possible that afternoon and I went home a very satisfied man and I think she was to. sorry to say a few weeks ago they moved away so as the summer disappeared we never had chance to relive our afternoon.

So if anyone fancy's taking her place email me hope we get some sun soon !!