Written by Stagg

15 Dec 2006

This a true story one i aways thoughout would happen to someone else, i am in my 50s and a manager of a hotel, our chef, a tall 5ft 8in size 10 and looks to go with it who is only 26.

Well working in a close enviroment we had to talk and discuuss matters regarding menues and functions, this was very business like to start with but in the end it became very sugestive for menu names etc.

One thing lead to another and after one shift we ended up having a drink in the bar and then back in my apartment, once we got back we had hardly set foot in the door before we started undressing one another.

We end up on the settee in a 69 position, this i have done before but this time i came in her mouth and she climax as well, yes, a first time for!!

After this we just layed and kissed for what seemed ages, and then once i got hard again we made love, oh what bliss this was, she stayed the night and when we woke up we made love again.

The same happen the next night.

So the motto of this story is yes it can happen to you, just enjoy it why you can.

The relationship lasted about 5 months and then she moved on to pastures new in London.

But if any one reads this and as the saying goes, I`m free if any one is interested.