Written by S.

16 Aug 2005

Last month I was returning to Portsmouth from Spain on the overnight ferry.I had hoped to have a cabin to myself but as it was holiday time I was asked to share with a guy called Phil.After introducing ourselves he suggested we hit the bar for a nightcap,which turned out to be more than one.

Back in cabin while I used the toilet Phil undressed and was got ready for bed.I was somewhat surprised when I entered the room that he was naked on his bunk pleasuring himself."You dont mind do you,it helps me sleep"he said as I got into my own bunk.

"No problem,whatever"I replied.

I was about to read my book when Phil said why didn`t I join him anything must be better than a boring old book.Not to appear an old fart I put down the book and got onto my bunk and began stroking my cock.Phil asked what I was thinking about while I wanked.I said the usual,my wife,some nubile blonde or other.Phil asked no men then,to which I replied sometimes but only when I felt really horny.Phil then asked if the sight of him wanking turning me on.I said I found it was quite erotic and dangerously exciting.His next question was to ask if I had ever wanked off another man,before I could reply he had slipped off his bunk and was standing alongside mine,taking my free hand and placing it on his erect cock.Instinctively I began to stroke my hand up and down his shaft.Phil smiled and looking down beckoned me to slid over so that we could lay side by side.For the next couple of minutes we lay together each slowly wanking each others cocks.It didn`t seem sorid or dirty so when Phil asked if he could suck me off I didn`t utter any resistance.Pushing me back onto the bunk he moved down on me and slowly lowered his lips around my cock and began to move up and down my shaft.After a while he stopped and moved his position so that we were laying head to toe before he resumed sucking on my cock.I lay there stroking his cock as he made love to mine.So when he shifted his position again bringing his cock level with my face it seemed only natural to feed it into my mouth in return.As i got used to having the strange object in my mouth I began to mimic Phils moves on my own,we were soon sucking in unison.All to soon I felt my self building for my climax and shot my load into his mouth.I heard Phil give a moan and without warning he came in mine,there was no turning back as each load hit the back of my throat I swallowed.It was only when each others cocks had softened did we release each other from our lips.

As Phil returned to his own bunk he nodded to my book and said better than an thriller anytime dont you think.Early next morning we awoke having slept well.It was Phil who suggested that as we had an hour or so before docking did I fancy one for the road.I was on Phils bunk almost before he had finished the words.The hour passed so quickly but we were able to cum twice for each other.

When I got home I found Phil had slipped his business card in my pocket with a note on the back saying his next trip to Spain was in three weeks and hoped he would see me on board again.