Written by Jon

6 Feb 2005

I discovered this story on my computer that my wife had written to one of the men that she once met.

You are really excited because you have the keys to your new flat. You can't wait to finish work and go round to see it again. It is in a very flashy block of flats, in the best part of town, with others all around it. You imagine yourself throwing wild parties, having intimate dinners and fucking lots of different women in every room. You consider yourself a bit of an expert with the ladies, but have never found one who could fulfil your sexual fantasies. As you pull up to the flats you realise that there really are lots of flats in close proximity, some of which you overlook and some which overlook you. This disconcerts you slightly, but then you are overcome with excitement again, and rush upstairs to your new home.

Opening the door you realise you have made the right decision and this could open a new, exciting chapter in your life. You move from room to room imagining different scenarios, some sexual with different women you know. This really will be a shag pad.

A few days later when you have moved in and are feeling at home you sit down to enjoy a quiet evening in with a large glass of wine. You have left all the curtains open as it is a warm and sultry night. In fact you need to open a window. As you move toward the glass, you look across at the oposite flat. The lights are on, but only shed a warm glow. You can still see everything in the flat and note that a woman must live there because there are flowers everywhere and women's touches. Your attention is attracted by amovement at the edge of your vision. In the next room you imagine you see the movement of a womanly body,as she passes from room to room. For some reason you're attention is drawn and you begin to feel excited though not knowing why.

Again there is movement, you see a shadow move into the room you have been watching. In this light she becomes more visible. You are startled to realise that she is wearing very little and that she is absolutely gorgeous. Now you are completely drawn in and cannot move from the window. You know you should look away but are unable to. Sitting down, you notice the soft curves of her body and how the bra that she is wearing pushes up her breasts. You begin to wish you were in her flat rather than yours. You look around for signs that she is not alone, but cannot see any one else in the flat.

You return to her body, she is very curvy, with long blonde hair that reaches to her waist. But her greatest asset are her breasts. They seem ready to burst from the lacy bra she is wearing. She takes a glass and moves to sit down on the sofa. You imagine she is sipping wine and listening to soft music. Slowly she moves her hands to her breasts and begins to caress them, as you would imagine a man doing. She leans back and arches her back thrusting her breasts forward, again fondling them and pulls her bra down so that she can squeeze her nipples. You cannot believe your luck, what harm can it do? Undoing her bra she releases two perfectly fomed breast which make you gasp with lust. Her hands move all over her body slowly as if someone else was caressing her. She seems oblivious to anything else but her own body. Leaning back on the sofa, she moves her hand between her legs. You can see that she is rubbing herself, her pants are pulled tight between her legs. With one hand rubbing her tits, she continues to pleasure herself. You should turn away but can't.

You're cock is already hard in your pants. It wouldn't hurt to rub it? Undoing your trousers you are surprised to see how turned on you are, your cock is already wet with lust. You gently begin to rub it whilst watching to see every movement she makes. She is obviously enjoying herself, and removes her pants revealing a hairy pussy. She rubs herself with her fingers, you imagine you can feel her hard clit and that you see her putting two fingers inside. You are really aroused now and rubbing yourself just as hard as she is. Your cock is dripping and you pull back your foreskin and rub the end. You will come any minute. Looking across you see her hand moving faster. She throws back her head and gives in to the pleasure. You can almost hear her sighs as she comes in front of you.Your come bursts from your cock, it feels so good, and seems to last for ages. When you regain your composure you look across to her flat. She is standing at the window, looking at YOU.She smiles secretly and turns away. How soon will you repeat this performance? Very soon, you are sure.

Love ? X