Written by Annie

31 Dec 2016

What a night.. Annie had met a group of friends for birthday celebrations, as she made her way to the packed bar she slipped into a gap between two very young guys. Surprising getting cosy with thoughts of the past and how naughty she used to be... Annie's husband loved hearing stories of how slutty she was before him and for over a year now he had been trying to convince her to go out and have fun with other men for his pleasure. Annie struggling with her mind with how this wasnt cheating even the thoughts of kissing someone else made her feel like it would be unfaithful but this is what he husband wanted. He longed for that message that picture that video so she thought tonight was as good as any night to start see how she felt.

Annie slowly slid her hand down the outside of guys jeans in front of her just the side of his leg this caught his attention at once, she didnt stop without showing signs for doing so and continued to wait to be served. Getting served first the guy behind whispered in her ear "my friend next to you only been wait 20mins you rock up and steal our place surely that beer is ours" with a smile on his face. So she whispered back "you can have some if you don't mind sharing with me and your friend here."

Annie couldn't beleived she had just said what she had said this had turned the head of this what looked even younger lad now, when she felt something slide up her dress "this what you want" he said. Goosebumps covered Annie from head to toe she nodded and returned the favour slowly rubbing up against the guys cock as it quickly got harder and harder felt nice even through his jeans, it felt good that another guy other than her husband found her attractive. Annie went backwards and forwards between the two young lads touching a feeling as they had their hand all over her discreetly. With Annie heart pumping hard and mind running wild she felt herself slowly getting wetter and more horny she was enjoying herself more than she thought she would, in the back of her mind she had her husband to mind thinking he would love to be watching this.

Annie friends had come to find her and she excused herself from her very sexy young duo of a guy sandwich she had manged to produce. Annie had to contact her husband to tell him what was going on he reassured her than she was free to go have fun as long as her heard all about it.

The night got later and a few light attempts of flirthing was keeping her mind on how she wanted to please her husband, with her friends disappearing for the night. Annie found herself alone at a table with a full glass of drink, having a conversation with a rather friendly good looking guy, they sat there talking and flirting when he moved in to kiss her, Annie hesitated but didn't resist all the hairs on her body stood on end his hand run up her leg past her breasts and to her chin where he pulled her closer. After a few moments she pulled away and said "wow thank you but I'm probably 10 years older than you are" "well lucky me" he replied "would you like to get out of here I can give you a lift home?" At this point Annie was stunned and wasnt sure what to do. She wanted to please her husband so much so she just thought be honest. She explained that she was married that she was looking for some NSA fun. "Drink up il go get the car meet you out the front" and he left. Straight away Annie was on the phone to her husband telling him that she was going to go for it that if he hadn't heard from her she was probably dead. She made her way outside where this black jeep was parked tinted windows leather seats was waiting. She hopped in the front seat and directed this young Harry she had just learnt his name, he pulled over at the end of her road and came round opened the car for her helping her step out he shut the door behind her spun her around and had her back up against the car his hand all over her body like a rash and kissing her to point she couldn't take a breath for air. Annie kept thinking how young he was how surly this was wrong that she should be sensible and walk way but temptation got the better of her they climbed in the back less room than she expected she began to unbutton his jeans they where so tight, Harry took of his shirt it was dark but Annie could tell he was very well built and had to have a touch she kissed down his body feeling every ab as she went lower with his cock in fall stand she kissed the top and that was it he was hers!!

There was no going back she took it deep in her mouth playing with his balls slowly sucking he had hold of her hair but Annie was most definitely in charge now. Getting her phone out it was too dark for a video so she decided to send her husband a voice clip instead. Taking his cock many times into her mouth you could hear Harry squirming to keep up for a few seconds Harry turned the wheel on Annie started playing with her breasts under her dress moving his hands over her knickers rubbing it hard and fast the pleasure was intense been so long since she had been touch in that way she could hear herself moan in pleasure and the more she laid back the wetter she got... Until she was not interested in another man touching her she was here to have him she wanted his hard cock in her mouth sucking those juices from his pre-cum with in seconds it was over and Harry had shot his load all in Annie's mouth she licked her lips really adjusted her dress and kissed Harry on the lips. Thanking him as she got out and walked herself home.

She knew her husband was at work and hadn't expected a reply quite so quick and all she got was "good girl I'm so hard right now" Annie went home with the biggest smile knowing her husband was shocked possibly jealous but insanely happy with her.